Is social media only for big companies?

Is Social Media Management Outsourcing Only For Big Companies?

Is social media management only for big companies?

As an individual, or brand, do you think that it is only big companies that outsource social media management?

Since big companies outsource their social media marketing, you may wonder whether you can afford to outsource your social media management.

Let's be real here.

Most people feel that way too.

That said:

According to a recent Forrester research, 96% of chief marketing officers agree that the skill-sets needed by marketers to produce the results that an organization envisions have increased a lot in recent years.

That same research found out that 44 percent of CMOs admitted that it is not easy for them to find people with the right marketing skills to boost the sale of their products and services.

In this article, you will learn why big companies outsource their social media marketing and management and why you should too.

You will also learn the amazing tricks that celebrities use to dominate their respective social media spaces and much more.

Finally, you will learn how you will benefit by implementing these strategies now and in the future.

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There are 4 groups of people that are outsourcing their social media management tasks instead of managing them in-house.

They are rocking the internet.

The 4 groups are:

1. Individuals

2. Agencies

3. Companies and organizations

4. Non-profit or NGOs


Many people can understand why a small to mid-sized company would outsource their social media tasks instead of having an in-house team manage the tasks.

However, many are not sure why they should contract out their social media marketing tasks.


As an individual that runs a business, you simply don’t have the time, skill, or energy to manage all those social media networks yourself.

Likely, you don’t even have the time to manage even one channel.

The learning curve is steep and takes several hours a month to handle a single social media platform effectively.

So, should you continue to dabble into social media management or should you outsource the services?

Well, it depends.

But what does a professional social media management agency do?

A social media management company creates and manages highly creative and top-performing social media campaigns for individuals, businesses, or organizations.

That's not all.

They also manage social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram on your behalf.

The awesome ones use relevant social media marketing strategies to boost the online presence of brands as well as in helping them meet their goals.

Here Are 4 Groups Rocking Social Media Outsourcing

Social media management agencies tailor their packages for individuals, solopreneurs, small to mid-size businesses, non-profits (NGOs), and highly professional social media management agencies.

Having said that.

Let's dive in!

#1. Individuals Use Social Media For Personal Branding

personal branding

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Social media marketing has made it ridiculously easy for individuals to become brands and influencers.

And the reason why many individuals are interested in personal branding is that it opens amazingly professional opportunities for them.

A personal branding vision that is successfully created and implemented effectively can lead to:

  • Better job opportunities.
  • Awesome contacts and clients for a prospective company.
  • Niche recognition.
  • And a whole lot more.

That is why 2018 was a fascinating year for personal branding and 2019 is going to be no different.


People are getting paid and paid handsomely!

You can see it from the rise of micro-influencers and influential personalities on nearly every social media platform.

How Celebrities Use Social Media to Build Their Brand

One of the most successful ways that celebrities like Jon Stewart, Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Amanda Bynes use social media to build their brands is by getting closer to their fans.

They do so by using a safe social media platform like Twitter or Instagram to engage with their fans.

And since a successful social media engagement is a two-way conversation, adoring fans can"talk to" their favorite superstars.

This, in turn, endears celebrities to their tons of adoring fans even more.

Celebrities use social media for self-promotion. With their daily tweets, status updates, or photos, celebrities can keep themselves relevant 24/7.

Many of them use multiple social media channels at once so that they can compound the effect of their posts.

They share even personal information with their fans.

An increasing amount of superstars use social for rebranding themselves after they've committed some sort of faux pas in the public eye.

Since celebrities are brands in themselves, they use their status to promote their personal interests.

For instance, the Kardashians have reality show royalty and their own clothing store.

They showcase their clothing line on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where their adoring fans are.

Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and even Donald Trump have multiple business interests which they promote on social media.

As busy as most people are today, how do influencers find time to manage their many social media accounts and engage with their audience?

You can be sure that these celebrities have their various social media accounts managed by their PR agency, agent, social media management agency, or social media manager.

Some of them have strict guidelines on the type of content their agents post on their behalf.

They also approve of their posts before they are published.

In 2019, you can be sure that the need for having a personal brand - whether it's about the person behind a desk or one behind a camera will increase.

Now that brings us to perhaps a most surprising group - other social media agencies outsourcing to their 'competition.'

In fact:

#2. Some t Agencies Outsource Social Media

Lagos social media management company

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Since we run a digital marketing agency, we know as well you do that life as a social media management agency can be tough.

Seriously, are we on the same page?

For instance, the need for agencies to outsource in other to remain relevant and effective gets tougher when you take in many new clients almost at the same time.

Thanks to your marketing success.

Whether you have taken on too many new clients, on the other hand, it might be that you just need to cut costs or your marketing team is on a well-deserved holiday, you must maintain a consistent level of service at all times.

As a social media marketing and management company, taking advantage of the custom and well-packaged outsourced white label marketing services that we offer, can help you do exactly that.

Depending on your needs, we can help you craft quality, engaging, timely, and relevant content in bulk for your clients’ SEO campaigns.

Not only that, but we can also take control of the social media accounts of your new customers, or update their blogs consistently and professionally.

You get an awesome range of services that are designed to help you scale your campaigns and boost your agency’s growth.

#3. Companies And Organizations Outsource Their Social Media Management

outsourced social media

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It would probably not come to you as a surprise that companies outsource their social media marketing and management.

And the reason why companies use and outsource their social media management tasks is that when used effectively, social media can be a potent marketing tool.

Many of the opportunities and benefits of social media are:

Social Media Boosts Revenue

The main reason why most businesses whether small or big, use social media is to boost the sale of their products or services.

And they achieve this goal by crafting and implementing a laser-focused social media strategy.

A social media campaign that brings results starts with the creation of quality content.

This helpful, engaging, and insanely promoted content helps to build a niche community that is ready to buy your products or services when they are ready.

Social media marketing is not a sprint but a long-distance race. You must be patient in other to achieve the results you envision.

But if you want to achieve your social media marketing goals pretty quickly, you can pay for it by advertising.

If your company decides to advertise on any of the main social media platforms, you can have the ads link back to your company's social media page or your website.

What this means is that you can benefit from the awesome power of social media without having a social media channel.

Since money and time are involved, savvy companies that don't have a capable social media team contract out this important task to outside experts.

Outsourced Social Media Marketing Speeds Up Brand Development

Social media makes it ridiculously easy for your prospects, customers, or clients to connect and interact with your business on a highly personal level.

If your brand is already established, a well-executed social media strategy provides an opportunity to further develop your brand and give your business its voice in your niche.

It takes an expert team to discover and implement those opportune strategies that achieve a heightened brand identity.

Outsourced Social Media Helps To Attract Customers

As social media channels continue to evolve full-blown communication networks, more companies and brands will keep using these social media platforms to build relationships with their target audience.

Social media can be a good way of attracting new customers.

For example, when considering social media campaigns, you could try to attract followers with promotions or giveaways.

Once you have a good following you can focus on more personalized social media campaigns to nurture them into staying.

Social Media Helps You Learn More About Your Business And Competition

analyzing your competition

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Even though social media levels the playing field, some companies are more successful than others in how effectively they use social media marketing.

As you look at your minimal social media return on your investment, it can be frustrating.

But the beauty of social media is that it gives you the power to find out why other brands are ahead of the curve, thanks to competitive analysis.

If you know how to properly monitor the social channels of others in your niche, you can learn a lot about those brands.

Some of the things you learn include your competitors’ newest product releases, what their customers are complaining about and which content in their overall content strategy works, and which ones don’t.

Even if you think social media is not suited to your business or that you don't have the time, simply logging on to see what your competitors are doing in this space, or finding out what your customers are saying about you might be a valuable exercise.

You will admit that listening and monitoring tasks take time, expertise, and experience to be effective in reaping their benefits.

Some companies just contract out such tasks.

Social Media Provides Awesome Networking Landscape

Investopedia defines social networking as:

"Social networking is the use of internet-based social media programs to make connections with friends, family, classmates, customers, and clients.

Social networking can occur for social purposes, business purposes, or both through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and Yelp.

Social networking is also a significant target area for marketers seeking to engage users".

social media networking

Image source

Advantages Of Social Networking For Marketers

Savvy marketers use social networking to improve their conversion rates.

By connecting and building a community, marketers have access to and engagements with new, recent, and old customers.

Sharing helpful and engaging blog posts, images, GIFs, videos, or comments on social media makes it easy for your followers to take action.

Such action could be visiting the company’s website, downloading an ebook, signing up for your newsletter, and finally, becoming a customer.

With shareable and useful content, customers may complement a company’s offerings and by reviews and recommendations, prod others to buy your products or services.

A successful networking strategy, gets customers talking about a brand on social media channels, the more valuable the brand authority becomes.

A stronger brand results in more sales.

Additionally, increased posts catapults the company higher in search engine rankings.

The compounded effect is that effective networking helps establish a brand as legitimate, credible, and trustworthy.

Some companies use social networking for customer care service and in enriching their relationships with their audience.

For instance, a customer may complain about a product or service on Twitter.

In such a situation, a responsive company would address the issue immediately, apologize, and take action to make it right.

As you have seen, networking can also be valuable to your business, for knowledge sharing and word-of-mouth referrals.

Social Media Is Excellent For Recruiting

social media for recruiting

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As hard as employers work in recruiting creative talent, the one powerful recruitment tool that they sometimes overlook is social media.

Since job seekers are on social media, employers can use the same networks to promote their companies and also connect with job seekers on an ongoing basis on the channels that they spend their time on.

Potential hires may use social media to do a little recon on you, too – and if they don’t like what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll move on to other opportunities.

If you’re not already using social media for recruitment, here are statistics that might give you the nod.

According to an AdWeek survey, survey: 92% of recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates

The point then is that those companies that are not using social media in their hiring practices risk getting left behind.

And the savvy ones outsource their social media marketing or hiring to outside experts.

Social Media Helps To Be Found By Search-Engine Discoverability

Your website's ranking in the search results of various search engines can sometimes be affected by the size and influence of your social network.

As your social following grows, your visibility in search engines may also increase.

This is a common Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

#4. Non-Profit Organizations Or NGOs Are Outsourcing Social Media Marketing


Image source

Recent research by Forrester Research found that 96% of chief marketing officers said the breadth of skills required to succeed in marketing has increased dramatically in recent years.

Importantly, that same study says that 44 percent of CMOs admit that they struggle to find the right people with the right skills in the job market.

Surprisingly, this situation is more apparent than in nonprofit marketing and communications.

As the demands of specialized skills continue to grow, most nonprofits will struggle to find talent with the diverse capabilities to implement their ever-more-complex set of needs.

And that is why many non-profit or NGOs outsource.

Many savvy non-profits use social media marketing and copywriting to make an awesome impact on their donations and involvement in their cause.

Do You Recall?

Do you recall the four groups that are rocking social media through outsourced marketing?

The 4 groups are:

1. Individuals

2. Agencies

3. Companies and organizations

4. Non-profit or NGOs

Which group do you fall into?

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