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Are You Marketing With Videos? |:: Video Marketing Advantages

Are you using video marketing to boost your brand visibility, create engagement, generate leads, and boost the sale of your products and services?

Do you want to use video marketing as part of your holistic marketing strategy that helps you engage with your target audience and create raging fans?

If you haven’t started video marketing yet, you should because video marketing is the trend.

It is not a secret that the effectiveness of traditional marketing has dwindled.

On the other hand, with the popularity of video skyrocketing, video marketing has become a must-have for most brands.

But are you marketing with videos?

Are there advantages to marketing with videos?

In this article, you will learn why your competition is using videos and why you should make video marketing a major part of your overall marketing strategy.

Let's dive in.

Every statistic and the strategic marketing moves from the social media giants and the little social media networks show that video is where to go.

Get this:

If you are serious about any kind of online marketing and you've been paying attention to digital marketing trends, you've probably noticed that videos are rocking the internet.

More people are using online video streaming to get information and entertainment than television.

Why should you care?

Small businesses and enterprises that fail to include videos as part of their internet marketing strategy, will watch from a distance as their competition stays ahead of the curve.

If you have not embraced video marketing, ask yourself candidly and sincerely, why is your competition using it massively and ruthlessly?

Many brands have discovered the power of videos in marketing. A HubSpot study conducted in 2020, found that  86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. New trends are driving the evolvution of video marketing. Video marketing is highly effective and incredibly beneficial for your brand.

However, video marketing may seem overwhelming to many brands, but it can be learned and seamlessly incorporated into your marketing strategy. It can help you meet the needs and goals of your business.

Raw Facts About Video Marketing: The Consumer Side

raw facts about video marketing

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Video marketing is convenient and efficient for consumers.

It provides marketers with attractive, versatile, and valuable content to boost visibility, generate leads, and skyrockets sales. 

The main reason why companies use videos is simply that they work.

Videos rock!

But here are raw statistics that show how effective videos are with consumers:

  • Consumers watch on average, 16 hours of online video a week. That is a 52% increase over the last two years.
  • Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. 
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 86% of people would like to see more videos from brands.

64% of consumers purchase a product or service after watching branded social videos.

  • 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services instead of articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations. 
  • 82% would rather watch live videos than read social media posts.

These statistics do not prove that blogging or social media posts are dead.

Blogging or social media posts are an important part of a holistic digital marketing strategy, especially for SEO and reputation. 

Raw Facts About Video Marketing: The Business Side

marketing with videos - business side

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  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  • The most popular video types made by marketers in 2021 include explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48% ), and sales videos and video ads (42% each).

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

  • Marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.
  • Shoppable video is starting to show higher conversion and click-through rates than those of display ads.
  • 84% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.
  • 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI.
  • It is projected that from 2017 to 2024, digital video ad expenditure is expected to increase by 41.9%.
  • In 2020, the global streaming market grew 55% from 2019 (from 104.11 billion to 161.37 billion).

Advantages Of Marketing With Videos

advantages of marketing with videos

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When it comes to exposure, online video marketing is effective. A ComScore report shows that video ad impressions surpassed 20 billion in June 2013.

Further, video ads reached nearly 54% of the total U.S. population an average of 121 times during the month.

As you can see, people are spending a lot of time watching online videos.

Don't create videos just because people are spending tons of time watching videos on the internet.  

According to Nielsen and the IAB, shifting from television to digital video can enhance your campaign’s reach at a lower cost.

Not only that, but videos also make the campaign’s reach more effective.

A study by the Wharton School of Business finds that prospects are 72% more likely to buy a product or service when the video is used and they make their buying decisions faster.

After seeing a video, most prospects will have a greater understanding of the subject or product.

89 percent of consumers will review a video the same day it is received, and about 94 percent of those people will share it with a friend or relative.

Industry reports suggest the response rates for video promotions are six times greater than those for printed direct mail pieces.

As if those statistics were not enough, can you recall how many times you've heard of how stunning a video was that it went viral?

Take for instance a campaign from Volkswagen, where three of its videos were viewed a combined 155 million times!

You may not have the kind of cash that Volkswagen has, but you can create persuasive videos.

Such numbers just show the video's inherent shareability.

Videos that engage your audience would prompt them to share the video with others.

Your audience will spend a long time on your website and more time interacting with your brand if they are watching your content on video.

Further, for any of your social media campaigns or your SEO exercises, without a doubt, video is one of the best tools in your marketing and branding kit.

You know about “Video brochures” (or business card DVDs).

They have a high-perceived value and they rarely get tossed away carelessly like junk mail.

Most people will watch a marketing video in its entirety just out of curiosity.

By using videos in your marketing and branding campaigns, you can present a consistent message every time for your target audience.

Videos are used to put together compelling and consistent orientation, training, or sales.

They are also used to market messages that benefit wider audiences.

Thankfully video is affordable.

It’s no longer just for the 'big boys'.

Reassuringly, a carefully crafted 2-3 minute video can be more effective and conveys as much information as a stack of printed direct marketing pieces.

Interested in learning how other companies are marketing with videos?

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