how to use Facebook to get hired

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How To Use Facebook To Get Hired

Is it possible to land a job using Facebook?

Are you using Facebook to find a job?

The answer to the first question is yes. But the second question might even shock you.

Because when you think of using a social media platform to find a job, like most people, most likely think of LinkedIn and not Facebook.

So in this article, we will uncover ways to use the Facebook job feature to land your dream job.

Let’s get busy.

In February 2017, to be exact, that Facebook opened up its new job board feature.

With its job feature, employers can post jobs directly to their company page.

They can also post on a page designed just for jobs.

And if you are looking for a job, you can apply to those jobs right now through Facebook.

Is it worth it spending your valuable time on Facebook looking for a job? Consider this:

Business Insider states that there are 65 million businesses that are currently using Facebook pages.

And a recent study by Jobvite found Facebook to be the second most popular social network for recruiters.

However, before you apply for jobs through your Facebook account, make sure your profile makes a good professional first impression.

Hiring managers and prospective employers will look at your public profile to learn more about you.

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Facebook signup


The first place to start is to make sure that every account information on your profile account looks great before inviting your audience to see your profile.

Delete any content that looks inappropriate. The best way to wow hiring managers is to publish epic content or share articles relevant to your niche.

Create A List Of Companies To Work For

Create a list of the companies that you are interested in. 

Go to each of their websites to see if they are hiring. 

If you do, your job search will be more efficient.

When you get to their website, look for their culture, work-life balance, and the number of employees.

If it is not a remote job, make sure that you take note of the distance from your home.

Importantly, can you relate to their values?

Ask your former colleagues about their current companies.

Moreover, use your LinkedIn network to see if you have connections at the companies you listed.

An often overlooked search tool is Google News Alerts

Set it up so that you know when there is a job vacancy in a particular company and the industry as a whole.

Make sure that you are keeping tabs on who is hiring and who is not.

After you have compiled the list of the companies you want to work for, click on the See More tab on the left side of your newsfeed.

Facebook see more tab


Locate Jobs And Start Applying

There are two places that you can find job postings on Facebook. 

The first is on a specific company Facebook page under the Jobs tab.

The other is the jobs page that you can use to search all job listings by location, industry, skill, and job type.

However, if using a mobile device, go to the Jobs tab under More.

 As you look for open positions, keep these points in mind:

  • When you find a job that you like, click the Apply Now button. 
  • You will be to a page pre-populated with your name, education, and any other information public on your profile page.
  • Make changes before you hit the submit button.
  • By having a professional profile once on the front end, you save time and avoid potential mistakes.
  • Facebook would not allow you to upload your resume at this time. But it has a 1,000-character text box that you can use to create a cover letter.
  • You can also add detailed information about why you are the best person for the job.
  • After your cover letter, hit send to get your information over to the company.
  • The company replies to you through Messenger unless stated otherwise.
  • “Like” and follow any companies on your list that you want to work for.
  • By doing this, any new job postings the company creates will show up immediately in your news feed.
  • You can also hit the Subscribe button for the same result.

Click on the 'jobs page' now.

Facebook jobs page


With the results displayed, you can now narrow down your results by location, industry, and the job you are looking for.

Facebook job by location


That is not the only way you can find a job using Facebook. It can also inform you of opportunities by subscribing.

After you've submitted a search, you can now apply for your dream job through Facebook.

Please note that your application will auto-populate your job history and other job-related information that you've provided.

This makes it possible for you not to start over every time. While at it, you can still edit your information before you submit it.

Here are other things you can do to get hired through Facebook:


Once you find out that a company is hiring, find out who the recruiting manager is.

Check to see if you have friends or friends of friends in common.

If you do, they may recommend you to get referred to people working for the company. Better still, they may even refer you to the hiring manager.

Contact him or her with your best pitch and take it from there.

Status Updates

Updating your status is the most obvious way to use Facebook for a job search.

Let the world know your current status. Be specific about what you are looking for.

As you already know, your friends, family, old colleagues, long-time-no-speak acquaintances are all there to help you.

Since people forget, updating your network and giving them the latest on your job hunt helps you stay at the forefront of their minds.

Join And Be Active In Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are just like Linkedin groups. It is a place where people with similar ideas get together and discuss and post news about a particular topic, industry, or interest.

By joining in and contributing to discussions, posting links and other resources to the wall, moderating or managing sections of the group, you add value to the group.

After you have had a few conversations with people in your group, send them a friend invitation. Since they know you as contributing member of their group, they are likely to accept you as you.

The purpose of the networking is to get noticed by others in your industry.

Doing this could lead to your being considered for upcoming job opportunities even before they are posted.


Facebook is not LinkedIn but if you spend time on there anyway, why not turn it into something productive?

Use Facebook as part of your social media job searching strategy.

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