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Why Do Pharma Brands Need Constant Lead Generation?

Are you feeling the pressures to achieve high-level growth objectives for your pharmaceutical brand but just don't know how to generate constant quality leads?

OK, that was a rhetorical question. Of course, you do.

Pharms brands need to generate leads all the time for their business to grow.

As they boost leads, they also increase brand awareness and interest in their products or services.

And they also nurture prospects through their marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline. 

Effective lead generation strategies help build strong relationships with qualified customers who invest in you for a long time. 

So, how does your pharma brand generate leads constantly?

In this article, you get a breakdown of highly effective lead generation strategies that will help you optimize your efforts to attract and convert qualified prospects.

You will also learn reliable lead generation examples to help guide you.

Let's get started.

In recent years, healthcare services, clinical trial development, and many other aspects of the pharma industry have changed completely.

However, in pharma marketing, lead generation gets better results than outbound marketing and other traditional forms of promoting your products and services.


What Is Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Pharmaceutical marketing is activities focused on making physicians and the general public aware of new and existing pharmaceutical brands.

It is also a management process that identifies and profits by meeting the needs of patients.

It may include the giveaway of product samples, detailed product literature, disease management programs, support material for patients, internet initiatives, and events/meetings for physicians.

However, pharmaceutical marketing strategies help people know about new treatments and medical devices.

It also uses valuable data to implement target-based drug discovery.

Pharma marketing is a highly regulated practice. Most countries have laws preventing direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs

For instance, promoting online prescription drug marketing content is only allowed in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Pharma marketers must be certified by Google before sharing online marketing content.

Why Do Pharma Brands Need Lead Generation?

Pharma brands need a constant lead generation to succeed. Many brands need leads to develop their sales and consumer base.

Customers are unstable, so companies must use strategies to attract the types of consumers they wish to have.

A company without a lead generation strategy is unsure what kind of people it should be targeting.

And without knowing the target audience, it becomes hard for most companies to generate leads.

Lead generation has developed into an advertisement model of the future

Because successful lead generation campaigns help pharma brands boost visibility and build trust with potential leads.

It also helps companies to boost revenue and generate new business opportunities.


What Is A Lead?

A lead is a person that shows interest in the product or service of a brand by taking action in some way, shape, or form.

The action taken includes sharing their contact details with you. And that shows that they may want to do business with you.

A lead is part of the broader lifecycle that consumers go through when they change from visitor to customer.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process that attracts interested prospects to your business and increases their interest through nurturing.

And to convert them into a customer. Job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content are some strategies used to generate leads.

pharmaceutical content lead generation

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B2C and B2B lead generation strategies share these four components.

  • Lead capture: This is the strategy to collect information from a lead. And the information may include the name and contact information and relevant qualifying details about them or their organization. For example, business name, position, and the number of employees.
  • Lead magnets: An incentive given in exchange for contact detail.
  • Lead qualification: Determines how likely prospects are to buy using the leads' information.
  • Lead segmentation: Is the process of separating leads based on their information, habits, and activities. For instance, the job title, the lead magnet that attracted them, and the pages they visited on your website.
  • Now, let's look at:

    Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies For Constant Lead Generation

    #1. Provide Accurate And Informative Pharma Marketing Material.

    #2. Use Pharmaceutical Content Marketing For Lead Generation.

    #3. Use Social Media Marketing For Lead Generation.

    #4. Pharma Lead Generation With White Papers.

    #5. Pharma Lead Generation With Case Studies.

    #6. Pharma Lead Generation With Videos.

    #7. Pharma Lead Generation With Webinars.

    #1. Provide Accurate And Informative Pharma Marketing Material

    Doctors and patients demand pharmaceutical solutions. 

    No matter the lead generation strategy used, pharma marketers need to use compelling, compliant information to promote their products successfully.

    Such information can be available through ads and brochures, mailings, websites, congress materials, and presentations from spokespersons or medical representatives. 

    However, the content must follow strict European Union (EU) and national guidelines relating to the promotion of medicines.

    The regulatory bodies include the FDA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries, and Associations (EFPIA) code of practice.

    Additionally, during every step of the sales cycle of the product, the messaging to healthcare professionals and patients must always be clear, compelling, and fully compliant.

    Whether it's print materials, websites, digital sales aids, or patient support materials, all marketing assets must be balanced and aligned with all regulatory and ethical codes.

    Every promotional material has two equally important objectives: 

    • it must achieve business goals, and 
    • it must comply with regulatory constraints. 

    Most importantly, any promotional material for lead generation must always accurately present both risks and benefits.

    And every claim made needs to be truthful, substantiated, and non-misleading.

    To remain compliant, literature and audiovisual material about health products should exist online in a way it can be reviewed.

    And it should provide doctors and patients with the information they need so that they can better understand the product and make an informed decision.

    Marketing material intended for healthcare professionals must be accurate. Information about the benefits of a drug, any clinical trial, manufacturing, recommended dosages, safety data, and other details must be concise in its presentation.

    This helps guarantee maximum appeal and understanding.

    #2. Use Pharmaceutical Content Marketing For Lead Generation

    pharmaceutical content marketing lead generation

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    Pharma lead-generating content marketing is a strategic marketing effort. It focuses on creating and distributing interesting, engaging, and relevant content.

    This high-quality content generates leads from a predefined visitor persona. The better your content marketing strategy, the more leads you will capture. 

    However, an effective content marketing strategy should align with the needs of your target audience and feed into their entire buying journey.

    A successful pharma content marketing strategy gives your audiences and prospects valuable, relevant information and insights to develop trust.

    How do you do it?

    Create tailored high-quality content to establish your brand as the thought leader in sales performance for the Pharma/Medtech industries.

    Strives to create original content that is valuable to your target audience. 

    However, you may use a variety of content. For instance, your content may be informational or entertaining but relevant.

    You could also produce some other aspects that your audience finds useful. For instance, a medical device brand like CareTouch may craft content teaching patients how to use its medical devices properly.

    Consistently increase the amount of tailored content and use

    inbound marketing techniques to generate leads.

    Producing quality content helps you to generate leads from search engines.

    Optimizing for keywords such as “pharmaceutical sales strategies”, and “pharma sales strategies”, helps your content to be ranked high on search engine result pages.

    Ranking high on search results pages makes it easy to be found by your readers and perhaps become a lead.

    Pharma Content Implementation And Veeva Integration

    pharma content implementation and veeva integration

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    Before implementing a content strategy into a marketing campaign: 

    • do deeper research on your audience, 
    • using automated marketing tools such as 
    • content management systems, advanced web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. 

    A platform for creating content can take over all of your content marketing campaign.

    Such a platform helps to keep the brand identity and maintain recognition on both global and local levels.

    It also helps your pharma brand avoid repeating costly operations.

    Veeva supports global life sciences and pharmaceutical brands and helps bring their products to market faster and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

    The integration of the deep expertise of a pharma agency's omnichannel content creation and Veeva products and services guarantees streamlined workflows. 

    And the agency's advanced digital content development and distribution ensure the highest level of brand awareness. 

    Veeva makes it easy to create the best-in-class interactive content from scratch. It seamlessly lets you localize or approve your content in a few clicks.

    And then distribute your content across channels assuring genuine omnichannel customer experience.

    Veeva has many capabilities incorporated into the eWizard platform to boost your content creation productivity.

    And some of these capabilities include the pre-built integration of eWizard with Veeva Vault PromoMats.

    With it, you gain plenty of opportunities to boost your content management to a whole new level.

    You also use it to access global repositories, find or leverage approved digital assets, publish them across multiple channels, and speed up the time to market.

    #3. Use Social Media Marketing For Lead Generation

    With over 3.78 billion users (as of 2021), pharma marketers can use social media marketing to generate many qualified leads. 

    About 79.3% of marketers believe it to be a necessary part of their overall digital marketing plan.

    importance of social media in generating leads

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    Let's talk about how to generate leads with social media.

    You can generate social media leads with organic and paid strategies. 

    Share and Promote Links to Gated Content

    The first strategy is to share links to your high-quality content. And as we've noted, content is a necessary part of the buying cycle.

    According to HubSpot, 65% of buyers feel that content helps them make purchase decisions.

    But a great way to grow your email list is with links to gated content. Gated content requires signup first. It is estimated that about 80% of B2B content marketing assets are gated.

    Sharing the links of your gated content like white papers, reports, videos, and research can help you generate leads on social media. 

    You can boost the number of people who view and interact with your social media content without paying the social media networks.

    However, a paid social media lead generation strategy is even more consistent.

    There are lead generation strategies on nearly every social media platform nowadays. So your paid lead generation strategy should depend on the social media platform your audience frequents.

    For your B2C audience, you should probably start with Facebook. Facebook’s lead ads allow prospects to send you their contact information with just a few taps.

    Facebook then automatically populates with their information. All that your prospect needs to do is confirm the submission.

    Finally, let’s talk about the best source of social media leads for B2B sales: LinkedIn. 

    QuickSprout reports that 45% of marketers have gained a customer through LinkedIn.

    how to generate pharma leads with LinkedIn

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    However, it is important to note that, since pharma marketing is bound to strict regulation. Familiarize yourself with Google healthcare advertising and  FDA social media regulations.

    #4. Pharma Lead Generation With White Papers

    White papers are effective in generating leads with a pharma audience.

    Because they offer a deep understanding of a particular topic, educate your audience, articulate your solutions, and showcase your expertise.

    They help a pharma marketer highlight important topics more thoroughly than with articles as well as skyrocket the visibility of your brand.

    Depending on the significance of a topic, they help you stand out from your competition with an expert opinion. 

    And that positions you as an authority in your niche

    Most white papers are evergreen in nature. That means that after the production, they’ll drive traffic and extend your reach for years to come.

    However, since they are long-form content, they can be difficult and time-consuming to produce in-house.

    They also require the ability to translate subject matter expertise into content that’s simply readable, digestible, and valuable. 

    Though white papers can educate your target audience, unless they are professionally produced, the concepts and solutions can easily be buried in trivial details. 

    Here are other benefits of a white paper that make it easy for pharma lead generation:

    • Effective for showcasing your expertise and building authority
    • Make it easy to educate your audience
    • Allows you to thoroughly explore a topic or issue
    • Increases your brand visibility
    • Sets you apart from the competition
    • The evergreen resource that works for you for years to come
    • They are easy to repurpose into multiple formats

    white paper lead generation

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    Why some pharma brands shy away from using white papers to generate leads:

    • Difficult and time-consuming to produce in-house
    • Requires the ability to translate deep subject matter expertise into simple, digestible, and valuable content
    • Not suitable for mass distribution since the audience may need prior knowledge of the topic to fully appreciate it
    • Requires significant internal resources to produce

    #5. Pharma Lead Generation With Case Studies

    Case studies make it easy to detail an important pharma brand accomplishment and the steps you took to achieve it.

    You can demonstrate to potential clients exactly what you bring to the table when you include specifics about your accomplishment, like how much revenue your efforts produced.

    Such a success story leads to increased brand visibility since success generates buzz.

    The buzz increases heightened interest in the brand. And that boosts lead generation and increases pharmaceutical sales.

    Many marketers love to use case studies for lead generation because their results and success-oriented nature make them persuasive.

    Being compelling makes it easy for majority of its readers to consume all of the included content.

    And with an appropraite call to action, a successful case study can help a brand generate leads. 

    It is pretty easy to craft a convincing case study with an expertly-wriiten template.

    On the other hand, it can become time-consuming and complicated to produce an impactful content without an expert template. 

    And in such a case, savvy brands hire an outsourced case study copywriting agency.

    However, copywriting a convincing case study depends on the past achievements and successes of a pharma brand.

    That means that new companies and startups may not have the wins necessary to create a case study.

    Benefits of a case study in pharma lead generation:

    • Easy and efficient to produce with the right team and template
    • It is easy to build credibility and trust with prospects 
    • Demonstrates success and tells your story
    • Increases your brand visibility and authority
    • Engaging and educational

    #6. Pharma Lead Generation With Videos

    In recent years videos have become the preferred medium for consuming content and generating leads. 

    According to Buffer, a whopping 70% of marketers believe that videos are the best lead converting medium at the moment.

    Research has shown that marketers who use video marketing for lead generation have a 19% lower cost per lead rate than those who don’t.

    Cisco Annual Internet Report shows that online videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022.

    why use videos for pharma lead generation?

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    And not only that, but a majority of physicians are viewing them to keep up to date.

    However, many pharma marketers still don’t know how to implement videos into their pharmaceutical marketing strategy.

    A well-produced video can communicate the value of your brand's services. And also help build trust in prospective clients by educating them. 

     In addition, it is easy to share videos on social media.

    And that exposure increases your brand's exposure, expands your audience, and helps you generate constant leads.

    One of the best types of videos for lead generation is explainer videos.

    Explainer videos

    Explainer videos make it easy for you to explain complicated pharma information in easily understandable and digestible ways.

    Most of your target audience watch videos to compare products before they buy. 

    Additionally, videos can help them see how devices work, the ease of use, and the features and benefits offered.

    You can even add a short case study to further prove how effective the device is.

    Savvy pharma brands use an explainer video to clarify frequently asked questions.  

    Well-produced patient testimonials videos can also serve as validation for the effectiveness of a medication.

    However, it is more expensive to produce great pharmaceutical videos than other forms of content.

    Dabbling into video production with an inexperienced in-house team can result in low-quality content. And that can damage the image and credibility of your brand. 

    Effective videos require the coordination of a multitude of experts with varying skill sets.

    Having said that:

    Outsourcing to a team experienced in video production for pharma audiences is a cost-effective and time-saving way to produce engaging and compelling videos for your brand.

    Examples of great lead generation videos from pharmaceutical companies

    #1. Chantix - stop smoking campaign


    #2. Explainer video Alpen Animation MedTech SC Pharmaceuticals


    #3. Company introduction video showing that your brand is not faceless

    Benefits Of Using Videos For Constant Pharma Lead Generation

    • Engaging and easy to consume
    • Video can help with consistent messaging
    • Shareable and viral resulting in quality leads
    • Quickly explains your brand’s services 
    • Video can help with authentic storytelling
    • Builds trust, authority, and credibility with prospects
    • More relatable and consumers love it

    #7. Pharma Lead Generation With Webinars

    With more businesses hosting webinars, it has become harder for pharma brands to easily generate leads with this strategy.

    If you want to generate high-quality leads that will easily convert, you need to create an impactful webinar.

    That means paying attention to every step and every detail of the event.

    Webinars help your brand capture high-quality leads.

    Webinars are good for getting responsive and higher-quality subscribers and leads. 

    And that's because people who go through the trouble of registering for and watching a webinar are seeking meaningful connections with a brand. On the other hand, they could be searching for in-depth information on a subject matter.

    People who attend webinars are more engaged and more ready to take action.

    Additionally, attendees are more willing to share their information because of the higher perceived value of a webinar.

    And that provides an excellent opportunity to collect more customer data during the registration process.

    Webinars open up partnership opportunities for your pharma brand to generate leads.

    Webinars make it easy for you to partner with other brands that market to a similar audience. And with a similar audience, you can offer complementary products or services to your partners.

    You can also tap into the email lists of your partners to grow your list

    Webinars help you generate leads by helping you build authority and trust through interactive and transparent events.

    The engagement of your attendees creates high-quality networking opportunities. And that builds up leads that result in more lucrative contracts. 

    Online hosting companies have made webinars cost-effective to produce videos without long production and editing. 

    Live webinars happen in real-time and have a unique, one-time result. 

    pharma webinars help generate constant leads

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    They focus on the host and how they choose to deliver a presentation to their target audience. The event uses a combination of video, voice, and screen share. 

    Pre-recorded webinars or on-demand webinars are produced before the scheduled day of the event.

    Pre-recorded webinars focus on the attendees and how they want to consume and engage with video content.

    Pre-recorded webinars prioritize the attendee & consumer experience, whereas live webinars prioritize the host’s content delivery.

    With live webinars, you can keep the audience more engaged through Q&As, chat, and screen sharing. 

    On the hand, pre-recorded webinars require a unique on-camera skill set and enthusiasm to retain audience attention.

    Here are some of the best webinar hosting platforms

    Benefits of using webinars for pharma lead generation

    • Builds authority and trust with your prospects
    • Reach a wider audience and provides networking opportunities 
    • Helps create an authentic, personal touchpoint with your audience
    • Great for generating exceptional leads
    • Cost-effective and repurposable into other forms of content
    • Easy to implement with the right hosting setup

    After Thoughts On Why Pharma Brands Need Constant Lead Generation

    The operations of a pharma marketer include the generation of sales leads to the bulk selling of raw materials, chemicals, or products.

    Also, a variety of businesses in the pharma sector work together to produce clinical trials and empirical drug discovery.

    With such a setup, an outsourced marketing agency is hired for the seamless operation of the different partnerships.

    Pharmaceutical lead generation services

    Working with an expert pharma marketing agency helps you increase the efficiency of your pharmaceutical marketing strategies and stay up to date with the latest advances in the world of pharma marketing. 

    A deep understanding of the inner workings of the pharma industry allows our professionals to create seamless lead generation campaigns and enhance your conversion rate.

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