Why Every Company Should Be Using Internship Programs

Are you using interns?

When it comes to internships, has your emphasis been on how the relevant work experience that your company provides, benefits the interns?

Do you know that the symbiotic benefits of a well-executed internship program can skyrocket the sale of your goods or services to a ridiculously amazing success?

If your startup or growing company has a tight budget and with only a few employees, have you thought of hiring an intern, or many interns ever crossed your mind?

If implementing an internship program in your company has not been on your strategic radar, these benefits of hiring interns might just persuade you to start an internship program:

#1. Interns Come With Lots Of Energy And Fresh Perspectives

Interns are full of dynamic energy and gifted with a mind- blowing spongy eagerness to absorb and explore every new thing.

Since they think way outside the box, they're not afraid to challenge “the way we’ve always done it here” mentality.

Their fresh perspectives as newbies are valuable.

Many companies have benefited in situations where interns identified and even solved problems that have not been noticed by their full-time employees.

They bring fresh and exciting new ideas while adding immensely to the culture of the company.

They can bring so much value to the table because of their youth, unadulterated minds, coupled with their amazingly inspiring creativity and perspectives.

They are very savvy with digital marketing and social media.

Still not convinced? Check this out!

    #2. Interns Are At Home With The Use Of Technology

mobile phone use

As digital media marketing and the use of mobile devices continue to skyrocket, smart young people who are very familiar and effective in the use of these devices become not only valuable but sustainable and a most needed addition to the team of any forward thinking company.

The ease, with which they use technology, dramatically increases the ease with which the older team members can learn and appreciate technology too.

For obvious reasons, though a company may not want an intern to take over the full management of their social media accounts, you better believe it; Generation Y tech-savvy professionals can be incredibly helpful.

Given the opportunity, interns can be incredibly dynamite in drafting out of this world social media strategies rather than just updating social media accounts.

Additionally, interns understand social media in ways that many CEOs or MDs don't.

    #3. Their Trial Period Could Lead To Full Time Employment

    Internship programs can help you attract and retain real awesome hires that are already very familiar with your corporate culture.

    An effective internship program is a great way to evaluate the skills and aptitudes of recent graduates before they are brought on board as part of your incredible team.

    Understandably, as interns charm you with their motivating and refreshingly favorable skills and work ethic, in the future, your best move might just be to hire them as part of your team.

It is a known fact that interns stay with a company where they interned longer.

Would you blame them for having an educated knowledge of the company and its culture before accepting full-time employment?

#4. Interns Can Help You Accomplish The “Unreasonable”

Since interns are not part of the company and are not shackled by "normal ways" of doing things, they can spot threats, opportunities, and innovations early on, giving your company a needed competitive edge. 

They very often see possibilities that are not readily seen by seasoned full-time employees.

In fact, many young people believe that they can single-handedly change the world, and they try doing just that.

Therefore, their not having any kinds of benchmarks that limit them, provides astounding opportunities to solve the 'unreasonable'.

Interestingly, their lack of experience is really a great thing since young ones are not limited to the realities and possibilities that older people are afraid to even imagine.

Additionally, giving young graduates projects that are challenging electrifies them and provides them with convincing and stunning reasons for being interns.

This contagious energy motivates other team members within your organization.

target audience

#5. Complete Projects You're Struggling With On Target

Those that apply and get accepted as interns, want to use their accomplishments and experiences during this period as a reservoir of glowing achievements on their CVs or as our American partners call it, on their resumes for future interviews.

By giving interns, who naturally love challenging, real and meaningful projects that your company is struggling with, your organization gets to solve those challenging problems smoother and quicker.

As you harness brilliantly their large reservoir of creativity, your company would stay ahead of the curve and on target!

Overcoming 'huge' obstacles provides a euphoric sense of accomplishment that caresses the human spirit.

#6. Interns Are Your Brand Evangelists

Interns can be a team of unpaid brand evangelists who say nice things about your brand.

These eager and passionate young people, who are tickled to be working, would tell the world about you and your brand if you offer them a mind-blowing experience.

Starting with their peers and family, they would tell with varying degrees of embellishments, of all the "wow" experiences they've had with your company.

By spreading glowing reviews of your company to their peers, they inadvertently help in recruitment efforts.

This voluntary word of mouth publicity or referral is free and very effective!

#7. Interns Are Amazingly Productive

Young minds are like sponges, they absorb information pretty quickly. Interestingly, they are also good at multi-tasking.

In other words, it takes less time to train an intern than the time it takes to train an older full-time employee.

Many of the jobs that full-time workers toil with day in and day out, lack benchmarks, while the jobs that interns do have a start and end date. Due to that, interns are more productive.

Unless you count the rare promotion or job change, some employees work in what feels like a vicious cycle.

This rut leads to career burnout.

#8. They Are Eager To Create Their Own Footprint

An internship program is a trial period for both the intern and the company.

The intern may also be looking to set the groundwork for a recommendation or a full-time position down the road.

That means they’re likely to put in a significant amount of effort to make sure you’re happy with their work.

College students constantly hear about making it in the “real world.”

When interns step into the corporate environment, they want to prove to their parents, friends, and themselves that 'they can hang with the big boys'.

That is a potent driving force for their amazing determination to succeed.

This relentless and passionate determination to impress directly affects the quality of work they’ll do for you.

Today, the smartest businesses in their respective industries, whether local or global, are using well thought out internship programs to dominate and wipe the floor with their competitors. Would you do that?

Have you considered hiring interns before? Will you in the future?

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