why you need a website copy

Why You Need A Website Copy

A quality web copy is your first impression to attract an audience and establishe brand legitimacy.

And then it keeps the attention, persuades, and converts your audience into a paying customer. 

Every website needs an effective copy except the business focuses on beverages, cars, and pornography.

Brands use content to promote their business, build trust, fuel other marketing strategies, and connect with their target audience.

Whether it is blog articles, listicles, ebooks, infographics, videos or how-to guides, the type of content that persuades a target audience to take a determined action is a website copy.

In this article, you will get the answers to the following questions:

What are the benefits of a great website copy?

What content is provided by Anaconda Marketing? And, why you need to hire a copywriter?

Let's get started.

Web copywriting, which is also called “writing for the web,” is the process of writing persuasive, convincing, and promotional online content, that motivates people to take predetermined action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation.

A web copy could be an ad copy, social media posts, and other marketing materials. 


Benefits Of A Great Website Copy

Here are five benefits of an effective website copy: 

#1. Web Copy Leads To High Google Rankings

A great web copy provides valuable and engaging information about your brand to your target audience and it makes it easy for search engines to understand and rank your website.

A highly optimized website ranks high on Google search result pages.

And the more highly optimized SEO web copy you have on your website, the higher your site will rank in organic search results in your chosen keywords.

Website design and images are indeed important in the overall feel of your website, but they pale in comparison to your copy’s SEO value.

#2. Web Copy Helps You Build Relationships

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Quality web copy builds a strong customer bond.

It helps you gain the trust of your prospects and customers and sustains their loyal patronage.

Some would argue that quality web copy is more important than ever because the attention span of many is less than that of a jellyfish.

Still, good web writing engages and persuades.

This is true in the competitive online landscape, especially with the rapidly growing role of social media.

Your brand's web copy is more than just a sales tool. It provides an incredible opportunity to connect with your site visitors.

Also, it allows you to respond to customer questions and needs through valuable, informative content.

As you build a connection with your visitors, you increase trust and establish your business as an authority.

Such a cultivated relationship can potentially generate long-term revenue.

#3. A Great Web Copy Is A Shareable Content

An estimated 2 million blog posts are created, in addition to tons of status updates, photos, and videos.

For your brand to stand out from the crowd, you must craft a web copy that stands out t from the crowd.

In other words, your web copy must be engaging, persuasive, and incredibly shareable. Shareable content generates traffic.

The more your copy is shared, the more backlinks your website gets. And that massively boosts your SEO ranking.

With a website copy that is shared numerous times, you get more brand exposure.

Your customer base grows without any additional work for you! Also, more customers mean more shares, which ultimately boosts the bottom line.

#4. Web Copy Increases Sales

A web sales copy is a text that persuades your target audience to buy your product or service instead of your competitors.

A sales copy focuses on the benefits of the product or service and not mainly on the features.

The copywriting highlights your brand image and showcases your brand's voice and personality.

It connects with your customers and builds trust with them that leads to a sale.

A solid web sales copy improves your relationship with your website visitors, by engaging and persuading them.

The goal of sales copy is to convince the visitor to buy your product or service.

#5. Good Web Copy Separates You From Your Main Competitors

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According to Hubspot.com, well-crafted website content puts your brand in the best possible light and says a lot without actually using tons of words.

A great way to stand out from your niche with web copy is to use snappy, funny, short, and memorable taglines that resonate with your potential clients.

Also, a good web copy allows you to stand out from the crowd and influences how your audience views your brand.

Both of which are incredibly important when competing with thousands of other businesses.

Are You Serious About A Good Web Copy? 

The reality is if you aren’t paying serious attention to the copy on your site, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. People are clicking away that otherwise would convert.

Buyers are buying from your competitors because they were able to communicate and you weren’t.

It could be that people aren’t even finding your site in the first place because your headlines don’t contain the relevant keywords that your prospects are searching for.

That’s an opportunity for you. It’s up to you to take advantage of it. Spend some time on your website copy. It’s important.

Some Of The Web Copy That We Create

Landing Pages Copy

Great landing pages produce leads and sales. They are ideal for targeting a vertical market and promoting a specific product or service.

Brochures Copy

A well-written brochure is a powerful marketing tool. Use a brochure copy to spark interest in your products or services, respond to inquiries and support your sales efforts.

Sales Letters Copy

No one welcomes sales letters and a solid sales letter can be a marketing alternative that lays the groundwork for more personal interactions.

Press Releases Copy

Press releases boost your brand's name recognition and reputation. Use press releases to promote awards won, new products, and upcoming special events.

Newsletter Copy

Newsletter copy helps you stay in touch with your prospects and customers. Engaging newsletter content positions your company as an authority in your niche.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Copywriter?

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Conductor did a study to find out how educational content impacts revenue, and they discovered that 131% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand, after reading content from that brand.

You already know that great copy boosts brand awareness, generates leads, and drives conversion and sales, but do you have the time to write excellent web copy that sets your site apart from competitors?

Here are reasons why you need to hire a copywriter:

  • An SEO copywriter has the keyword skills, that help any type of copy rank higher than anything those without those skill sets will naturally accomplish.
  • A professional copywriter writes with your brand tone and voice so that all your brand messaging is cohesive. A professional copywriter saves you time so that you can focus on your core business.
  • A copywriter avoids the common mistakes that untrained eyes may miss.
  • Do you need help crafting copy for your brochure, website, press release, or other marketing collateral?

Here are other copywriting services we provide:


At Anaconda Marketing Agency, we understand how beneficial having a professional copywriter is to the success of your digital marketing campaign. 

Instead of going through the rigors of finding your freelance copywriter, we will spend the time to understand your voice and to create crisp, persuasive copy that boosts sales and signups

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