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Is It Time To Outsource Your Article Writing?

Are you ready to outsource your article writing to a Lagos based outsourced copywriting agency?

Is article writing taking more of the time you should be spending on your core business?

Has article writing become a heavy burden on your overall content marketing strategy?

Are you thinking of outsourcing your article writing or content creation to an offshore or remote article writing agency?

Those are serious questions. Your in-house article writing team could be the reason why your efforts are not yielding the kinds of results you envisioned.

Therefore, if you’re seriously thinking about those questions and the answers to them, you will find this article informative and educational.

At the end of this article, you should be an immensely educated and thoroughly equipped as you decide whether or not to outsource your article writing to a remote content writing agency.

Let's get started!

Does Article Writing Still Matter?

To get started, let’s refresh our minds on why article writing has always been a core part of online marketing.

Then, we will get an understanding of why there is an urgent need now for quality articles that are relevant, useful and compelling.

The kinds of articles that we're talking about here are the ones that easily arrest the attention of your audience and nudge them in a ridiculously emotional way into buyers of your products or services.

Still with me?

Here are the reasons why article writing has always been a core part of online marketing.

Why Article Writing Is Beneficial

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Just like you found this review online, you would agree that the main reason why people use the internet is to find information that’s important to them.

So when we click away as we surf around from website to website, we’re looking for answers to questions that are keeping us awake at night.

Right? Well, some people sleep real good at night. 

But anyway, that means that as we search for the answers to our questions on the internet, we trust that the search engines will provide us with search results that reflect the best information based on the keyword or keywords we typed in the search box.

Is that not true?

Here are the main benefits of content writing.

#1. Article Writing Puts Quality Content On Your Website

If the digital storefront or the hub of your online presence – your website is full of quality information you have an excellent chance of having the search engines send tons of people your way.

The more you can draw them with your enticing and emotionally compelling content, the more they will stick around on your site. 

The most cost-effective way to get such professionally written and result-oriented content consistently on your website is to have it outsourced to an agency that specializes in crafting awesome articles.

Such engaging and highly compelling articles feed the thirst for knowledge of your eager audience that wants to know more about your brand.

Would you provide them with the information that they are enthusiastically looking for?

Your competition is!

Search engines love quality content that grabs the attention of people and keeps them glued to your website for a long time. 

#2. Search Engines Love Well Written Articles

search engines love quality articles

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that search engines love websites that have excellent content that arrests the attention of people that they spend time on them.

Just like food, who wants to hang around a restaurant where junk is served? Who wants to stick around reading junk?

Search engines love to be served fresh and valuable information when they visit.

Having tons of pages of junk articles doesn't mean that you will get the traffic you envision, therefore go for a few quality ones. 

If one of your professionally crafted articles hits a home run, you get awesome opportunities to rank amazingly high for more search queries.

Now if you want to get real fancy and target long-tail keywords, your killer content will catapult you to the top of major search engine search results. 

An amazingly simple content marketing strategy is to write your articles and garnish them with keywords that people are searching for.

Such an excellent strategy keeps your website relevant and fresh. 

#3. Awesome Content Builds Your Brand Authority

Ever wanted to be the go-to place in your niche We’re talking about being the authority in your chosen field. An authority that when you ‘speak’ your loyal audience listens. 

You see with different kinds of quality and effective content you can build a ridiculously amazing brand that is positioned as the authority in your niche.

You do that simply by crafting quality content that touches your audience’s emotions in all kinds of stupid ways that they trust your brand.

The beauty of this approach is that when you provide your audience with information that is relevant, useful, compelling and most of all solves the problems that are keeping them awake at night you get fans.  

Additionally, when your audience reads your effective articles online or offline in media that they consider reliable, they also think of your brand as authoritative.

The awesomeness of this strategy is that you get well-qualified people to buy your services or products all the time.

#4. Article Writing Compounds Value And Lowers Marketing Costs

outsourced article writing componds value

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Article writing is a more efficient marketing strategy compared to traditional advertising, trade shows and direct marketing which are huge cost-drivers in the marketing budget. 

Content marketing is ridiculously cost-effective and brings with it amazing compounding returns.

Granted, the first few months of your embarking on your content marketing strategy might not yield the results that you’re looking for. 

After some months you start to see growth.

Then more months after that you begin to see incremental growth.

A few years after your initial investment in article writing, you see your investment compounded. 

Though content is king, you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to get a professionally crafted and result oriented content.

Content can be repurposed and used in different formats.

The same original content can be turned into a whitepaper, infographics, ebook, PR release, social media post with a corresponding video.

You get the picture. 

No matter what kind of business you’re into, effective articles will increase traffic to your website, give you higher conversion rates and improve your engagements with your customers or clients.

There is no reason why you should not make an article writing a prominent feature of your marketing arsenal.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Article Writing

article writing

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Are you seriously debating whether to do your article writing in-house or to outsource it to an outside article writing agency?

Do you see from the chart above why NOW is the time to outsource your article writing?

However, for many, it is not easy to decide whether to outsource article writing or keep it in-house.

But as you contemplate your next move, keep these statistics close to your heart:

Despite all the compelling reasons for outsourcing content writing, many companies and organizations shy away from outsourcing. Could it be due to fear of the unknown? 

Are they apprehensive about outsourcing perhaps due to the fact that they’ve never hired a writer before and have no clue what to pay for a writing job?

Therefore, it would interest you to read about the benefits of outsourcing your content writing to a remote agency.

Outsourced Article Writing Saves You Money

outsourced article writing saves money

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Saving money is one of the major reasons why companies or organizations outsource their article writing to a professional competent content creation agency.

It allows a business to get the same quality job done at a fraction of the cost of having it done in-house.

That means that when businesses outsource a certain task, they save not only on salaries but also on health insurance, sick leave and vacation pay.

Research has shown that companies can save up to 60% of their operational costs by outsourcing.

#2. With Content Writing Outsourcing, You Get Skilled Expertise  

Outsourcing makes it incredibly easy for you to take advantage of the expertise of professionals without breaking the bank.

Hiring an expert article writing agency also means that you get the services of SEO experts.

What good is having a well-crafted article that your target audience doesn't see?

Some companies may not have the workload that would justify hiring a professional and result-oriented content writer.

Outsourcing frees a company from the hassle of in-house hiring, training and other resources that have to be invested in order to get a new employee going.   

Additionally, when an offshore company writes your articles, you get more time to spend on your core competencies.

#3. With Outsourcing, You Can Focus On Core Competencies

To craft effective content on a regular basis takes an insane amount of time.

By outsourcing your content writing, you get professionally written articles as well as benefit from enhanced freedom of spending your time on your core business – revenue-generating business activities.

As your staff focuses on their core competencies or what they’re good at, you get the maximum output from their talents. 

Remote article writing service benefits you. 

#4. You Can Work Around the Clock

global time zones

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Offshore outsourcing allows you to take advantage of differences in the time zone between your office and your outsourced agency.

Although this may pose an initial problem logistically, once this is resolved, you get your business running while you are asleep.

For instance, if you are in Atlanta and you outsource article writing to a company in Lagos, you get six hours in time difference.

That means that while you are asleep, the team in Lagos crafts and delivers your professionally written article before you get to your office.

#5. You Get Staffing Flexibility

One of the benefits of outsourcing your content writing is that it allows you to take advantage of additional staffing resources when you need them without committing to keeping them when you don’t need them.

For example, when you outsource your article writing during busy times of the year, you get the advantage of providing high-quality support to your customers without a long-term cost or staff commitment.

As you keep a scalable team of resources available, you can meet your customers’ needs with increased flexibility.

#6. You Get Improved Services

As you outsource your content writing you also improve your service offerings.

Since this offshore business arrangement makes it seamlessly easy to provide high-quality content while decreasing lead time, your articles reach your audience sooner and on a consistent basis.

This is highly significant because it helps you provide faster and higher-quality content to your targeted audience.

And it’s great news for you because you save money while allocating resources in a more efficient way.

Why You Should Hire Us

why hire our outsourced article writing agency

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At Anaconda Marketing our article writing team is poised and eager to provide businesses and organizations with result-oriented content writing services.

We provide full-time teams that are uniquely qualified to craft effective content for English speaking companies or organizations around the globe.

From copywriting, editorial, proofreading, technical writing, ebooks or white papers we have the experience and expertise you need to make the successful transition to outsourcing.

We are eager to help you reduce business costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and impact your business in a positive way.

Our writing team wants to be your trusted partner. When we come on board, we will help find the strategic approach that is unique.

The writing team that you get has high standards of both quality and productivity so that you will see a reduction in error rates and discover new solutions to your business challenges.

Other Benefits Of Hiring Us For All Your Article Writing Needs

  • You get 100% well crafted original articles.

  • You get professional and experienced English speaking writers.

  • Content that is not plagiarized. Verified through Copyscape or other similar apps.

  • SEO optimized content that drives tons of organic traffic.

  • More people become aware of your brand, product or services.

  • Offshore article writing is cost-effective.

  • We save you money and time.

  • You get peace of mind.

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