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Medical Copywriting For Healthcare Brands

Are you in the medical and biotech companies considering outsourcing medical and healthcare copywriting projects?

Do you want to save money while you deliver high-quality documents within your deadlines and budget limitations?

Medical and healthcare writing has become an increasingly popular rewarding business strategy.

Many medical/healthcare/pharma/biotech brands, healthcare communications agencies, researchers, and scientific organizations benefit from outsourcing their copywriting.

In this article, we will consider why you need to outsource your medical and health copywriting projects. The kinds of projects to outsource.

Then, we identify practical ways to maximize hiring professional medical writers.

And finally, the tips and benefits of outsourcing medical article writing.

Let's get started.

The need for medical and healthcare writing services has increased.

The challenge for content producers is to develop a system that enables outsourcing departments to efficiently evaluate, select and hire the right copywriting agencies for their needs.

Why Outsource Medical And Health Copywriting Projects

Professional medical writing agencies have experienced subject experts who are highly specialized in medical and healthcare writing.

These content development experts understand the diverse requirements of their clients concerning high-quality copy.

Additionally, some of the agencies offer tailored packages that suit the companies.

And the high-quality content gives their clients the support to sustain and grow in the competitive landscape of medical communication.

However, medical writing, especially in clinical research, requires in-depth expert-subject knowledge.

It also requires high-level expertise and critical writing skills.

And this high level of writing assists and complements the work of clinical research professionals, medical journals, medical societies, and online health care brands.

Having said that:

Here are the reasons why you should outsource your medical or healthcare projects:

Outsourcing Medical Writing Saves Money

outsourced medical writing saves money


If your brand needs a modest content writing service, you should consider outsourcing to avoid the cost of staffing an in-house medical writing team.

Outsourcing saves you money associated with payroll, medical insurance, vacation time, and employees compensation.

Outsourcing Medical Writing Allows You To Scale 

Outsourced services give you the flexibility to scale content instead of maintaining a costly in-house writing team.

For instance, as a compound goes through the clinical pipeline, the demand for content predictably fluctuates.

A brand can manage low and peak workflow demands with an outsourced copywriting agency. 

An Outsourced Agency Leverages Core Competency

An outsourced medical copywriting agency has the most experienced medical writers and statisticians on the team. 

And these medical writers bring a wealth of knowledge unmatched by an in-house writing team.

This core competence positions the agency as a leader.

And as such, the agency can structure thought, present information effectively, and guide you through the documentation process. 

However, for many smaller brands, medical writing is not their core competency.

Their expertise may be research and development, analytics, and market research. 

Contracting your medical writing gives you unique access to skilled medical writers.

Also, these copywriters are experienced and skilled at presenting healthcare information at the correct level to your target audience.

Having a professional outsourced medical copywriting agency craft your documentation saves you money and positions you as an authority in your niche.

Outsourcing Medical Writing Saves Money Through Packaged Writing Services

An outsourced medical copywriting agency can package all your writing services for one combined price. And that can save you plenty of money.

For instance, a writing team can combine manuscripts and abstracts with editing for a lower price.

With a team of expert writers and editors, bundling writing, editing, and abstract poster development save you money.

Outsourced Medical Writing Agency Helps You Honor Deadlines

Outsourcing helps companies meet their deadline objectives. For instance, a fast-track drug submission requires high-quality documents.

And that helps you avoid a rejection from FDA. 

However, working for a speedy submission shortens when the product reaches the marketplace.

Late submission can significantly impact the bottom line. And a well-written and easily understood document reduces the time it takes assessors to review it.

Outsourced Agency Team Familiarity Breeds Consistency

When the same medical copywriting team produces all your copy, they become familiar with the background and strategy of your product.

Additionally, the team understands the details from across documents.

And being familiar with all the documents makes it easy to craft consistent copy all across the board.

By sticking with one outsourced medical writing agency, saves you money on retraining new writers.  

Outsourced Medical Writing Team Crafts SEO Content

medical writing SEO content


Medical SEO is the process of increasing your medical search engine rankings.

And such online visibility boosts sales in a world in which search engine ranking can define the growth of your business. 

You might not outrank a site like WebMD, by focusing on more long-tail keywords and location-based content. But it is still possible to rank high in search engine result pages.

Using the right kinds of SEO tools and optimizing your copy gets your medical practice in front of your target audience.

It also positions you to outrank your competitors.

Optimizing your website content for search engines helps your copy rank high on Google search result pages.

And that helps draw insane traffic to your website.

By matching keywords to search queries and optimizing for search intent, you can put your products or services in front of customers looking for you.

Working with content writers who can weave the keyword seamlessly to search queries and optimize for search intent, you can put your products or services in front of customers who are looking for you.

Outsourced medical writers who create SEO-optimized content get you a higher ranking in search results. 

What Is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is a process of creating well-composed scientific medical, scientific, and health information.

Medical writers write clinical research reports, regulatory documents, consumer information for healthcare websites, health magazines, journals, and news. 

Medical writing has two distinct types: Regulatory medical and educational.

Let's dive into what regulatory medical writing is.

Regulatory medical writing is the writing of documents for regulatory agencies seeking approval for devices, drugs, and biologics.

And these documents include regulatory submission documents, clinical trial data, and post-approval documents nd more.

The job of a regulatory writer is to produce regulatory documents. And that means crafting documents that comply with the relevant guidelines of the regulatory body.

And they meet the purpose and meaning of the document. They communicate the necessary information accurately, transparently, and clearly to their target audience.

And the target audience could be reviewers at the regulatory or health agencies, investigators, or members of ethics committees.

What is educational medical writing?

According to Wikipedia, 'educational medical writing means writing documents about drugs, devices, and biologics for general audiences, and specific audiences such as health care professionals.

These include sales literature for newly launched drugs, data presentations for medical conferences, medical journal articles for nurses, physicians, and pharmacists, consumer education and programs, and enduring materials for continuing education (CE) or continuing medical education (CME)'.

Kinds Of Projects To Outsource To Medical Writers

outsourced medical writer

Image source

Medical writers write or assist with the writing of technical, informative, educational, or promotional medical content. 

So what kind of projects can you outsource to a medical writing agency? 

Before you outsource, define your medical writing needs and target audience. Then you can outsource for the following types of medical content production projects:

  • Large, autonomous projects that may require several months of work
  • Online content for blogs or websites
  • Grant proposals, posters, or presentations for scientific meetings
  • Articles for different publications, and clinical reports
  • Study protocols, regulatory documentation, etc. 
  • Edit, review, or fact check scientific and medical content 
  • Clinical trial publications
  • Study reports
  • Consumer medicine/device information
  • Product marketing
  • Educational content
  • Health promotional content
  • Clinical research publications
  • Case reports, case series, cohort studies
  • Conference abstracts and presentations
  • Grant writing
  • Regulatory documents
  • Clinical data and literature summaries
  • Annual safety reports
  • Post-marketing documents
  • Consumer medicine/device information
  • Manuscript proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Transcripts

Outsourced medical copywriting agencies create a tone of voice for brands.

They also craft consistent, engaging, and persuasive content that positions a brand as an authority in its niche. 

Tips For Outsourcing Medical Writing

medical article writing tips for outsourcing

Image source

Being successful in outsourcing your medical writing depends on the kind of agency you choose.

It is also dependent on your content marketing budget, type of content, the consistency you need, volume, and quality. 

By using the following tips, you can make the process of outsourcing as painless and seamless as possible:

Clearly define your medical writing goals 

Before outsourcing your medical writing, make sure your outsourced agency knows the goals. 

Some of the objectives of medical article writing are listed below.

  • To gain visibility
  • To showcase a particular medical topic 
  • To highlight a medical subject professionally
  • To attract, engage and persuade readers
  • To offer medical advice and suggestions
  • To position a brand as an authority in its niche
  • To influence a target audience to think about a specific subject

To achieve your goals, be honest with your expectations. Inform the writer about the specific goals that you are trying to achieve.

Provide detailed briefs

The brief is the cornerstone of any engaging and persuasive article. It gives purpose, drive, and direction to a copy. And it makes sure you stay on topic.

Content briefs are valuable. A content brief is a document that instructs a writer on how to create a piece of content. 

Briefs are important. But on the other hand, samples remove the guesswork.

They help writers hone in on the tone of voice of the brand.

Do not give vague instructions to your writer. For instance, let him know exactly where the keywords, headers, and bullet points go. 

Make sure your medical writer knows your target audience

Make it easy for your writer to understand your target audience. Include your customer personas and writing style guides.

Your style guides help your writer understand your tone of voice.

Give writers space to be creative 

Providing style guides and briefs are okay and good.

However, you can maximize the writer's expertise and creativity by giving him ample space to create.

You achieve this by setting guidelines for the type of content you need. Then, let the writer do what he does best.

Foster trust and partnership over time

A medical writer who has written blog posts for you over the years can be trusted to deliver high-quality content consistently.

Such a person often needs less direction than those who are less familiar with your brand.

By investing the time to educate and coach writers about what you want can lead to long-time benefits.

Provide specific instructions

medical copywriting team giving instructions

Image source

Do not leave your writing to chance.

Provide specific and detailed instructions about your copywriting project.

That includes the word count, timeline, editing and revision cycle, deadline, and the form of payment.

Get the writer to prepare an outline of the work. If possible, hold a project kick-off meeting with the medical article writer.

Make it easy to contact you

Fluid communication ensures the success of the project. To this end, provide a single point of contact for the project.

Also, establish adequate channels to communicate with the medical writer.

Having different ways of contacting you makes it easy to get clarification. Or to get your opinion and ask about updates on the work if needed. 

Establish realistic deadlines

Plan for your project and avoid hurries and unnecessary mistakes.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Writing Projects

Savings on your payroll expenditure

Outsourcing medical writing reduces your personnel requirements. It saves you money by reducing the cost of recruitment, training, and retention.

You get time to focus on your business

Medical writing is not the core competency of most of the companies that outsource.

The business models of medical and healthcare brands are rapidly changing.

Outsourcing your medical writing provides you the time to work on your business.  

You get compact medical writing experts

medical copywriting experts

Image source

An outsourced medical writing agency has a team of subject experts.

And these experts include graphic designers, medical writers, experienced editors, expert statisticians, and staff writers.

When you outsource, you benefit from having a team of experts working on your project. And you maximize your savings further.

Documents that meet stringent regulatory requirements

Pharmaceutical companies and clinical testing firms must meet the stringent regulatory requirements of authorities before introducing a new drug or performing a clinical trial.

Medical writing agencies are familiar with such regulations. And that makes it easy to submit documents that meet regulatory requirements.

Effective medical communication

Medical writing is not for the faint at heart. It requires expertise and professional writing skills.

You also need professional knowledge of medical terminologies.

When you hire medical writing expert, you can attract, engage, and persuade your audience with copy that ranks high in search engine result pages.

Improvement in your sales and services

Writing about medical products and services can be outsourced.

That means that writing about medical devices, products literature, and service brochures can be outsourced to an agency.

Experienced medical writers can craft eye-catching marketing content and boost your sales with persuasive copy.

Savvy clinical researchers, pharmaceutical, scientific, and healthcare brands, outsource their medical content requirements.

And agency medical writes craft sales copy that generates leads and boosts sales.


Outsourcing pharma or medical writing successfully requires selecting a competent medical copywriting agency.

The team should be knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements of different government agencies.

But they should also be capable coordinators who can push your clinical teams to present a straightforward, well-argued story.

If you are ready to use your medical writing to engage and persuade your target audience to boost sales, let's talk.


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