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Social Media Management Tools That Help Your Business Grow

Are you ready to choose the right social media management tools that fit your marketing goals and also help you stay ahead of the curve and on top of all your social media marketing tasks?

Do you have the time to keep juggling social media management tasks to the detriment of your core business?

Are you in need of an auto social media scheduling tool with engagement features, metrics, analytic, and bells and whistles?


Have said that:

With tons of free social media management and enterprise apps on the internet, how do you choose the best tools that would meet your marketing goals and propel your brand as the authority in your niche?

In this article that deals mainly with social media management tools, we will learn the following:

Table Of Contents

1. What To Consider When Choosing A Social Media Management App

2. Free Social Media Management Tools

3. Social Media Management Apps For Small Businesses

4. Enterprise Social Media Management Apps

5. Social Media Sharing Tools For Teams

6. Other Important Social Media Tools

social media management tools

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To choose effective social media management tools that meet your marketing goals, you would need to put those goals in writing.

In other words, what do you intend with your social media investment? The answer to that question will help you discover the best tools for the tasks involved in achieving success.

After you’ve put in writing what you are trying to accomplish, there are other factors you need to consider.

#1. What To Consider When Choosing Your Social Media Management Tools

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Choosing the right social media management app is not an easy feat. That's because there are many deciding features of a social media app to consider before choosing one.

For instance, if you work with a team, you need to consider how your team likes to work and collaborate as well as the budget and working hours of your team.

In such a situation, you would need a social media platform that is designed for team members.

The most basic function of social media management software is one that makes it easy for your social media manager to connect your relevant multiple social media accounts.

From that dashboard, you can post content, manage, monitor, and analyze engagements.

Many of these online applications make it easy to have real-time and automated postings to different social media networks at the same time.

For instance, with one click, you can schedule the same post to go to different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

After the post, some of these management platforms allow you to keep track of what your audience and your competition are saying.

Not only that, but some of these tools allow you to evaluate the interests of your audience.

The number of social media management tools can leave the beginner and even the more advanced user overwhelmed.

Moreover, other important tools complement social media management apps.

Though these tools might not be closely related to social media management, if used effectively would complement your social media efforts, boost your brand awareness and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

But here is the deal:

Go through the sections and then choose the social media management tools that fit your needs and give them a whirl.

We’ll start with the FREE social media management tools.

#2. Free Social Media Management Tools

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social media management tools

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Hootsuite was launched in 2008 by Invoke Media and since then it has become one of the most popular and impressive social media management platforms with great features.

Probably one of the most compelling reasons to use Hootsuite is that it allows you to manage so many different social networks.

Hootsuite currently allows you to manage: TwitterFacebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Instagram, WordPress blogs, Vimeo, Tumblr, Evernote, Flickr, MailChimp, Slideshare, Storify (through 3rd party apps), and much more!

It makes it easy to track and manage your many social network channels as well as monitor what people are saying about your brand so that you can respond instantly.

Hootsuite makes it easy for you to view streams from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can schedule updates or reply directly from the platform.

Hootsuite free plan has decently robust features with the ability to:

  • Manage 3 social profiles in one place.
  • Schedule 30 posts in advance.
  • Generate leads to social contests.

The free plan allows you to get basic analytics for tracking followers and various growth and content statistics.

 You also get two RSS feed integrations.


#2: Buffer

Buffer is similar to Hootsuite.

It's a scheduling social media tool that keeps your social media profiles up-to-date without you posting all the time.

Buffer allows you to connect multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You set a publishing schedule for your posts, then add a queue of other content to post.

Then Buffer takes over.

It shares your posts and keeps track of how your content is performing automatically.

After you sign up add your social profiles. Then you can start posting to any of your social media accounts account or all of them together.

You can cross-post to any or all of your other accounts—just tap multiple account icons—which makes coming up with enough to post across the web even easier.

With a Buffer Chrome extension, you can easily schedule content while browsing the web.

Buffer also suggests the perfect moments to post based on follower activity – pretty neat huh!

Though Buffer has a variety of paid options for larger organizations and agencies, their free plan may just be perfect for your social media management needs.

This is what you get with their FREE plan:

You will be able to manage three social profiles as well as schedule up to ten posts.

You can also use their browser extensions and mobile apps (iOS and Android) feature.

It also allows you to create and schedule content using their image creator and GIF/video uploader as well as shorten and track URL links.

#3: TweetDeck

TweetDeck, owned by Twitter, is widely used by individuals, organizations, and even large corporations to manage and organize an unlimited number of Twitter accounts and monitor hundreds of Twitter lists, Twitter searches, hashtags, and more.

social media management tool - tweetdeck

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It lets you organize various aspects of Twitter into multiple columns that you can view at once, so you can see tweets from people you follow, notifications, direct messages, trends, and more all in one horizontal view

If you’re a Twitter bird, and a news junkie, TweetDeck will allow you to use its custom timelines, to create and manage Twitter lists and searches.

One of its cool features is that it allows you to add team accounts. It is free for use only on your Twitter accounts.

Though many marketers may dismiss its impact because it is not the social media management app they are searching for, it is the perfect tool for social marketers managing multiple Twitter accounts.

More importantly where these live conversations are vital for meeting your brand’s marketing goals.

To get started, sign up at the TweetDeck website.

TweetDeck can be set to post scheduled tweets, build Tweet lists, and more.

All you need to do is go to their website and sign in using your Twitter details.

#4: SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool that automates tasks across multiple channels.

These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Its features include content management, keyword filtering, and post scheduling.

Another awesome feature is that it helps in keeping your DM Twitter Inbox clean. This, in turn, makes it easy to increase followers.

You’d love the variety of unique features the platform offers for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest management.

While SocialOomph does indeed have a free plan, the features are limited and favor Twitter management.

The free plan let's you schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URLs, and manage up to five Twitter accounts.

In addition to the Free Plan, the app offers Advanced Suite, Professional Suite, and a Business Suite.

The main differences between the plans are the number of social media profiles, blogs, and queues.

With the premium features, you get unlimited scheduled posts.

However, if you want their robust and more sophisticated features, you will need a paid plan.

#5: Followerwonk

social media management tool - followermonk

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Followerwonk is a tool for Twitter analytics, bio search, and more.

If Twitter is your primary social media channel for growing your brand, then you’ll fall in love with Followerwonk.

This social media management tool comes loaded with a variety of features in analytics.

These features help you know everything that you want to know about your audience.

Such information could include their location and the hours that they are most active on Twitter.

So you can appreciate why the best use of Followerwonk is on topics like Audience Targeting, Content Creation, Content Promotion, and Analysis.

One of its great features is that it makes it easy for you to target your posts and increase their impact.

If you love research, this is your tool. With it, you can dig deep into the Twitter analytics of your followers.

You pierce into their bios and compare various accounts to find the most relevant influencers.

You can also use it to analyze your current followers.

And you can break it down by location, bio, accounts they follow, and more.

Then you can use the insight gained from the data and contrast relationships with competitors.

The result is that you will be able to improve the quality of your social content by matching your tasks with gains and losses of followers.

The free account does come with several limitations.

Still, you’ll be able to connect one social media profile, view authority rankings, and see followers and their locations.

Not only that, but you can also see that your followers are active.

#6: Zoho Social

Zoho Social, “is a complete social media management platform for businesses and agencies.

It is used to manage multiple social channels, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords, and collaborate with your team—all from a single dashboard”.

A review by  review said this about Zoho Social:

“ZOHO Social is a smart tool that helps businesses grow their presence on social media by reaching the right audience at the right time.

It allows tracking revenue from social media marketing efforts and managing multiple social networks, monitoring keywords, scheduling unlimited posts, and team collaboration from a single dashboard.

It works great with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram and can also be integrated with ZOHO CRM.

It allows businesses to publish relevant content when the audience is most likely to see it through its prediction engine.

Businesses can listen and engage with their audience in real-time and be updated about what customers are talking about them.

The ready-made or custom reporting tools provide businesses with insightful information to help measure and improve performance.

Reports can also be shared and discussed with team members to ensure effective collaboration and decisions”.

social media management tool - zoho

#3. Social Media Management Apps For Brands

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#1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008.

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media platform.

As one of the first and most popular social media management tools, it makes it a breeze for you to manage your content on multiple social media channels.

More than that, you can listen to conversations and analyze your results all from this one dashboard.

Hootsuite is great for managing multiple social media networks.

It comes loaded with tons of features some of which come with the free plan and all of which are for their respective paid plans.

After you sign up, all you need to get started is to add your social media channels by authorizing Hootsuite to access your accounts.

The most potent part of Hootsuite is its Analytics.

This app makes it easy for you to create dynamic reports. 

One of those reports could be to compare your activities between your social media accounts to get an overview of how you’re meeting your business goals.

#2. Buffer App

social media management app - buffer

Buffer as a social media scheduling application is known by many marketers.

It makes it simply easy to share content.

If automation is your thing, you can use Buffer to automatically schedule the distribution of content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The way Buffer does this is that it posts randomly at optimal times throughout the day.

In other words, you can just load your content to the queue and the app takes it from there - posting your content at optimal times and as frequently as you want.

Buffer also gives you Analytics about each post which lets you quickly see what ideas are working and what aren’t.

It has a free plan and a paid plan.

With the free plan, you are restricted to one social profile for each platform.

#. 3 IFTTT

IFTTT, is based in San Francisco and was founded by Tibbets and Jesse Tane in 2010 and was officially launched in 2011.

IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That. The genius of the platform is that it allows you to create custom triggers to automate your social media workflows.

Using IFTTT you create what they refer to as a website.

You can create recipes to control your social media automation.

It is a social media automation tool that gives you full control over everything.

In a nutshell, IFTTT connects two social networks and lets you create formulas (known as recipes) using ‘if this then that’ logic.

For example, you might create something like this: if I post to Facebook then post the same update to Twitter.

There are tons of recipes already available on the IFTTT website so you don’t necessarily have to create a recipe.

IFTTT is not just for social media channels but it works with tons of other apps and tools too.

The beauty of IFTTT is that you can work with multiple apps and multiple social media channels.

With it, you can easily automate your entire business and social networking.

Do you know how to get started with IFTTT?

Don’t worry, Moz social media automation will help you with it, and here are a few ready-to-use IFTTT social media automation recipes.

social media management tool - IFTTT

So first you need to do is to choose the channels which you want to use.

The number of channels available in IFTTT is 276.

After choosing the channel you need to activate it simply meaning that connecting your account to IFTTT.

After that, you can create as many recipes as you want.

Like, if I get a new follower on Twitter, then shoot me an email (If This Then That).

#4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a robust social media management tool for small businesses. It has incredible content management, social listening, analytics, and post-scheduling tools.

Besides, it has the right number of users to let many team members access the platform.

Sprout makes social media management easy with an intuitive workflow and the ability to manually set post times.

Alternatively, you can choose to let the platform’s algorithm optimize your post time for maximum visibility.

You can manage content for all the major social media networks and visualize posts with a social media calendar.

And with its Smart Inbox, it is a breeze to view all your messages in a single, filterable inbox.

You can also monitor keywords and hashtags to see conversations relevant to your brand.

Sprout Social has advanced reporting tools, including competitor analysis.

As an advanced and premium social media management tool, Sprout Social offers more premium reporting so you can benchmark performance against competitors.

This is a social media management app for businesses that already have a strong social media presence and want to take their marketing to the next level.

For teams or agencies managing multiple social media channels, it is an amazing collaboration tool to help teams stay organized and aligned.

#5 Agora Pulse

social media management  tool - Agora Pulse

Agorapulse combines social media management and CRM into one platform. 

It is popularly known for its all-in-one approach. It has in one suite, Social Media publishing, monitoring, statistics, and contests.

Its inbox-like design helps you to manage Social Media activities in the same way that you manage your email inbox.

The inbox workflow makes it exceedingly easy to get through all your comments, mentions, and messages pretty quickly.

Agorapulse integrates with all of the big social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

#6. Raven Tools

Raven's social media management tools are not like your standard social media management or monitoring platform.

That is because it also includes SEO and advertising components.

Within Raven’s dashboard, you can measure and analyze these individual components.

In fact, with Raven, you get over 30 marketing tools, including SEO, social media, content marketing, and pay-per-click tools.

It's a top-notch app for customizing your reports.

It allows for team collaboration, analytics. Raven integrates with many third-party tools.

#7. Sendible

Sendible is a fully integrated social media management and analytics application for business-level deployment.

It helps you take real-time control of multiple account streams from many leading social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – all within a single dashboard.

With it, you can easily compose and syndicate posts to spread a consistent message among followers, while tracking corporate engagement.

Sendible gives you 20 integrations with the top social media networks, blogs, and social sharing platforms. Impressively, you can even hook it up to Slack.

Such integration makes communicating with other members of your content marketing team an absolute breeze.

Sendible is awesome for prioritizing social media responses and you can use it to gain automated insights into brand mentions across a wide range of sources.

With this amazing app, you can schedule social strategies and queue messages for optimal posting periods, rapidly rearranging content plans via an interactive team calendar.

It has robust user management features that encourage collaboration.

This template helps you delegate time-sensitive tasks, assign workflows, approve content, and share customers' profiles.

Furthermore, you also get marketing automation tools and social CRM to drive leads and target prospects for your business.

Moreover, you can get beautiful and well-detailed analytics reports that show how well your audience has been engaged with your social sites.

#4. Enterprise Social Media Management Apps

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You would agree with me that with hundreds or even thousands of social media accounts to manage and millions of social conversations to monitor, social media marketing has become increasingly overwhelming, complicated, and time-consuming.

Therefore, by automating your social media marketing with an ESMMS platform, you can improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity by providing the following benefits:

  • Structured workflow management.
  • Improved time management.
  • Cross-channel reporting capabilities in near real-time.
  • Permissions and compliance tools that allow customers to monitor and control all social media content and campaigns emanating from the enterprise.

But how does an enterprise decide whether they are ready for Enterprise Social Media Management Software?

Large organizations or Enterprises that are deciding whether to license an SMMS platform or to upgrade from their existing freemium platform need to first consider the following:

  • Are you managing multiple social media accounts and utilizing many social media channels?
  • Do you operate in a regulated industry, such as insurance or real estate, where a lack of compliance can result in legal or regulatory problems?
  • Are you reliant on a sales network of local dealers, agents, or franchisees that may be operating hundreds of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts not controlled by the corporate marketing department?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is an emphatic “yes,” then, it may be time to consider using an SMMS platform.

Here are some Enterprise Social Media Management Apps to consider:


Salesforce social media management app

Salesforce’s enterprise social media management tool empowers brands to create, approve and publish content across networks.

It helps larger brands create workspaces and configure permissions to the dashboard based on role or group to maintain brand consistency.

Social listening, data collection, engagement, and analytics are also part of the package.

And speaking of analytics, SalesForce Social Studio analyzes conversations from more than 650 million internet sources.

The analysis helps them to discover what customers are saying about the keywords, branding, and topics in which you’re interested.

Just like most social media management apps, it lets you publish posts across multiple social networks and run social media marketing campaigns.

With its integration across the SalesForce Customer Success Platform, marketing, support, and sales can all connect and interact with the target audience whether they are customers or prospects.

However, it does not support native video posting nor LinkedIn photo posts.

Additionally, it does not have support for Instagram support and native Facebook tagging.

It is prohibitively expensive for most individuals and small businesses.

Sprinklr Social Cloud

The Social Engagement tool by Sprinklr can be used to monitor and respond to the high volume of conversations that happen all the time across multiple social media channels.

It lets you separate message traffic into queues.

Additionally, you set workflows to route conversations to the right team members.

Moreover, you can tag messages using custom macros and rules and view conversation threads.

However, you unlock the awesome potential of the platform when you use it as part of the wider Sprinklr platform.

When used in such a holistic way, you can boost posts with advertising campaigns without leaving the platform.

Oracle Social Cloud

Oracle’s social cloud offers your enterprise a no-nonsense dashboard that enables your brand to monitor your social media channels, engage with your audience and automatically categorize actionable opportunities.

It develops all the information corresponding to the audience and the area in which you want to target through its segmentation tools.

It interprets the data collected efficiently and offers the possibility of sending information to other team members.

Oracle social cloud has integration with data banks so the results of each applied test can be sent to any member of the team.

However, there’s no scheduling functionality, but it does pretty much everything else an enterprise needs to optimize its social media activities.

This is a highly expensive cloud-based application.

Your Dashboard is not very customizable so some processes can be slow and tedious to perform.

The social engagement tool is slow on some occasions.

It should be noted that the Oracle social cloud interface can be a bit complicated to manage.


Spredfast social media management tool


Your team can use Spredfast to plan, collaborate, report, and surface insights from social media—in one platform.

The Spredfast social marketing platform is made up of three core products Conversations, Experiences, and Sparks.

It makes it easy for your team to listen in on conversations about your brand.

With the insight gained, it responds to the conversations appropriately and on time.

It uses data compiled from customized key metrics and comparative performance to better understand the business impact of successful campaigns

Other incredible features of Spredfast include audience targeting, post scheduling, campaign planning, analytics, and configurable workflows.


The Facelift app is all about listening, publishing, measuring, and inspiring.

According to their website:

“Facelift Cloud helps you take your social media marketing to the next level.

There are very good reasons why Forrester named Facelift the leading social media management tool provider.

Create and publish professional content in just a few clicks in collaboration with your team or external partners

Engage in professional social customer care and community management

At eye level with current and prospective customers:

Always know what people are saying about your company or the competition.

As a centralized social media monitoring hub, Facelift allows for cross-channel publishing, social micro-site deployment, and customer relationship management.

It also empowers marketers to launch social media advertising campaigns without leaving the platform.”

Lithium Social Media Management

Lithium is a comprehensive social media management tool.

It is great for increasing community engagement and for providing customer service through social.

Marketers use it for sharing and producing social media content.

Lithium covers three core areas:

Online Communities, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Analytics.

Additionally, it is also a solution for curating and displaying earned digital media through the Klout Perks product.

In other words, Lithium’s social management tool uses Klout metrics to publish content at the right time for the sake of engagement.

Moreover, it makes it ridiculously easy for brands to respond to comments in real-time across platforms, all from the same dashboard.

Having said that:

Lithium is also excellent as a customer support solution for socially active brands.


Sysmos social media management tool


Sysomos merges several modules to make up a full suite of social media monitoring and reporting tools.

Sysomos MAP - Media Analysis Platform - uses a customizable database to identify key influencers.

Not only that, but it also gets detailed geographic and demographic information on fans.

That insight helps it and determines the sentiment of conversations.

It can show real-time metrics on billions of social media conversations.

Sysomos also displays content displayed from blogs, social networks, Twitter, YouTube, wikis, message boards, video sharing sites, and news sources going back up to 2 years.

Sysomos MAP is also used for competitive analysis since it allows you to compare your reach. It helps you also to analyze the share of voice, your brand’s impact against different brands and topics.


Percolate is a content marketing platform with a social media management arm.

That arm makes it easy for brands to create content and optimize it for each network.

It also helps you align your content with other marketing initiatives, manage workflows and analyze the results.

Percolate provides the framework and insights you need to successfully execute your marketing strategy.

You can see all of your marketing activities in a single place. It makes it easy to work harmoniously and seamlessly across teams, regions, and channels.

It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your marketing is brand-safe, consistent, and high-quality around the world.

#5. Social Media Sharing Tools For Teams

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Social media management team

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These social media sharing tools for teams will help you manage the content people share on social media.

There are many tools that remote teams use to

coordinate the content of their team posts on social media.

When we talk of ‘sharing’ on the social media landscape, am sure your mind thinks content.

And rightly so.

#1. Employee Advocacy Tool - Smarp

If you’re one of those people dying to skyrocket the social shares of their epic content, then learning more, investing, and executing the awesome strategies in an employee advocacy tool like Smarp may just be the solution that the doctor ordered.

Smarp makes it amazingly easy to nudge employees to share your content, and also evergreen content, or curated third-party quality content that’s relevant to your niche.

If your employees are into personal branding and are active on multiple social media channels, passionately using social media to increase lead capture or catapult their personal brands’ reach, that means that they need content that is helpful, human, and holistic.

Smarp can help your team share the right content that benefits them and your brand. 

This amazing tool offers a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

#2: Anders Pink Helps You Streamline Content Distribution

Anders Pink is a content curation platform brought to you by Steve Rayson, the co-founder of BuzzSumo.

It is a content curation platform that lets you and your team set up “briefings” or content streams based on your topics that are popular and relevant to your niche. 

The Briefings are updated automatically with fresh content every few hours.

You can even create them using keywords and additional filters.

By doing so, you can get the latest content from specific sources, including websites, Twitter influencers, or RSS feeds.

You can set your Briefings private or public. Most importantly it has a free version.

However, if you want to discover, read and curate content on the go, Anders Pink has iOS and Android apps too.

The free plan gives you access to basic features. If you want to use Anders Pink with your team, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the team plans.

You can sign up with either your Twitter account or your email account.

#3. Simplify Social Sharing With Triberr

Social sharing with Triberr

Triberr helps you to reach more people & drive traffic by getting your content shared and recommended by hundreds of bloggers.

As a member of the “tribe,” you get other like-minded community members that support each other by discussing and sharing one another’s content.

This platform simplifies the social sharing and promotional tasks of your social media management.

You can create your tribe and invite others to join them.

The beauty of this arrangement is that the tribe members can connect their RSS feeds for automated content.

These content promotions yield a high volume of shares, assuming the tribe is highly engaged and vigilant about helping each other out.

Triberr’s free plan lets you create only three tribes and connect two blogs.

For additional features, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

#6. Other Important Social Media Tools Marketers Are Raving About

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In other to gain an unfair advantage over your competition, you would need to take advantage of these other tools:

Social Media Management

Sprout Social is probably first and foremost known as a one-stop-shop for managing and scheduling all of your social media accounts through one simple-to-use platform.

Agorapulse - For its price, it is far and away from the most feature-packed option on the market.

Buffer is a dead easy way to track the success of your marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite aims to provide an all-in-one platform for social media management across multiple sites.

Social Report offers an incredibly wide range of scheduling, reporting, and monitoring features that are powerful enough for established marketing teams and agencies.

But it is also user-friendly enough for small businesses and social media managers just getting off the ground.

SocialOomph helps you re-post content on Facebook and Twitter on an automated schedule. It’s one of the most powerful social media management tools on the market.

Quuu started as a “content suggestions tool”, where they handpicked content and automatically shared it to your social profiles based on a set of chosen categories.

Meet Edgar took the digital world by storm when it was one of the first social media management tools to popularize “evergreen sharing”.

Tailwind is a comprehensive tool to help you with your Pinterest marketing efforts. It’s an official partner of Pinterest.

SocialFlow helps you manage paid, owned, and earned social media campaigns in one place.

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools

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Getting grammar right is a necessity. That's because you want to get everything right to satisfy your audience, clients, or bosses. Here you go:

WhiteSmoke is a complete grammar checker for all devices. It merges with Mac, Windows, and all available browsers. You can get the mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

It includes a grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation checker, as well as a unique translation feature.

Grammarly: If you want to use Grammarly for basic grammar checking, the free version is the best value. It is a great app for documents, social media posts, and any other text.

Ginger corrects your text as you type. It corrects all types of grammatical mistakes including punctuation, sentence structure, and style.

Ginger keeps your emails, Google Docs, and social media posts error-free. Ginger Page is available for download in the Google Play Store, the App Store, the Amazon App store, for use with a PC and as a web extension.

Now that we're done with the grammar and proofreading, let's get back to other content marketing tools.

Canva will help you create beautiful designs for any platform, from social ads to Facebook cover photos to infographics.

Giphy - The GIF has replaced emojis as a completely normal form of communication, and, therefore, an acceptable way to present content.

Vidyard is a video hosting platform that was made for marketers.

SurveyMonkey is a leading survey creation platform.

MakeMyPersona is HubSpot’s nifty tool that will walk you through the process of creating your buyer persona.

Anchor is a free podcasting tool for beginners.

Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools

Image source

HubSpot Marketing, which starts free, has tons of lead generation that make it easy to capture, store, and nurture leads.

Socedo is an automated social media lead generation tool that works with Twitter and LinkedIn to help you find the right leads from social media and then add them to your sales funnel.

Intercom is another product with many components and uses cases. You can use their on-site messaging and chat feature to engage with on-site visitors and collect their information.

The Proof app helps you rev up your website's conversion rate using social proof, personalization, and A/B testing. 

Mailshake offers great solutions for email outreach. It helps you automate, personalize, and optimize your cold emails.

Qualaroo is an on-site polling tool that can not only collect user feedback (that can be used to improve any part of your product and marketing experience), but you can also collect leads using the tool. is a customer data platform that helps you collect and centralize all the data you have from different marketing tools. isn’t exactly a lead generation tool, but it helps you find and validate email addresses.

Hello Bar is a CTA and lead capture tool, but it’s got a very specific use case and user experience

Buyer Persona Tools

Xtensio is a free, robust tool that allows users to create a variety of shareable documents and presentations.

Make My Persona by Hubspot is Hubspot’s persona generator. It is a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the process of creating a useful client, customer, or user persona for your business.

Up Close and Persona is fun, easy-to-use, and full of information about personas along the way.

User Forge gives you more freedom to create your criteria than other persona generators.

Smaply gives you the tools to visualize customer experience by creating personas, stakeholder maps, and journey maps.

Security Tools

Security tools

Image source

ZeroFox - Focus your efforts knowing you’re protected from social media and digital risks to your brand reputation, customer engagement, and business presence online.

KeePass - KeePass is a necessity for many office settings. A simple password management system. KeePass allows users to access all of their accounts with one password.

Tor is just a tool to ensure privacy on the Internet.

Analytical Tools

Sprout Social - The platform digs deep to help brands track the KPIs of their campaigns.

Don’t forget Sprout’s advanced social listening features which are becoming increasingly important for brands today.

Awario specializes in tracking brand mentions and industry conversations across the web.

TapInfluence is an analytics platform that provides metrics such as reach, engagement rate, and the potential price tag behind any given influencer.

BuzzSumo is an awesome resource for analyzing the social engagement of any given piece of content.

Snaplytics focuses solely on analytics for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Curalate lets you use social content and audiences to sell more effectively online.

Make any social channel shoppable, leverage user-generated content (UGC), and activate influencers.

Keyhole provides a real-time performance analysis of the industry and campaign-specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Graphics Tools

Canva is the go-to tool for creating social graphics without hassle.

Piktochart makes the laborious process of creating infographics much smoother and simpler.

Snappa is a very simple, single-purpose app that enables you to create polished, shareable images as quickly as possible.

Word Swag makes it easy to create stylish social media graphics from the comfort of your smartphone.

Infogram is designed to make the infographic creation process more straightforward.

Monitoring And Sharing Tools

Monitoring and sharing tool

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Simply Measured is full-funnel social monitoring are next-level in terms of analytics.

Buzzsumo makes it easy for marketers to easily monitor the sort of blog posts, articles, and breaking news that followers want to see.

Reputology is all about monitoring and protecting your brand’s reputation.

Mention lives up to its namesake as well, providing an incredibly robust dashboard of (you guessed it!) social mentions.

Brandwatch not only does the legwork of tracking social mentions but also provides insight on how to respond to those mentions in real-time.

Google Alerts / Google Analytics package your mentions into a simple email synced to your existing Google account helps detect shout-outs that otherwise might go unnoticed.

News Curation Tools

Pocket is a great place to get into the habit of accruing content to save and share later. - Start with a topic of interest and will not only generate the most relevant articles to view and share but also, will suggest complementary topics and other users to follow. 

Feedly is a supercharged RSS Feed.

Storify helps makes sense of an increasingly overwhelming and noisy social web.

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