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Copywriting Cost: |:: How Much Does Agency Copywriter Charge?

Are you ready to outsource your copywriting because you want persuasive copy that attracts more engagement, generates more leads, and boosts sales? 

But are you wondering about how much your copywriting agency would charge you?

As you Google the cost of website copywriting, you will be shocked at the differences in pricing from freelancers to agency copywriters. 

And from inexperienced copywriters to A-list copywriters. 

The rates range from $50 to a whopping $25,000.

With such a range of pricing, the logical question is - what determines the amount of money you pay for copywriting?

The amount of money you spend on copywriting depends on things like the type of copy you want, your niche, your agency, your network, and ultimately experience. 

Copywriting agencies charge more money than freelance copywriters.

And better writers charge more. 

It is that simple. 

Understanding how certain factors affect the price of a copywriting project will help you get the copy that achieves the results you want.

We will cover the following:

  • Type of Copywriting
  • Experience
  • Subject matter experts
  • Freelancer vs. agency 
  • How quickly do you need it?

Let us dive in.

#1. Copywriting Pricing Factor - Types Of Copywriting

Copywriters write all kinds of copy. 

And each content has a different goal. 

The combined content contributes to the overall sales and marketing strategy of the brand.

A few examples of the types of copywriting that exist:

Sales Copy

Sales copy is the most common type of copywriting. 

The goal of a sales copy is to persuade a reader to take a specific action. And that action could be to buy a product, inquire about your service, or join your email list. 

It could also be to download a free report or follow you on social media.

It includes:

• Web pages


• Sales brochures

• Advertorials online or in magazines

• Product descriptions and category descriptions

The best sales copy tells the truth about a product or service. 

It also addresses the problems your product or services solve and how it adds value to your target audience.

The type of sales copy is a consideration in the cost of copywriting.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting

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SEO copywriting uses keywords or search terms to help find a copy on Google results pages.

In other words, SEO copy is high-quality text that is easy to read, written to persuade humans but optimized for search engines.

You will find SEO copy online in:

• Web content

• Sales Copy

• Pharma Copy

• eCommerce Copy

A well-written SEO copy demands a professional skill set.

Whether you want your copy to be ranked high in search engines should be a valid consideration in determining how much you pay for copywriting.

Web copy

Every website has web content, but not every website has high-quality content. 

A web copy that persuades ultimately generates leads and boosts sales. 

Examples are:

• Blog posts

• Articles

• Social media

Web copy is written in a conversational style and is easily understood. It also registers low on the Flesch Kincaid scale.

Technical Copywriting

Is a technical writer the same as a technical copywriter? 

The answer is No. 

The main difference is the goal of the content. 

What is the purpose of crafting the content?   

technical writer writes instructions on how to do something. 

On the other hand, a technical copywriter uses text to persuade and explain to readers the topic. 

And instructions are not usually included a technical copy.

technical copywriter writes about the benefits a tech product and how it solves a specific problem. 

technical writer writes about how to use the product to help you solve the problem.

Examples of the technical copy are:

• White papers

• In-depth industry guides

Therefore, technical writing requires an in-depth knowledge of a subject.

Or the willingness and skill to research the topic.

Technical copywriters write about science and environment, health, marketing, finance, politics, and government.

The depth of knowledge and research skill involved determine the cost of technical copywriting.

Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting is about interestingly crafting copy. 

It is more of thinking than of writing.

A creative copywriter thinks differently. 

Most people understand what creative content is all about, especially in advertising.

You will find the examples of the technical copy in:

• Jingles and commercials

When you think of creative copywriting, consider an advertising copy. Creative copywriting is radio or TV advertising. 

A creative copywriter may not use many words, but she understands buyer psychology.  

It involves the ability to turn phrases into cultural references and come up with memorable and winning slogans.  

PR Copywriting

The role of a copywriter can cover a great many disciplines, depending on the niche. 

Public relations copywriting covers text that represents a business or organization to the public.  

PR is in the marketing or communications departments of brands.

PR copywriting requires knowledge of marketing practices. 

And it is needed when writing a promotional copy, direct marketing copy, that generates direct leads and sales.

Copy produced for PR includes:

• Press releases

• Statements

Professional PR copywriters write in a neutral, journalistic tone of voice. The goal of the copy is to maintain and promote a positive image of the brand.

#2. Copywriting Pricing Factor - Experience

copywriting agency experience

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When it comes to copywriting pricing factors, you pay for the experience. That means that copywriters with many years of experience get paid more money than copywriters with less experience. 

As you would expect, this pricing factor makes sense. 

An experienced copywriter often delivers a significantly better copy than a less experienced newbie.

And by experience, it is not about how many copywriting courses you have taken. 

It is not even about how many books on copywriting you read or studied.

What clients care about and are willing to pay for is how much actual writing experience you have. 

They are interested in how your copy will boost sales for them. 

Copywriting agencies with team members with years of actual copywriting experience charge more money than those with no experience.

For instance, we offer more than 25 years of team experience.

#3. Copywriting Pricing Factor - Subject Matter Expertise

The background of a copywriter influences the cost of copywriting.

A copywriter needs a solid research skillset and knowledge of psychology. 

But not every copywriter can write well on every subject or is a subject matter expert.

A subject matter copywriter is usually easier to work with than one that writes on any subject. 

A specialty copywriter specializes in writing for a few niche brands.

This type of copywriter writes for B2B niches like pharma or finance that is highly regulated. 

So if you are in a niche industry, like healthcare or finance, it is beneficial to partner with a copywriter that understands your niche, products, or services.

Understandably, a copywriting agency in this niche will charge more money than typical copywriting agency rates.

With the higher amount of money you pay to the agency, you get a copy that resonates and persuades your target audience. 

Niche copywriter understands the niche and how to attract, engage and persuade the target audience.

However, if you hire a jack of all trades copywriter with little or no background in your field, the copy she writes would not resonate with your target audience.

Therefore, if your niche is non-technical, hire a copywriting agency that understands your brand. 

As you do, keep in mind that a copywriting agency with niche experts will charge more than the average going rate.

But you get a copy that boosts your visibility, positions you as a thought leader and skyrockets the sale of your products or services.

Having said that:

You need to hire a copywriting agency that understands your industry.

However, Anaconda Marketing has a copywriter with a background that fits your niche. And you get a copy that attracts, persuades, and drives insane traffic and sales for you. 

#4. Copywriting Pricing Factor - Freelancer Vs. Agency

copywriting cost - freelancer Vs agency

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The biggest reason brands outsource content is that businesses that generate tons of high-quality copy get much more traffic than businesses that only publish a blog post or two every month. ( Source )

In another HubSpot study, 75 percent of their blog views and 90 percent of leads are engagements from older posts. 

It shows that relevant and sticky content can gain more value over time.

However, with a limited blog team, it is not easy to brainstorm, create, and promote a new post more often.

And it takes a longer time to start seeing results.

To generate more content quickly, many brands hire freelance copywriters initially. 

Freelance copywriters usually, but not always because they charge less money than agencies. 

Hiring a freelance copywriter because it is cheaper than an agency copywriter may provide upfront savings.

It might also bring along more problems for your brand.

Here are the potential pitfalls of hiring a freelance copywriter:

  • It is hard to judge their work effectively.
  • Short of a recommendation, you do not know if you can trust them.
  • Verifying the work a freelancer has done can be difficult.
  • Many freelancers are erratic. Not consistent with working hours.  
  • Reliance on one person may lead you to be in the lurch.
  • They can disappear because they do not have much to lose.  

Having said all that:

Hiring a freelancer is always a difficult task.

On the other hand, if you are serious about crafting high-quality and consistent copy for your website, partner with a copywriting agency. 

Hiring an agency that specializes in copywriting might cost you more money.

But in the long run, you save more than money. 

You also save your reputation.

Hiring an agency copywriter is well worth the investment.

#5. Copywriting Pricing Factor - Deadline

Sometimes brands will need a new or updated copy urgently.

However, highly in-demand professional copywriters are usually booked weeks in advance. 

That means that if you need an expedited copy, you should pay more.

For a rush job, you are asking to be ahead of others.  

In addition, you are also asking the agency to reserve for you the mental space and resources to work on your project on short notice.

For an expedited copy, be prepared to pay a 30% surcharge on top of the total project fee.

To get the best website copywriter prices, avoid a rushed deadline. 

If you are on a tight deadline, write a version of the copy in-house as a temporary fix.

A copy can be revised and updated.

Then hire our copywriting agency to complete the final draft. 

This strategy saves you money and meets your deadline.

Here are other copywriting services we provide:

If you are ready to save money in the long run, start your copywriting services with us, contact us.

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