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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Twitter?

Do you want to know how much it costs to advertise on Twitter?

Are you interested in advertising on Twitter but scared you might just throw your money away?  

With over 340 million active Twitter users, Twitter's networking and microblogging platform remain the best indicator of the wider pulse of the world and what's happening within it.

Therefore, it is a popular advertising platform.

It is not only an effective platform for attracting new customers, but its analytics is great for tracking the behaviors of followers in relation to tweets.

This analytics has become a valuable tool for marketers who are planning larger-scale social media advertising campaigns.

So how much does it cost to advertise on Twitter? The cost depends on which Twitter ad you choose and your budget.

So in this article, you will learn how much Twitter ads cost, what factors determine the ad costs and how to start a Twitter ad campaign.

Let's dive in.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Twitter?

The cost of Twitter advertising depends on your bidding goals and the type of Twitter ad (Promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends) you're running, and your budget.
Promoted tweets like a retweet, follow, or like cost $0.50 to $2 per action.
Promoted accounts cost $2 to $4 per follower while Promoted trends, can cost up to $250,000 per day. 

How To Calculate Twitter Ads Costs

You can tailor your Twitter Ads campaigns according to your budget. There is no minimum amount of money required for Twitter Ads.

That means that you decide how much you want to spend on your campaigns.

How much you pay for your Twitter ad depends on the Twitter objective you choose.

Every Twitter objective has a corresponding action that you're billed for.

You're billed when the action connected to your campaign occurs.

For instance, if your campaign objective is website clicks, Twitter charges you when someone clicks on the link to your website.

So, a link click is the billable action of the website clicks campaign objective.

However, calculating how much your Twitter ads cost depends on your budget, bidding, and the goals you want to achieve through each campaign.

Your bids tell Twitter how much you’re willing to pay to have your ad placed on its platform.

On the other hand, your budget tells Twitter how much you intend to spend for the duration of the campaign.

Twitter Campaign Objective

Twitter campaign objectives are broken down into - Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion goals.
There are many objectives you can choose from the platform depending on whether your goal is to create Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion.

Here are the objectives:

  • Reach
  • In-Stream Video Views
  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • Website Clicks
  • Engagements
  • Followers
  • App Re-Engagements

You can choose your Twitter objective depending on where your audience is in the sales funnel as you can see below:

Twitter campaign objective

Having established your goals and objectives, you can easily determine what type of ad type is the best fit for your goal.

Twitter Ad Format

Twitter has three ad formats - Promoted TweetsPromoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.


How much you pay for your Twitter ad depends on the ad format you will choose.

Let's get more details of each format:

Promoted Tweets

What Are Promoted Tweets?

Promoted Tweets are just regular Tweets that are paid for by brands that want to reach a wider group of Twitter users or to boost engagement with existing followers.

Promoted Tweets are clearly labeled as Promoted when an advertiser is paying for their placement on Twitter.

When should an advertiser use Promoted Twitter Tweets?

If your marketing goal is to drive a particular action using Twitter, with Promoted Tweets you can

  • Boost website traffic when users click on your best content.
  • Promote coupons and deals in the content.
  • Get leads using Lead Generation Cards.
  • Promote sales and giveaways.

On the other hand, a business can use Promoted Tweets to create awareness of the brand:

  • Skyrocket the reach of blog posts, white papers, etc.
  • Connect with influencers and brand advocates.
  • Promote awareness for your events and product launches.
  • Request and get retweets to reach a broader audience.

How much does a Promoted tweet cost?

The average cost for a Promoted Tweet is $1.35 per engagement.

Twitter Promoted Accounts

The goal of Twitter Promoted Accounts is to gain new followers and boost awareness of the entire account.

It exposes an account to different users who are not currently following the account so that they can follow it.
With it, a brand can promote the account to a target audience that was not following the account so that they can follow it.

To distinguish it from suggested accounts, Twitter labels the ad campaign as "Promoted".  
How much a brand pays for a Promoted Account depends on the bid just like Promoted Tweets.

With a budget and a bid, the brand determines how much it is willing to pay for a new follower.
Twitter shows Promoted Accounts in different areas of the platform that includes the timeline, "who to follow" section, and search result.
How much does a promoted account cost?
Be ready to pay Twitter $2.00 to $4.00 per follower.

Twitter Promoted Trends

According to Twitter:

"Twitter Trends appear alongside or within every user’s timeline and represent emerging popular topics. Promoted

Trends occupy the top spot among a user’s trends, and can receive massive exposure".

With a paid Twitter Promoted Trends ad, a brand gets a top spot on the targeted user's Trends list.

All Promoted Trends ads are marked as Promoted but are in a real-time hotspot for the target audience.

How much does Twitter's Promoted Trends ad cost?

It costs a brand $200,000 a day to buy a Promoted Trend in the U.S.

Because of the cost, Promoted Trends is typically used by larger businesses.

If your target audience is on Twitter, and the advertising cost fits your budget and marketing goals, it may be something to consider.

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