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Facebook Marketing Services For Small Businesses

Our Facebook marketing services team of expert social media managers and content creators boosts brand awareness, audience engagement, and influencer interactions.

We manage organic and paid Facebook campaigns that generate leads and sales.

But are you marketing on Facebook? Should you be marketing on Facebook?

You should.

Look at these numbers:

With more than 2.45 billion people logging into its platform every month, Facebook is undoubtedly the most used social media platform in the world. 

Every day, more than 1.62 million people are active on Facebook. 

Back in the day, you could use organic reach to boost the sale of your products and services on Facebook.

However, Facebook is a pay-to-play marketing platform today.

But despite the disappointment that marketers felt when it became clear that organic Facebook marketing was a thing of the past, marketers are still using Facebook to market

But why is that? 

Because even as a paid platform, it still offers the most favorable platform for advertising. In other words – the ROI is worth it. 

Updated Facebook pages are helpful when your target audience is looking for new products or services. 

Therefore, managing your Facebook frequently is the key to success among the other tons of business pages on Facebook.  

Outsourced Facebook Management Services

outsourced Facebook management services

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Outsourcing your Facebook page management services is a very important decision to make.

And that's because how you engage with your Facebook audience affects the way they feel about your brand. 

That means then, that the social media management team that you hire must have a clear understanding of your business goals, target audience, and brand value.

At Anaconda Marketing, our content creation and promotion strategies align with the unique business goals of our clients.

Such aligned content creation and promotion engages with your audience, grows your customer base, and generates sales of your products or services.

Our Facebook page management services are a part of our overall digital marketing strategy.

It includes PPC campaigns and search engine optimization that we execute on multiple social media platforms.

Facebook Page Management Services Tailored To Your Business

After our Facebook Page management experts understand buyer personas and business goals, they create a Facebook page management strategy.

The strategy is our road map on how best to manage your Facebook page. 

Our Lagos, Nigeria social media management company, helps small and mid-sized businesses like yours to grow and engage with customers on Facebook.

And we do that through effective community management. 

Since our clients' Facebook management needs are unique, we tailor our services to fit the needs of every business no matter the size.

Our Facebook management services include:

  • Setting up a Facebook page.

  • Managing unofficial pages on.

  • Deciding upon moderation guidelines.

  • Recommendations about posting a moderation schedule.

  • Your consideration of those questions will determine the success of your remote workforce.

How We Manage Your Facebook Account

Facebook services management

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Facebook Strategy Development

As you already know, Facebook marketing has become more challenging now than it was in the early days.

The reason being that today, Facebook's organic reach is not enough to boost your sales.

Now, more than ever, having a clear marketing strategy is important for success.

The strategy has to be detailed and followed religiously.

We start your Facebook management campaign with discovery.

The discovery involves learning about your marketing goals and buyer personas.

With the insight gained, we craft a plan to help you accomplish your goals.

Our Facebook management plan details the type of content we will post, how to gain followers, and importantly, how we will skyrocket your Facebook engagements. 

Facebook Content Creation

Once our strategy is approved, our Facebook marketing experts create your content strategy. 

An important item on the content plan is the preparation of your schedule.

Our plan shows exactly the dates and posting intervals. And speaking of postings, the articles and visuals we post reflect the unique voice of your brand.

Facebook Page Growth

As your page is being updated with fresh and relevant content, our Facebook management team will also be working on building your followers and engagement.

Because Facebook has become a “pay to play” type of platform, our growth techniques will involve leveraging paid advertising campaigns.

Our Facebook management services will help you leverage the right ad campaigns to drive results at the lowest cost to you.

Facebook Monitoring

When you sign up for our Facebook management services, you also get daily monitoring of your account.

We use Facebook native analytical tool and Brand24 to monitor the success of your campaigns.

Whether it is comments, messages, or Facebook reviews, our experts are aware of it and respond accordingly.

You get a detailed report of all your Facebook activities every month.

Why You Should Hire Us To Manage Your Business Facebook Pages

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You should hire an agency to manage your Facebook Page because the platform is always changing stuff.

It seems like every week or so it is introducing new things and moving the goal post. 

Therefore, staying on top of what is going on at Facebook is a full-time job.

You can understand it makes perfect sense to hire an agency that works with Facebook all the time. 


Why should you hire Anaconda Marketing

Here are the reasons:

You Get A Custom Facebook Strategy

Starting Facebook marketing without a plan is like a person traveling to an unknown place without a reliable map.

You already know what the outcome would be. 

Sadly, many businesses start their Facebook campaigns without a tested game plan. 

With well-crafted buyer personas, we get to know your target audience and the problems that are keeping them awake every night.

With that insight, we develop a custom plan for your small business. 

With such a solid plan in hand, we accomplish your goals. 

We Create Epic Facebook Content For Your Business 

We create unique content that is human, helpful, and holistic.
That means that we spend time researching and creating fresh content that resonates with your target audience.
And because we keep abreast of the latest social media trends and technology, we deliver texts, videos, images, and infographics.
Our Facebook experts deliver tailor-made content for your business and audience.

You Get Facebook Management For Growth

Our team manages Facebook for growth

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Our Facebook management service gets results because we align our service with your returning profit on your investment in mind.

As soon as we are on board, we start executing the marketing strategies we set up.

By consistently implementing our strategies, we drive tons of followers and engagement to your business.

We are ready and eager to manage your Facebook services to drive killer traffic to your website and generate sales for you.

You Get A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Since we are a full-service digital marketing agency, you get additional services to boost your Facebook campaigns.

For instance, we have expert blog article writers.

Our team writes engaging articles and posts them to your Facebook page to boost referral traffic.

We also offer content marketing, graphic design, and video marketing that enhances your Facebook campaigns and lead to more sales of your products or services.

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