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What Are Your Digital Marketing Needs? |:: Lagos Digital Agency

Do you want to use digital marketing to boost your online business? 

Are you considering using the services of a professional digital marketing agency?


At any given time, there are many eyeballs on the internet.

And they're searching and surfing to buy goods, services or to be entertained. 

So, it makes good sense to improve your online presence.

How do you go about doing it?

You may start to think, how can a digital marketing agency help?

Although you might be familiar with traditional marketing, you may start to wonder if digital marketing is worth all that you heard it can do?

Is it something you can do yourself?

But wait a minute.

Before you decide to hire a marketing agency, what do you know about digital marketing?

Is it just one of those trendy and cool internet buzzwords that your friends use to sound smart when you get together to watch baseball or football?

 Or is there more to it? 

Maybe a viewpoint question is: What is it?

Having said that:

Let's start with the history of digital marketing.

History Of Digital Marketing

Do you know when digital marketing had its start?

A lot of people that I have asked that question told me that digital marketing started with Facebook.

And still, others said - Google, and a few responded Al Gore ( and please don't quote me on this).

Al Gore was vice president under former president of the U.S - Bill Clinton. For the record, Al Gore never invented the internet!

I got distracted there for a minute. 

The unanswered question is: Do you know when digital marketing had its start?

Digital marketing started in 1906 when a radio broadcast an opera performance at the Met live.

And you will be shocked at what happened.

The call to action at the end of that broadcast was for people to buy tickets. 

And folks bought tons of tickets!

Get this:

That historic radio event is when digital marketing was born.


If you are surprised or perhaps shocked that I did not mention that Facebook or Google started digital marketing, you are not alone.

So then, what is digital marketing?

Definition Of Digital Marketing

Staying true to form, Wikipedia does a crappy job of explaining: 

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using…


"Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involve electronic devices". - Neil Patel

Since electronics have been around for over 100 years, you can be sure that digital marketing is not necessarily connected with the internet.

Further, digital marketing is not connected with content marketing, Google ads, social media, or retargeting.

Still with me?

Therefore, we can say that digital marketing can be implemented online and offline.

That brings us to a great question: Should you care about digital marketing?

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

If you were born before the millennials and lived in a fairly large city like Lagos, you probably remember when billboards were one of the major ways of advertising.

Even though there are still billboards, especially around Lagos mainland, people in cars, buses, even 'keke' are distracted.

What is distracting them?

That smartphone that is not far from you now, if you're not reading this article on it, is the biggest distraction of all.

So many eyeballs are not seeing that costly advertisement on the billboard.

Think about this, 9% of all drivers are on the phone one way or the other (texting or calling), at any given moment during daylight hours.

I let that marinate.

How then can we think billboards have a future in such a world?

Enough on billboards.

Main Pillars Of Digital Marketing - Offline And Online Marketing

The two main digital marketing strategies are online marketing and offline marketing.

Having said that, let's mention all 7 facets of online marketing here so that the list will be complete.

The 7 big categories of online marketing are:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing

Let's take a quick read at the types of digital marketing that have probably been around the longest.

Offline Digital Marketing

One of the offline marketing strategies that have been around for the longest is radio advertising.

Radio Marketing

A century has passed since that original first live broadcast of the opera performance at that Met game.

And guess what – radio is still here.

Radio did a great job in its transition to the internet.

And because of that, it has dodged the bullet.

So it has not taken as big of a hit as TV.

Even today, radio is still relevant in marketing.

TV Marketing

Television marketing is not going away.

It is the giant that eats up most money of the advertising money every year.

The giant has been under attack and the profits are not what they used to be.

Why? One word - Youtube.

Because of Google's Youtube, TV ads have not been as efficient as they used to be.

For instance, instead of watching a top-rated TV show, a whopping 40 million subscribers (!) watch PewDiePie for rock video games, also some crazy comments.

And it's all FREE except for your data fees. 

Why are TV commercials nearly worthless, when people are still spendings tons of hours watching TV?

You see, TV ads are not specific. They don't have a target audience.

With Google and Bing, retargeting, social media, and email marketing, why pay attention to products or services that are not relevant or targeted at us?

Phone Marketing

Phone marketing rocks!

It is reported that now, over 80% of people online own a smartphone.

And get this, in 2014, more people were accessing the internet from their phone than through their desktop PC or laptop.

Mobile marketing is here.

Check this out, in 2016, the amount spent on mobile ads was more than the money spent on desktop ads.

And the projection is that in 2020, the amount of money spent on mobile ads will be equal to the amount of money that is now spent on TV advertising. 

Are you getting the picture?

But, before we look at the type of phone marketing that you can do for smartphone users with an internet connection, let’s look at some offline ways to market your products.

2 apps are grossly underestimated, yet they are on every phone, smart or not:

Calling and texting.

Cold calling is the act of calling a person with no prior contact and trying to sell them something. 

Marketers make roughly 3 sales per day by calling. They call an average of 52 people a day, with about 17 calls until they find a buyer.

Though it does not have the scalability of social media or email, yet, it is still a great marketing approach.

This strategy is okay, but it does not scale very well when a business is selling to end customers.

It should also be noted that making contact before trying to sell helps to close the deal.

That is highly significant especially in business-to-business sales, which are all about connections.

A better strategy is marketing via texting.

Online or offline, a text message is almost a guaranteed read

While the MMS tanked after the web became available and mobile data usage costs so little, texts are still a good way to reach people and bring value in 160 characters or less.

It is highly recommended that you get permission first.

Such permission could be in the form of texting a specific word to your phone thereby granting you their permission.

Many companies offer text marketing at scale.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage text message marketing:

Special deals, coupons, and discounts are a great way for restaurants to get additional customers and turn walk-ins into regulars.

Using text reminders as customer service can also enhance your mobile marketing like Walmart does.

They alert customers when their prescription is ready for pickup. To date, they’ve sent over 1 billion text reminders.

Online Digital Marketing

Although I mentioned the offline digital marketing strategies first, when most people think of digital marketing, the first thing that comes to their mind is online digital marketing.

Let's talk about online digital marketing strategies that most people are itching to use in the promotion of their goods or services.

Social Media Advertising And Management

As you already know, in today’s business landscape, it’s extremely hard to stay relevant without an active social media profile.

According to a recent study by AdWeek, nine out of ten businesses in the United States use social media networks for marketing.

That statistic should not surprise you since most people who shop online expect brands to have an online presence and engage with their customers.

Having a mere social presence is not going to cut it.

To be highly effective in your digital marketing strategies, you need the services of a professional digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency can manage all your social media accounts for you, helping you achieve your marketing goals.

A professional agency would make sure that all your social media posts are well-designed, with short and catchy copies that get results.

A digital marketing agency would have an experienced team of creative social media managers that can craft quality content that engages and converts your customers into raving fans.

And most importantly, your digital marketing agency can manage your advertising effectively.

Such management includes spreading your budget over several campaigns, targeting the right people, and sending them to your website.

Digital Advertising

Content is the reason why a search was created. And that is why before you buy something, you search for it.

Your website can be seen organically on the first page of Google search results in your optimized keywords or phrases.

That takes time, a mastery of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and elbow grease.

Conversely, your paid advertising can achieve the same results within hours or days. This is where Google ads come into play.

Google search ads enable you to reach your customers while they’re searching for a certain term related to your business.

For example, let’s say you run a shoe store in Lagos. You might want to show up in Google search when someone types “Women's shoes Lagos” in their search bar.

If you pay Google more than your competition, they will show your website in the first three results every time someone searches for these keywords.

Although it may sound simple, it requires a lot of work and optimization – the competition on Google is fierce, and Google ranks these ads based on a complicated algorithm.

The awesome digital marketing agencies have digital advertising experts that specialize in Google advertising.

These experts can manage your campaigns and get the best results for your money.

Additionally, Google ads include display ads, video, YouTube, and shop ads.

As you can see, managing all of these campaigns at the same time can be overwhelming.

That is why having a capable agency that will do that for you is a prudent way to go.

User-Friendly And Responsive Website Design And Development

If your business requires a solid online presence, having a user-friendly and responsive website should be your top priority.

Since your digital journey starts with a strong digital store-front, a successful digital marketing agency usually has a team of programmers and UX designers with dozens of websites in their portfolio.

Such an efficient team can develop or redesign your website to be user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines and your site visitors.

The result is that those who visit your website have a 'wow' experience.

Your friendly digital marketing agency can review even your website and recommend appropriate changes if necessary.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at the results if you implement their professional suggestions.

Content Marketing And SEO

Some digital marketing agencies offer article writing as a separate service.

What that means is that you can outsource your content marketing to an agency that will manage your blog, craft e-books, articles, and your website content.

A lot of digital marketing agencies that manage your content will optimize such content so that your articles can be found in Google organic search results. 

Many savvy marketers consider this a viable option as they position their company as the authority in their niche.

Properly written, useful, relevant, and compelling articles exude professionalism.

Measuring, Optimization, And Reporting

One of the beauties of digital marketing is that it can be measured.

As you run your digital marketing campaigns, you can always see what you got from the money you invested in your campaigns.

All campaigns can be measured, compared to different periods, and constantly optimized to get the best results.

With such data, you will be able to learn more about your industry and the shopping habits of your audience.

Such metrics can show you what worked and what needs to be tweaked and improved for future campaigns.

Most digital marketing agencies will provide you with monthly or weekly reports that explain in great detail how your campaigns are doing.

You can always ask them for more clarification.

Conclusion: What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

It’s important to note that very few agencies provide all of these services that we highlighted in this article.

Many agencies are not shy of openly admitting that they have a very narrow area of expertise.

Even those that seem to offer most of the mentioned services are probably not equally adept at all of them.

An easy way to tell which services are in an agency’s spotlight is to take a look at their website.

Their core services will usually be highlighted on their homepage, while others may be harder to find.

What Our Lagos Agency Does

Most people start their digital marketing journey with a digital storefront - in the form of a blog or website.

We craft user-friendly and mobile-friendly websites that boost the sale of your products or services.

Our focus goes beyond just the aesthetics of a design, importantly, we also consider the overall user experience on every digital platform, irrespective of what type of device is being used.

From web development and UX/UI web design to SEO, social media, and content marketing – and everything in between – we work extremely hard to deliver a functional design that not only looks great but also drives business growth.

Proven digital marketing strategies start with an awesome user-friendly and responsive digital storefront or website.

Using our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), digital ads, content marketing, social media optimization (SMO), and social media management, we amplify your online presence.

For a lot of our clients, their digital marketing journey continues with a re-design of their digital storefront.

Such a redesigned website is user-friendly and responds ridiculously well to different screen sizes of the device that is used to access the website.

Such a website is also optimized for search engines.

Additionally, for other companies and organizations that want to make more than a splash in the digital world, their digital journey starts with a brand new website.

With a solid professional social media management team, we help businesses and enterprises increase profits and expand their brand awareness whether locally or globally.

In other words, we help companies grow greener.

Your company can benefit immensely by tapping into our expertise.

Such skills and experience have helped us to craft for our clients, multiple media content that attracts convinces, and converts their audience into believers of their brands, products, or services.

You know as well as I do that those brand ambassadors and digital referrals boost the bottom line.

Our goal and we hope it is your goal too; is to get you solidly positioned as the influencer in your niche.

Social media marketing is a big aspect of digital marketing.

It helps businesses and brands reach their customer base, create awareness of their brands, and helps incredibly well in selling goods or services.

Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – usually in real-time.

Whether you're using traditional or digital marketing strategies, the basics of marketing remain the same.

And that is - creating a winning strategy that delivers the right messages to the right people. 

Though businesses will continue to make use of traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, direct mail, and PR, digital marketing adds a welcome new strategy to holistic marketing campaigns. 

Since digital marketing is flexible and ridiculously cost-effective, you can appreciate why it is embraced heartily especially by small businesses.

You see, digital marketing gives businesses of any size access to a global audience at an amazingly affordable price.

Further, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing.

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