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Are you looking to hire a pharma copywriting agency to strengthen your brand awareness, position your product or service in the market, attract the right kind of audience, and create an authoritative fact-checked copy that drives insane sales?

Do you want your pharmaceutical website to rank high on the Google search results page?

An experienced and professional pharma agency understands technical concepts.

And how to translate them into a conversational and persuasive copy that engages and converts your target audience into buyers of your products or services.

In this article, we will examine what does a pharma copywriter does.

You will also see why your brand needs to hire a pharma copywriter.

Most important, you will discover the benefits of hiring a professional copywriting agency and our pharma copywriting services.

Let's get started.

What Does A Pharma Copywriting Agency Do?

An agency pharma copywriter is a great storyteller with strong technical knowledge who writes an engaging and persuasive copy with supporting data and valid reasons.

The writer combines vast medical and scientific knowledge with a creative aptitude to craft effective marketing campaigns.

And the goal of the copy is to sell a product or service.

In other words, the copywriter helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies sell their products just like other copywriters help non-medical brands to sell products and services.

Such a writer has the expertise in developing groundbreaking precision marketing campaigns that increase audience engagement.

An agency pharma copywriter brings proven marketing strategies that generate qualified leads and sales.

He also creates advertising campaigns, sales copy, eCommerce product descriptions, and e-learning content for pharma or medical companies.

Besides, a healthcare copywriter can also develop other medical content that may include articles and blog content for an organization.

However, a copywriter or content writer with a medical background can write authoritative and reliable content on different medical topics.

A pharma copywriter is skilled at supporting claims with proven data and impeccable reasoning and also highlights the differences between your product and that of the competition.

A copywriter crafts strategies that go deep into market dynamics and customer mindsets. Such strategic campaigns generate leads and drive sales.

Not only that, but she develops thought-provoking, out-of-the-box campaigns that spark interest.

Such interest changes customer perception and mindset. It ultimately compels product adoption.

An empathetic medical copywriter thinks like the physicians, patients, caregivers, and family members as she crafts solutions to their pain points and fears in a straightforward, informative style.

Such a copy is easy to understand, engaging, persuasive, and converts to sales.


Benefits Of Hiring A Pharma Copywriting Agency

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Are you thinking of crafting a highly successful marketing campaign that needs creative copy delivered on time?

Do you have a company blog that needs consistent, engaging, and persuasive articles?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then a pharma copywriter might be right for you!

Creating a copy that converts leads into sales is not easy.

And the healthcare industry is a highly competitive market.

There are thousands of medical services competing with each other.

For instance, according to The Next Tech, “With an estimated 3.7 billion humans using the internet and with half of our searches conducted from a mobile phone, there are on average a staggering 5.6 billion searches made every day, and that’s Google alone.

The largest search engine, Google processes more than 63,000 searches every second”.

And a big chunk of those searches is in the highly competitive medical and healthcare industry.

However, to stand out from the ever-increasing online noise, your brand needs an engaging, transparent, and empathetic copy that attracts an emotional response from your readers.

Such a copy is crafted by a seasoned agency professional copywriter who knows how to create engaging and persuasive content that speaks directly to your target audience and generates leads and sales.

To generates leads and sales, the copy must respond effectively to the pain points of your target audience.

With high-quality copy crafted and promoted consistently online, your pharma copywriter positions you as an authority in your niche.

And being an authority brand helps you sell more products or services.

Hiring a copywriter is a rewarding and affordable investment for a small and mid-size enterprise (SME).

Pharma Copy Increases Sales

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A solid sales copy engages and persuades.

It also prompts a reader to take a specific action to buy a product, inquire about your service, or join your email list.

It could also be to download a free report or follow you on social media.

Pharma copywriting is no different from other creative copywriting.

It is effective in emails, on web pages, or in sales brochures.

A solid pharma copywriter develops a robust advertising campaign for your target audience.

Working with a pharma copywriting agency familiar with digital marketing and analytics makes it easy for you to be on the relevant social media channels and boost your message to a larger audience.

A Pharma Copywriter Is An Expert Wordsmith

A skilled pharma copywriter understands that not every digital or printed material used to communicate or promote a company's brand message, products, or services contains all the details of the product.

But she writes valuable information that helps your target audience to understand your products, services, and devices.

As experts, your pharma copywriter understands your brand, tone of voice, communication, advertising, and media.

A skilled pharma wordsmith understands your unique selling proposition or USP and crafts campaigns that reflect such knowledge.

She thinks outside the box as she develops winning campaigns that are made available on all media.

An agency copywriter keeps the following things in mind as they craft your copy:

  • She describes the main features of your products or services.

  • A pharma copywriter highlights the main benefits of your products or services.

  • She backs up the copy with facts, figures, and testimonials.
  • A pharma copywriter tells a story of your record and reputation
  • Every copy comes with a Call To Action (CTA) that prompts a target audience to make an appointment, place an order, or request information.

A Specialist Pharma Copywriter Understands Complex Topics

As a pharma copywriting agency, our team uses our skills and expertise as digital marketing strategists and conversion copywriters for our clients in the healthcare, life sciences, and pharma sector.

With such a background, we are uniquely qualified to communicate your brand's value and benefits and offering to your stakeholders including your customers, partners, and investors.

We break down technical or scientific content into clear, crisp, and easy-to-understand copy for the end reader.

With a team of healthcare experts, it is easy to tackle complex technical subjects.

When you hire the right pharma copywriting team for your campaigns, you get a high-quality copy that positions you as an authority in your industry.

SEO Pharma Copywriting Gets You High Google Ranking

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SEO pharma copywriting is the practice of crafting a high-quality keyword-optimized copy that appeals to humans and search engines.

SEO pharma copywriting is writing a copy that Google understands and your target audience wants to read, link to, and share.

In other words, Google rewards expertly written and authoritative copy that engages and persuades your readers.

For instance, if your brand sells vitamin supplements, your promoted blog articles can boost your visibility on social media.

However, if the blog articles are SEO optimized and reviewed by pharma copywriters, your content ranks better than your competition.

A well-crafted and SEO-optimized copy boosts your brand visibility and positions you as an authority in your niche.

Great Pharma Copy Gets Measurable Results

A pharma copy that is measured can be improved. For instance, a copywriter is effective because the content improved conversions on a client website by 52%, or it helped a blog boost its subscriber numbers from 2,367 to 10,464 in one year.

To achieve your content goals, your pharma copywriter provides data behind every copy that you get.

Besides, to improve, you must differentiate between content that gets results and one that does not.

With measurable data, your content can achieve your goals.

The best copywriters write good copy and are consultants to their clients or in-house teams.

They test and tweak to improve their results.

Hiring the best pharma copywriter increases engagement on some of the most popular social media platforms, boosts visibility, and improves conversion rates.

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Pharma Copy?

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The very step is defining what you want to achieve with your copy and how you intend to measure whether you achieved your goal or not.

Do you want your copy to generate leads so that you can sell more products or services?

On the other hand, are you creating the copy to boost the visibility of your brand?

The answer to these questions will determine how you put your copy together.

For instance, if you want to use your copy to generate leads, you will also consider which lead magnet you want to combine with your content to maximize your impact.

You will also consider how and where you would put your CTA to generate more leads.

Identify Keywords Opportunities 

The type of keywords research you would perform depends on your goals for the post.

Before you can target any keywords, you need to figure out the keywords or phrases that are likely to bring in relevant traffic. 

For instance, if you're after a trendy topic, use Google Trends or Google Suggest to find keywords or key phrases. Another handy tool is Wordstream Free Keyword Tool, which grabs fresh data so you can research current events sooner.

You can also Watch Bria Dean's 9 Free SEO tools for 2021

You can use Google autocomplete to find topics and keyword ideas. Once you start typing into the search bar for information, it gives you auto-suggestions of keywords people have searched for.

SEO helps you get more site visitors. If your copy ranks high on Google search results, you attract insane traffic to your site. And if you attract more traffic, you can sell more goods and services.

However, optimized copy with keywords that your target audience uses generates more traffic to your website.

Search intent is the overlooked ranking factor you should be optimizing for now.

Google recently published a report called: “How Search Intent Is Redefining the Marketing Funnel”:

What Is Search Intent?

Search intent or user intent is the ultimate goal that a user has when searching for information in a search engine.

It is the reason why someone conducts a specific search in the first place.

People search Google for answers to their questions or website or to buy a product or service. 

Google likes to align the purpose or intent of your search with the search term. For this reason, your copy has to fit the search intent of your target audience.

It is true that backlinks and other traditional ranking signals still matter, but Google wants your copy to satisfy its search intent to rank.

In other words, optimizing for search intent helps your copy rank high on the Google search results page.

There are many search terms people use in their queries.

But there are only four primary search intents that Google considers as ranking factors.

Search intents may fall into more than one category of the four primary ones.

The primary search intents are informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial.

How To Optimize For Different Types Of Search Intent

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What Is Informational Intent?

It’s one of the most common search intents you will find on the internet.

And as the name implies, searches with informational intent come from users who are searching for information.

Informational intent often starts with a ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’, or ‘how’.

And that's because users want answers to tons of their questions. 

Google understands the difference between someone wanting to learn more about the nutritional value of food versus how to cook with it.

It can also guess whether a person is researching a dog breed, tips for owners of that breed, how to adopt that breed of dog, or dog photos.

Having said that, not all informational terms are questions.

Some people may simply search for “Jeff Bezos”.

Though not a question, the intent is to get information on Jeff Bezos. 

Optimizing For Informational Intent

  • Include the informational word in the title: 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why', or 'how'
  • Place questions in a heading, and answers directly below.
  • Make sure pages and posts are styled to be scannable and mobile-friendly.

What Is Navigational Search Intent?

A person with navigational intent already knows the destination she intends to find.

In other words, a person with this intent wants to visit a specific website. 

The searcher may not be sure of the exact URL she is looking for or it could be that she is looking for a specific page, e.g. a login page.

Having said that, navigational intent searches tend to be brand or website names.

They can also include additional specifications to help users find an exact page.

However, ranking high for navigational terms benefits you if your site is the site people are looking for. 

What Is Transactional Intent Search?

Transactional searches are done by people looking to buy a product, service, or subscription.

A person searching with transactional intent has a good idea of what she's looking for.

With transactional intent, the researcher is no longer researching the product, but looking for a place to purchase it.

And since the user is already in buying mode, the search terms are usually branded.

What Is Google Commercial Intent?

Commercial intent is the process of evaluating the likelihood that someone searching for a keyword becomes a lead or customer.

You can evaluate commercial intent by looking at the number of people that advertise on a specific keyword in Google Adwords.

Commercial intent keywords are relevant only to transactional searches.

Keywords with commercial intent are the most promising because they indicate that the searcher is ready to make a purchase.

Users at this stage of the sales funnel are often comparing products and brands to find the best solution for them.

A great way to evaluate commercial intent is to look at the number of people that advertise on a specific keyword in Google Adwords.

However commercial intent searches often include non-branded localized terms such as “best camera shop near me” or “top Italian restaurant NYC.”

How To Optimize Your Copy For Search Intent

optimize for search intent

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The attention span of people is getting shorter while their use of mobile and voice search has increased.

Understanding the search intent of your target audience is a necessity for your copy.

The faster your copy addresses the pain points of your readers, the longer they will stick around your website instead of moving on to your competitor.

However, using search intent optimization, you provide the best satisfactory solution to the questions asked by your target audience.

In other words, with search intent optimization, you meet your prospects’ instant desires and convert them into paying customers.

How To Optimize For Search Intent

Here are optimization strategies that help you minimize your bounce rate and attract qualified traffic to your site.

Audit how users search: Use Google Analytics and webmaster tools to understand how many times specific queries were searched and how many of those searches resulted in page visits.

Also, look at how often page impressions drive clicks and where you are currently ranking in SERPs for specific keywords.

This data helps you understand how your audience is finding your website.

Consider the other major search engines: Pay attention to Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

For instance, with YouTube's over 1.86 billion users in 2021, your brand can get significant levels of traffic that can lead to sales.

But to be successful with YouTube, your copy has to be relevant and engaging. 

Optimize for active and passive queries: Users don't often share their passive intent with their active queries intent.

That's why copywriters optimize for active and passive queries. 

Understanding how to appropriately satisfy both active and passive intent is essential to driving engagement and conversions at a significant level. 

Craft the copy to connect intent to answers: Consider present and hidden intent when crafting a copy.

That means addressing cultural and language differences, demographics of your audience, and the devices they are using to access search.

Such optimization boosts the overall relevance of your site concerning these specific search queries.

Content optimization: Optimize content by providing the correct answers, to the right people, at precisely the right time.

The quicker your copy answers convincingly a query, the more likely a user will stay on your site and explore more of what you can offer.

Place keywords strategically and naturally throughout your content.

That means placing those keywords in the URLs, titles, and metadata.

Our Pharma Copywriting Services

pharma copywriting services

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  • We develop for you high-quality coy that establishes them as thought leaders in their fields.
  • You get a copy with clear and valuable information for your patients, carers, healthcare service providers, or B2B medical professionals and decision-makers.
  • We craft SEO optimized content that is informative and engaging that ranks high on Google but is well-loved by all your audience.
  • The pharma copywriting team works with you to understand your goals, tone of voice, and industry, and we also create copy that breaks down complex scientific and medical concepts clearly and persuasively.
  • Social Media Posts

Our outsourced copywriting agency develops pharma marketing strategies that dive deep into market trends and customer mindsets to generate qualified leads that convert into sales.

We also help you develop effective social media strateges that boosts visibility and increase leads and sales.

Our team creates of-the-box thought-provoking campaigns that arouse interest, change customer mindsets, and compel product adoption.

We address the pain points and fears of your target audience.

And we do so in a simple, conversational, and informative style.

We are whip-smart, efficient, strategic, ambitious, and bold.

When you are ready for a top-notch campaign, consider hiring an outsourced pharma copywriting agency.

Our copywriting services include:

Final Thoughts

In this always-connected world of social media, information overload, and with attention spans shorter than average goldfish, you might think that your target audience might not see your content.

However, the appetite for well-crafted, in-depth, valuable and engaging, content is more than as it’s ever been.

And this is so because your target audience is adapting to the growing variety of options available.

Besides, they realize that most online content is garbage.

So they respond by searching out only the best content available.

Your target audience wants content that addresses their pain points.

Yes, they want solutions to their problems, ambitions taken seriously and addressed thoroughly. And they want it in a simple, conversational, understandable, and accessible manner.

The good news is that if your brand can consistently deliver this level of empathy engagingly and convincingly, you can build an excellent, loyal and evangelical fanbase using high-quality pharma copy.

At Anaconda Marketing, getting started is easy.

You provide us information about your campaign and the results you want to achieve, and your assigned copywriter with healthcare knowledge will ask questions as needed.

And she crafts your engaging and persuasive copy quickly and effectively.

Our team has helped our clients increase their search engine rankings, conversion rates, journal article acceptance rates, and grant funding rates.

We have delivered quality blog posts, white papers, journal articles, and web copy that drives insane traffic.

Contact us for a quote when you are ready and eager to work with a pharma copywriter.

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