5 Amazing Simple Content Marketing Tips You Ought To Be Using Now!

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Are you using content marketing strategies to drive mind blowing and insanely HUGE organic traffic to your website?

Content marketing is one of the most effective, brilliant and cost effective ways to drive insanely killer traffic to your website and build an awesome buzz for your business, products and brand.

By creating massive awesome useful, irresistible, compelling and shearable content and ruthlessly promoting it on all your relevant social media platforms, you would attract, acquire, and engage your target audience with success.

All the time!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy where there is an ongoing crafting and sharing of relevant and compelling media with a target audience.

The main objective of content marketing is to acquire and retain customers. Is that not your business objective too?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, "Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action".

Content marketing involves more than the use of texts and videos.

It runs from publishing status updates and photos on Facebook pages and Twitter, to writing awesome and useful blog posts and posting videos on YouTube.

Some of the common types of content that newcomers to content marketing use, are 'how-to' articles, 'how to videos', and Q&As.

Those that are interested in showcasing their business use images and videos to tell their story.

Though many companies are dabbling into content marketing, not all are having success.

Companies that are applying its basic principles and implementing a few solid strategies brilliantly and consistenly, are dramatically improving the overall effectiveness of their marketing program.

5 Content Marketing Tips You Ought To Be Using Now

Content marketing is challenging to small businesses because of the amount of time involved in producing quality content.

Those that are keeping a blog and running some sort of legit social media platform, must feed the beast somehow.

Feeding your audience with consistent content can’t all be leftovers (curated content). Here are some rewarding and useful content marketing tips you ought to be using now.

#1. Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan (Content)

do you have a plan

Marketers that have a documented editorial calendar and implement the contents, are more successful in their content marketing efforts than those that don't use it.

Creating a content marketing calendar for your company may seem ridiculously complicated, but it is an incredibly rewarding.

In fact, it is an important marketing tool that marketing teams can use in planning all content marketing activities for a given period.

With a calendar, you can visualize how your content is going to be shared and promoted throughout the year.

By doing this, you are equipped to craft content around the important events in your niche.

    Planning the publication of your digital content way ahead of time, is important in crafting a consistent flow of relevant, useful and compelling content.

#2. Create Content That Rocks!

One of the key ingredients of an effective and successful content marketing is quality content - content that rocks!

Companies and brands that produce and promote useful, valuable and compelling content with solid engagements on social media networks, as part of a larger content marketing strategy, can see an improved ROI.

They also see tons of high quality traffic to their website and a more positive brand awareness. 

The only way you can reap the awesome benefits of content marketing is by creating quality content that your audience wants to share with one another.

Such content must be entertaining, interesting or useful, in order to be shared.

#3. Create Content That Is Optimized For Search Engines

optimized content

Optimizing your content for search engines is the process of transforming your keyword research into live text that can influence the way your site is viewed and ranked in organic search results

Content optimization is really more than using some top keywords in each page.

An effective content optimization is a tactical process that focuses on the use of very specific keywords.

These keywords or phrases are inserted in very specific places so as to send the strongest possible relevance signals to search engines for that targeted keyword.

Content that is search engine optimized shows up on the first page of organic search results.

#4. Create Back Links To Your Content

The more back links that you have pointing to your content on your website, the more value search engines place on it.

One interesting strategy that has worked successfully in increasing the number of back links to content, is responding and leaving comments in relevant articles, blog posts and forums with a link back to your website or blog URL.

Comments that add value to the conversation are more effective than shallow comments that may be viewed as spam.

By publishing on Yahoo!, Contributor NetworkPublishMyself.netArticleOnlineDirectoryAuthor Palace, Ezine Articles, Buzzle.com, Articlesbase, you can get quite some back links to your site.

Additionally, don't forget to create a Google Profile and list the URLs affiliated with your company.

Then, claim and build out your listing pages on sites such as MerchantCircle and Yelp to maximize backlinks to your blog.

#5. Promote To Increase Traffic, Engagement And Sales

The secret of effective content marketing, boils down to crafting awesome content first.

After the content is created, it is important  that it gets found in search engines and promoted massively to your followers.

Every effective content marketing plan needs a complementary promotion plan that combines paid, owned, and earned media.

Optimize Your Content For Search - In the long run, if you optimize your content properly, search engines will likely be the best source of traffic for your content. 

Optimize Your Content For Social Sharing - For maximum effectiveness, offer social sharing buttons, use awesome images, and use open graph tags.

Share Content With Social Media Audience - Promote your content on multiple social media networks, and at the best times that your audience is active on those networks.

Share Content With Email List - In order to keep your email subscribers engaged, share your latest pieces of content with them on a regular basis.

Reach Out To Other Bloggers - In the field of content marketing, there are many bloggers who love to share content created by others that is relevant to their audience.

Reach out to them.

By following these five tips now, you can draw tons of traffic to your website or blog with the ultimate objective of acquiring and retaining customers.

We can help.

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