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photoshop professional

“If you have never seen Photoshop, you’ve missed one of those glorious rare moments when software approaches perfection. Adobe is humble about Photoshop, calling it a ‘photo design and production tool,’ but no one who’s used Photoshop is so reserved.”

- Byte magazine, April 1993

This fun job takes hard work, dumb jokes, and a steady hand with the stylus.

Add to that a good dose of creativity and a little silliness here and there to create killer graphics and illustrations.

We are looking for an insanely gifted Designer to join our team.

Our core focus is on creating measurable, results-oriented engagements.

In other words, our vision is to bring brands closer to people and people closer to each other through experiences that are fueled by unbiased, strategic, and effective communications, creative, and media strategies.

You see, at Anaconda Marketing, we are laser focused on creative individuals who are innovative thinkers and have their outstanding portfolio to prove it.

If you don't have a 'wow' portfolio, don't even think about it.

Our Right Candidate Will Be Willing And Able To:

  • Collaborate with writers, art directors, technologists and clients to make awesome happen ('Awesome' can include but is not limited to innovative actions and products across the digital landscape, cutting-edge creative experiences, and non-traditional campaigns)

  • Conceive, craft, and execute these experiences on—time and on—the strategy

  • Develop and define the look and feel of major campaigns across all touch points — digital, traditional, outdoor, and anywhere else that makes sense

  • Also, you'll have to report to the Creative Director.

Our Requirements:

  • Passion for exceptional work

  • A pulse of awesome social media trends.

Your Minimal Qualifications:

  • More than three years' experience at an interactive or design agency. Must have the passion for exceptional work

    • Excellent experience in designing/developing cutting-edge creatives (such as marketing campaigns, apps, and websites), with an emphasis on innovation and best practice user experience.

      Somebody with strong conceptual/strategic thinking experience in the production and execution of digital marketing campaigns.

      If you are an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and then familiar with HTML5, CSS3, oh boy, you are way ahead of the curve!

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