ultimate YouTube marketing guide

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The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide

Are you using YouTube for your personal and business marketing or branding?

Did you know that after Facebook, YouTube is the most popular global social media platform with its 2 billion monthly active users?

Since YouTube is the second-biggest social media platform in the world and the second-largest search engine after Google that owns it, you get where we're going with this?

You agree too that YouTube should be part of your overall marketing and branding strategies because of its HUGE reach and immense possibilities.

The reach and possibilities mean that your brand or small business can use the platform to increase awareness and also drive killer traffic to your website.

If you implement the well-researched and actionable YouTube strategies outlined here correctly and consistently, you will skyrocket your reach, boost engagement, and generate more leads and sales

However, YouTube marketing is different from other social channels marketing.

Having said that:

Since it is different from other social media channels, you will benefit from the tips, tricks, and hacks uncovered here.

This article will highlight the importance of YouTube marketing for individuals and small businesses.

You will learn how to build your YouTube channel from the ground up.

It has been carefully put together so that beginners and advanced YouTube marketers will benefit from the advanced marketing strategies uncovered.

Above all, you will understand how to promote and monetize your YouTube channel and much more.

Let’s dive deep in.

Table Of Content

#1. What Is Youtube Marketing?

#2. Use YouTube For Personal Branding.

#3. Why You Should Market Your Small Business On YouTube.

#4. Types Of YouTube Videos.

#5. How To Set Up A YouTube Channel. 

#6. How To Optimize YouTube Channel.

#7. How To Promote Your YouTube Channel.

#8. YouTube Monetization And Advertisements.

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#1. What Is YouTube Marketing

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what is YouTube marketing

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YouTube Marketing is the practice of promoting products, services, personal or businesses brands on YouTube’s platform by uploading valuable videos on a personal or on a company’s YouTube channel or using YouTube ads.

#2. Use YouTube For Personal Branding

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A “Personal Brand” is the objective, where “Personal Branding” is the process and strategy by which to achieve the objective. 

You establish a personal brand through the process, and strategy, of personal branding.

A personal brand is a widely recognized and largely uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large”. 

“Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact”. Source: Persnoalbrand.

In other words, a personal brand is how your audience sees you.

While personal branding is the process of communicating and showing off your value to the world. 

Your branding differentiates you from other people.

Many savvy marketers marry their branding in with their business in ways no corporate branding can succeed.

Back in the day before the internet, your brand was just your business card.

And most people didn't know you unless you were a movie star or somebody whose face was seen or heard in advertising, few people would have heard of you. 

Fast-forward to the social media age.

In today’s highly public world, where every little move you make is discussed at length on social media, you are not so anonymous.


Why Would You Want A Personal Brand?

personal brand

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If you're a professional, you want a personal brand.

It is simply how you package yourself to your target audience including your current and potential clients.

Taking an active role in your brand ensures that people see you the way you want to be seen, and not the way they think you should be seen.

You need a personal brand because it allows you to showcase your strengths and your passions in the most flattering ways.

Done well, it helps people believe that they know you better, even though they never met you.

People highly trust those that they feel they know including public figures they have never met personally.

Personal branding benefits you because if people believe and trust you, they will do business with you.

You can even sell them snake oil (am not encouraging that) and they will buy it from you with a big smile.


How do you brand yourself on social media so that your content stands out in the noisy and overcrowded online sphere?

Without a doubt, YouTube is the best platform for developing your brand. 

How To Use YouTube For Personal Branding

Do you know how to use the YouTube channel to create a personal brand?

Let's run through a few actionable strategies that would make your YouTube marketing a success.

However, we will learn how to set up your YouTube channel in Lesson 5.

1. What Are You Bringing To The Table?

What is it that you are passionate about?

What is about you that you are just dying to tell the whole about?

Who are you?

These questions and more are what you will use your YouTube channel to answer.

As you answer these questions during the different episodes of your show, you want to be sure that your YouTube show aligns with your professional and personal goals.

YouTube provides you with a channel to showcase why your the expert at what you do.

If you're using the platform for personal branding, promote yourself and not your business.

That means that the emphasis is on showing your personality and making sure that all your viewers know your name.

2. Create A Stunning Profile

A stunning YouTube profile

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Before you create your profile, choose the name, preferably your name.

Since this is personal branding we’re talking about, it’s okay to use your name.

If you want to be creative, you may also come up with a memorable stage name as part of your brand.

Lavendaire is a nice example of that.

Don’t forget to write an optimized bio!

In the bio section, promote your brand by sharing links to your website and social media networks.

Also, let the world know why you've created your YouTube channel.

3. Find And Stick To Your Niche And Style

With over 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute, as of May 2019, it's no longer enough just to make a great video.

A niche makes it easy for your channel to be found so that you can monetize it.

A niche makes it easy for you to do the things you're passionate about, but it also makes it easy to get the views you need.

The perfect niche will be something that your audience is already looking for, not ridiculously competitive, and which still allows you to demonstrate your passion and knowledge.


Finding your perfect niche takes lots of creativity, self-awareness, directed intention, and a good deal of thought.

That's a lot.

Therefore, plan on spending a lot of time on this, to get it right the first time.

On the other hand, you can try an influencer marketing platform like InflueNex.

They will help you find your niche and you can also use the platform to learn more about the niche of your similar channels.

Posting random videos is not personal branding.

You have to be very focused and sharing videos of value for the viewers consistently!

4. Brand Your YouTube Channel

brand YouTube channel

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Why should you create a brand for your channel?

Branding can establish your channel's identity and attract viewers -- and help bring them back for more.

There are mainly 4 visuals you need to get right.

These are the profile image, banner, thumbnail, and end card.

Of all those visuals, a thumbnail is probably the most important image on your YouTube channel.

A great-looking thumbnail gets tons of people to click on your video and watch it.

Put the time and emphasis on getting your thumbnail right.

For best results, the background image for your YouTube thumbnail should be 1280 by 720 pixels.

Brand the channel all over the place! Your style and speech, the thumbnails and the intro, everything is part of the brand.

5. Keep Producing And Sharing YouTube Video

Consistent video uploads at familiar times bring your viewers back for more.

No matter the kinds of videos you produce, choose content that you can develop and create regularly.

Constantly look for ways to streamline your production workflow.

Set up a small video studio so that you can shoot your videos when you're ready.

Since you want to brand yourself using YouTube, you need to share tons of YouTube videos.

The more you share, the more subscribers you get, comments, and shares.

Besides, you’ll attract a devoted audience that will count on you for valuable content.

Finally, you’ll turn yourself into an authority.

Personal branding is a continuous process and takes a lot of dedicated work.

YouTube is a challenging platform, but it gives tons of value in return.

Try it!

#3. Why You Should Market Your Small Business On YouTube

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YouTube has become an indispensable advertising and marketing platform for businesses of every size and industry.

Small businesses use it to promote their products or services to their target audience.

Here are quick reasons why you should market your business on YouTube:

  • YouTube marketing makes sense for just about any kind of business.
  • YouTube is the second most popular online search engine after Google.
  • Video is the most engaging form of content on social media.
  • YouTube ads are cheaper than Google ads.

Here are other benefits of marketing with YouTube:

YouTube Marketing Helps You Generate High Traffic

According to Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing 2018, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Now, that's up from 63% from the previous year.

As you can see, Video is not just a trend, it has become an important part of your overall marketing strategy of small businesses going forward.

Videos are HUGE right now.

YouTube video alternatives

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Videos are dominating the world of social media marketing.

That means that if you're not using videos in your marketing, you're almost certainly losing out to your competitors.

1. YouTube Videos Boost Search Engine Rankings

Since YouTube is owned by Google and is the second most commonly-used search engine after Google, you want to have this search advantage.

Building an optimized video marketing strategy around this platform yields great SEO results.

study done by Cisco in 2017, projects that video will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2021.

As you develop your YouTube channel, you further establish credibility in your industry and boost your brand awareness.

Using the right marketing strategies can help you drive a lot of traffic to the videos on your YouTube channel and, in turn, to your website.

2. Gain ROI By Multiple Channel Video Marketing

The main reason you're using video to market your business is because you want to see great ROI.

If you want to use videos to boost your ROI, that's great.

And that's because you're not by yourself.

Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing 2018 survey, found that 78% of marketers say that videos give them a good ROI.

A multiple-channel video marketing is even better.

Besides YouTube, many other video hosting platforms are pretty good.

They include VimeoMetacafe, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Veoh.

Videos are HUGE on social media too.

You can stream your videos on Periscope and Facebook Live, IGTV, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories.

Social media marketing and management are changing the video landscape.

By maintaining a solid presence and using other video channels like TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn to complement and support your YouTube content, you can skyrocket your ROI.

4. Use YouTube To Reach Global Audiences

YouTube is an international sensation, reaching countries around the globe. It is accessible anywhere, on every device.

It is available in 76 different languages and 88 countries.

According to Research from App Annie, YouTube is the top app on Android and iOS based on peak time spent in a month, average monthly time spent, and peak monthly active users in a month.

How do you use YouTube to reach a global audience?

Tailor your content to a global audience

That means understanding different cultures and creating content that people from different countries would enjoy watching.

Use the YouTube Analytics Demographics report to find out the countries you get the most traffic from.

Then, use Google Trends to explore trending topics in those countries.


Go to work and create evergreen content on popular topics to attract viewers from other countries.

Provide an engaging viewing experience

Provide an engaging, entertaining, and memorable viewing experience to attract more global viewers.

For non-English speaking viewers, use translated subtitles, closed captions, titles, and metadata.

You could also partner with people that speak the native language from other countries to establish your presence.

By making it easier for international viewers to watch your videos, you can grow your watch time and share rates.

One last benefit.

According to Brandwatch, “among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watched across devices,” but they also see that only “9% of U.S small businesses use Youtube.”

You’ll have less industry competition here than any other platform, giving you an edge.

#4. Types Of YouTube Videos 

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YouTube format types

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So, now that you know how YouTube marketing benefits your brand or small business, the question is, what types of videos would meet your goals?

You will benefit by using a variety of videos so that you can keep your audience entertained and coming back for more.

Additionally, it’s worth experimenting with different types of videos early on your YouTube video marketing journey so you can understand which ones work best and which ones don’t.

Having said that:

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

YouTube Product Reviews

YouTube video is an awesome way to showcase your products or services.

Product reviews videos are the most-watched type of video on YouTube.

Reviewing a popular product can draw a lot of new subscribers to your channel who otherwise might not have found your channel.

However, reviewing a product that nobody has heard of will not.

Importantly, by placing affiliate links in your video description, you can drive traffic from your channel to an affiliate landing page.

By making a sale, you receive a percentage of whatever your subscribers buy.

YouTube How-To Videos

How-to videos are videos that explain why you need a particular product or service and how to use it.

For instance, if your brand makes a social media management app, you could create how-to videos showing your viewers how to get started with Twitter marketing.

You can also make a video on how to grow your Facebook following.

The opportunities are endless.

YouTube Explainer Videos

A great explainer video shows “why” you should use a product or service as well as the “how” to use it.

It explains a company’s brand, product, or service.

Indeed, explainer videos are often used as external marketing videos but your brand can also create internal explainer videos to share within your company.

These kinds of videos are so popular that 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Take a look at this explainer video by Freighty, with just a few seconds, they're able to explain to the viewer why and how their product can make you a better writer.

YouTube Interviews

By interviewing experts and influencers from your niche who are on your YouTube channel, you attract new viewers.

And since these influencers have more followers than you, they help drive traffic to your website when they promote you on their channel.

That means more visibility and reach for your brand. More visibility can mean more followers for you, and more people interested in your products or services.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

As the name implies, behind-the-scenes videos can be compared to being let in on a secret no one else knows.

For real, who wouldn’t want that?

With great storytelling, you can reveal your company culture to your viewers.

By revealing your company culture through videos, you offer an enticing experience, pulling back the curtain on your business to allow your target audience to build a connection with your brand.

The video allows viewers to put faces to the names of your team.

You let your audience see the design of your office, how you dress for work, the different personalities that work for you, and how your team interacts with each other.

You can get creative by creating different types of cultural videos.

And by so doing, you let your viewers see your office pranks, brainstorming sessions, or after-work events with your team or customers.

Don't get carried away though.

Keep in mind that no matter which route you go, that the goal is to demonstrate the character of your team and the environment of your workplace.

An awesome example of a company culture video comes from Netflix - Freedom And Responsibility.

Their Netflix Work Environment, is an excellent example of a company culture video done right.

Take a view here:

#5. How To Set Up A YouTube Channel 

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You can create a Youtube channel without a Google account.

But we will use a Google account.

Step 1 - Create A Google Account

1. Go to the Google account signup page.

You can choose to create a new Gmail address for your account, or use an existing email address.

Google account signup

2. Enter your details and click Next.

2. Create A YouTube Channel Account

Since Google owns YouTube, your Google account gives you access to a personal YouTube account.

However, for you to create a YouTube account for your business, you will need to set up a brand account.

But why wouldn't you use your personal YouTube account for your business account?

Well, here are the drawbacks.

With your personal YouTube account, you will have the same name as your Google account.

That’s not ideal.

The ideal situation is to create a YouTube brand account.

With a brand account, other team members will have access to your account.

Here’s how to create a YouTube brand account.

1. Log into YouTube using your Gmail account details.

2. Go to your YouTube channels page.

If you don't have a YouTube channel, you’ll only see your account.

But if you already have an existing brand channel, you’ll see it as well.

To create a new brand channel, click Create a new channel.

create a YouTube channel

3. Enter your brand name and click Create.

create a brand YouTube name

Visit your channels page and you’ll see your account and your brand account.

YouTube TV channels

One of the advantages of having a brand account is that it gives you access to YouTube analytics.

And with YouTube analytics, you get great insights into who’s watching your videos and what kind of content they are consuming.

3. Verify Your YouTube Account

Here is why a verified account helps in branding your channel.

With a verified account, you will be able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

You will also be able to upload custom thumbnails.

We will talk about thumbnails later in this article because it is an important part of branding.

To verify your YouTube account, click verify your account.

Verify YouTube account

Choose your country and how you want to verify your account.

Submit and Google will send you a verification code.

A few seconds after you submit the code that Google sends you you get:

"Congratulations! Your YouTube account is now verified".

While we are on the subject of verification, let's talk about how to get a verification badge.

A verification badge is similar to the tick marks you see on verified Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

This is the tick mark that appears next to your channel’s name on YouTube.

It makes your channel and brand look more credible. 

Here are the qualifying factors from YouTube creators.

"Authentic: Your channel must represent the real creator, brand, or entity you’re claiming to be. We’ll look at a variety of factors to help verify your identity, and may also ask for additional info or documentation.

Complete: Your channel must be public and have a description, channel icon, and content, and be active on YouTube". Source

Though those are YouTube's verifying factors, some accounts have gotten the badge even before they reach that figure.

So, you can try to get YouTube's verification badge even if you have fewer subscribers.

#6. How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

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YouTube optimization simply means tweaking your video so that it stands out from the crowd.

That means creating a channel that Google and YouTube like so highly that your video is ranked high on their search results page.

However, although an increasing number of brands know the power of videos, video optimization is not as commonly practiced as website and content optimization.

We are going to change that right now.

Add Channel Art Or Banner

Channel art or banner refers to the piece of artwork that stretches across the top of the page.

Your channel banner should make a first good impression.

It is also prime real estate and should be used effectively to educate your viewers on what your channel is all about, how often you upload.

How To Add Or Change Channel Art

On a computer, (not notebook or smartphone) sign in to your YouTube account.

Click on your icon on the top-right menu.

Select My Channel.

Customize YouTube channel


Once YouTube saves your image, you'll see a preview of how the art will appear across different devices.

Clicking on the customize channel brings you to "upload your banner".

If you want to change your existing banner, hover your cursor over the existing banner on the top right end.

Click on the camera and upload an image or photo from your computer or saved photos.

On the other hand, you can click on the Gallery tab to choose an image from the YouTube photo library.

To make changes, select Adjust the crop.

Click Select.

Pro Tip From YouTube:

"Channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays — larger images may be cropped.

For the best results on all devices, we recommend uploading one 2560 x 1440 px image.

  • Minimum dimension for upload: 2048 x 1152 px.
  • Minimum safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 423 px. Larger images may get cropped on certain views or devices.
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px. At this width, the "safe area" is always visible regardless of screen size.
  • The areas to each side of the channel art are visible or cropped depending on the browser size.
  • File size: 6MB or smaller".

Netflix is a great example of a stunning YouTube banner.

Create A YouTube Playlist

What is a YouTube playlist?

A YouTube playlist is similar to a music playlist that you would create on your device or Spotify or Apple Music so that music plays in order automatically.

When one video finishes up, the next one in the queue comes on screen without the viewer taking any action.

And just like you can shuffle music playlists to keep your selection fresh, you can also shuffle YouTube playlists.

You can create your channel playlists, curate other people’s videos, or a combination of both.

Why YouTube Playlists Are Useful:

Longer watch times

How long viewers spend watching your videos is one of the ranking factors in YouTube’s algorithm.

In other words, the longer people stay around watching your videos, the higher you rank in YouTube search results.

Just like a music playlist, video playlists make it simply easy for your viewers to kick back and watch multiple videos in a row.

With playlists, you may see a boost in your watch time and YouTube search rankings.

Improved discoverability of your YouTube videos

Playlists, make it possible for your videos to appear multiple times in search results. For the playlist and the individual videos.

Since playlists appear in search results separately, you can target new keywords simply by creating a new playlist from your existing videos.

Create Your YouTube Playlists

Ready to create your YouTube playlists?

Go to your YouTube profile and click on Video Manager.

create YouTube playlists

Click on Video Manager, then click on Playlists.

Select New Playlist.

select new playlist

Give your playlist a name and hit Create.

give your playlist a name

You have just created your YouTube playlists!


Add Links & Contact Info To Your Profile

Adding social media links to your YouTube channel makes it easy to build your YouTube audience through each of your social media sites.

How to do it:

Login to your YouTube channel. Click on your YouTube username icon in the top right corner of the YouTube page.

Select the "Channel" option from the drop-down list.

Hover over your profile picture or icon.

edit links in youtube

Click on the camera icon on your profile picture.

A screen pops up.

Click edit.

When you finish editing, click "Save" and you're done.

Add A YouTube Channel Description

A YouTube channel description is the same as a “YouTube About Page”.

It is simply a brief description of the type of content you publish on your channel.

Your channel's description appears on your Channel Page and in YouTube’s search results.

A well-written YouTube channel description convinces your viewers why they should watch your videos and subscribe to your channels.

That's your opportunity to showcase the background of your business effectively, in a way you might not be able to do in a featured video.

Your channel description should explain what your business is, and what you can offer users on your YouTube channel.

You can add a channel description in the same place you add the email address and links in the above section.

A well-crafted and optimized channel description would rank high in YouTube searches.

As you write your description think of words that people would type into YouTube to find your channel.

Make sure you don't stuff but sprinkle those keywords into your channel description.

An excellent example is The Backlinko YouTube Channel.

Backlinko uses different search terms that people would use to find channels related to SEO and content marketing.

End your description with a clear call-to-action to subscribe. This encourages people to subscribe while they are on your page

Create/Add A Featured Video

A featured or default video plays automatically whenever a viewer lands on your page.

In selecting a featured video for your channel, you want to select the best video that you want your customers to see first.

Some marketers choose their most recent video that contains important company updates, while others feature a video with a welcome message, such as one from the company president.

If you've just started your YouTube channel, you will wait till you upload some videos before you can feature your best video.

If you already have plenty of videos and you want to feature one, watch this video then.

How To Upload A Video To YouTube

  1. I would assume by following along up to this point, you are eager and ready to start uploading videos
  2. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  3. In the top right-hand corner, click CREATE 
  4. Upload the video.
  5. Select the file you’d like to upload.
upload YouTube video

It is important to note that you can upload up to 15 videos at a time. 

Just be sure you edit the video details of each video you upload.

If you close the upload experience before you finish choosing your settings, your video will be saved as a draft on your Videos page.

#7. How To Rank Your YouTube Videos

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Get this:

billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube. YouTube users comprise almost a third of the internet.

If you're into video marketing, promoting your YouTube videos is not an option.

But how do you cut through the daily noise and become the purple cow of your niche with your videos?

To gain more subscribers and video views, you need a solid YouTube SEO strategy to get your videos ahead of the curve.

With YouTube being the second search engine after Google, your YouTube promotions can amplify your other marketing efforts.

That means that your online reach on YouTube can drive killer traffic to your website and even help you reach a bigger social media audience through shares, and more.

Having said that:

Here are ways to promote your channel so that you get more subscribers and viewers: 

#1. Perform YouTube Keywords Research

Optimizing your YouTube videos so that they are easily found in Google or YouTube search results start with video keyword research.

So YouTube SEO shares many of the same strategies as on-page optimization.

Here’s exactly how to find the right keywords for your YouTube videos:

Use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature to generate keyword ideas.

The idea is to let YouTube suggest to you the keywords or keyphrases that viewers search for when they're looking for videos to watch.

This is how to do it.

Go to your YouTube channel and type in a word or phrase.

Let's type in affiliate marketing.

YouTube returns a bunch of keywords related to affiliate marketing:

YouTube keywords research

Another solid way that you can find keywords to use for optimizing your video is to go to a popular video in your niche.

Copy the same keywords that the video is optimized around.

For instance, check out the keywords that the video uses in its title, description, and video tags.

Perform your keyword research for Google and specifically for YouTube.

That helps you rank as best you can on both search engines thereby increasing view significantly.

  • Make sure to add the highest-ranking keywords to the title.
  • Sprinkle your keywords in the video description.
  • Use effective tags for your videos, so they will rank high in search engines.

#2. Publish a High-Retention Video

If you want your videos to rank high in search engine results, you need to keep people watching.

That means publishing great videos that draw viewers to help boost your ranking in the YouTube search engine.

“Audience Retention” is an important video ranking factor. It refers to the average percent of a video that people watch.

For instance, if you have a 4-minute video on YouTube and people watch an average of only 2 minutes, that’s a 50% audience retention rate.

So to rank high on YouTube, you will need to produce engaging videos that keep your viewers watching for longer periods.

But how do you produce killer videos that will hold the attention of your viewers for a long time?

Capture the attention of your viewer right from the start by giving a summary of the video’s content at the beginning of each video.

In finding out how viewers consume video content, Facebook’s data analysis for 2016, showed that people who watch the first 3 seconds of any video will continue watching it for at least 30 seconds.

Know the audience you're making the video for and go straight to the main content of your video without a long introduction.

Present a summary preview at the beginning, go straight to the meat of your topic, highlight your main points throughout the video.

That strategy improves your audience retention rates on YouTube.

Make sure to encourage your viewers to comment on your video.

And when they comment, reply to their comments.

Keep in mind that just as long-form articles in Google outperform shorter ones, longer videos rank better.

#3. Create Custom Thumbnails

Creating your custom thumbnails is important, perhaps even more than the titles of your videos.

That’s because our brains are wonderfully designed to notice visuals first.

MIT study found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds.

So, you see where we're going with thumbnails.

Thumbnails can determine whether a viewer clicks to watch your video or not.

To boost views, create an eye-catching custom thumbnail for every video you post.

Thumbnails size

Google recommends that your image should be 1280 x 720 pixels, with a minimum width of 640 pixels.

Does the thumbnail size shock you?

The thumbnail is small when showing up in searches but expands to a full video’s size when it shows up as a suggestion for the next video watch.

For this reason, you want a larger image size that can be scaled down, instead of a small size that will be scaled up

Format: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG

Size: respect the 2MB limit.

Be consistent with branding.

Watch how to add a YouTube custom video thumbnail.

#4. Fill Out Your Profile

A well-written and compelling profile is one of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube channel.

It boosts your SEO too.

Be consistent. Use the same branding used on your website and other social media channels.

Optimize your YouTube channel description. Sprinkle a few keywords in your channel description.

I said "sprinkle' and not 'stuff'.

Keep viewers coming back for more. Post your schedule of posting on your channel so that viewers know when to come back for more videos.

Make sure you stick to your schedule.

Include contact info. Make it easy for your viewers to contact you.

#5. Optimize Your Descriptions

YouTube uses your descriptions as well as your video title and tags to understand the video content and context.

In other words, a well-optimized description skyrockets your video’s rankings in YouTube search.

Make sure that the first sentence of your description contains your keywords.

Optimize your description for CTR by making sure that 2-3 sentences that appear in your description contain your keywords.

It is important that your descriptions for any of your videos are original and not duplicate content.

Promote Your YouTube Videos

No matter the quality of video you produce, you still need to promote it in other to gain traction and tons of viewership.

By increasing your viewership, you help your videos rank better in the YouTube search engine.

Here are some tips for promoting your YouTube videos to increase viewership:

Social media channels: Promote your video across your other social media networks.

For instance, mention your new videos in your tweets and status updates.

Link or embed your videos in your messages.

You can embed your YouTube videos on Facebook but not Twitter.

Share your video with your email subscribers.

Link your YouTube videos to your blog.

When Is The Best Time To Post Your Youtube Videos?

best times to post YouTube videos

#8. YouTube Monetization And Advertisements

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You have seen those ads that pop up when you want to watch some YouTube videos.

It means that channel where that ad appears is monetized.

In other words, YouTube pays the owner of the channel for showing the ad and the owner of the ad pays YouTube.

For most businesses, monetizing your channel is not a good move. Here are the reasons:

If you're building a brand, ads can drive away your viewers.

When viewers lose interest in your video they click on a competitor’s video instead.

How To Monetize YouTube

If after all the reasons I said that you should not monetize your YouTube channel and you insist that monetization is the right choice for your business, here’s how to monetize YouTube videos.

Go to YouTube.

YouTube monetization

Click on Studio. If you just created your channel, this is what you'll get:

YouTube monetization requirement

Here are YouTube requirements to qualify for their partner program:

1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel

4,000 Watch Time hours on your videos over the last 12 months.

To comply with all YouTube's policies and guidelines.

Get an AdSense account set up.

It takes about a month to get a response from YouTube. It is a manual process because actual humans review your channel.

It can take even days.

But if it takes more than a month, that is not good news.

A longer time means that the channel has been placed in further review.

To learn more about YouTube monetization requirements click here.

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