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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Pinterest?

Do you want to know how much it costs to outsource the establishment, growth, and management of your brand's Pinterest account?

How much do freelancers and agencies charge for Pinterest management?

Seriously, how much does it cost to advertise on Pinterest?

The cost of outsourcing Pinterest management depends on whether you're hiring a virtual assistant (freelancer) or an agency.

Also, among other factors, the cost varies from country to country and the level of experience of the virtual assistant or agency that you want to hire to manage your Pinterest account.

Having said that:

On average, the cost of advertising on Pinterest is $0.10 to $5.00 depending on whether you want to build brand awareness, boost engagement with your audience or drive killer traffic to your website.


In this article, you'll learn Pinterest's advertising goals, how promoted pins work, and how to get started advertising on Pinterest.

Finally, we will dive into the amazing benefits of outsourcing your Pinterest account management.

If you're ready, let's get started.

Why Should Your Brand Advertise On Pinterest?

Why advertise on Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a visual social media network. But it is different from Instagram than it is to Facebook or Twitter.

How so?

On Pinterest, users post images and videos with links or descriptions.

The user can also search for similar posts, browse hashtags, or follow particular accounts.

However, if your brand has been advertising on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn, you may be wondering why to advertise on Pinterest?

You should advertise on Pinterest because it has a receptive and interested audience that could boost your brand awareness.

Advertise on Pinterest because its audience gets more ideas of new things to buy than they do searching on Google or other social media platforms.

According to Pinterest, proportionately, it drives more referral trafic to shopping sites than social platforms do.

A Pinterest user is 33% more likely to click through to your site from a post on their network than a Facebook user is. 77% more than Facebook and 200% more than Twitter.

Here’s the main reason why you should advertise on Pinterest is that 90% of its users say  that the network helps them decide what to purchase.

Over 50% have bought something after seeing it on Pinterest.

It is true that its Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are very low compared to Facebook, but you get more bang for your buck and engaged viewers who are more likely to click to see your product or services.

Who uses the network? Most Pinterest users are female. Over half of all new Pinterest users are men.

The users are younger, on average, and have more disposable income of more than $75k every year.

They love the inspiration and new experiences that they find on Pinterest.

Get this:

Pinterest is not for every product or service.

The platform is best suited for B2C marketers, especially those that offer tangible goods that can take advantage of the platform’s visual nature.

The platform is powerful for brands looking to diversify their paid social media mix.

Since you know why you should be using Pinterest for your brand, let’s look at how much it costs to advertise on Pinterest.

Pinterest Advertising Goals And Cost

The most popular ad formats include:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Direct Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms

Now that you have

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