Why Every Company Should Be Using Internship Programs


Are you using interns?


When it comes to internships, has your emphasis been on how the relevant work experience that your company provides, benefits the interns?


Do you know that the symbiotic benefits of a well-executed internship program can skyrocket the sale of your goods or services to a ridiculously amazing success?

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What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Branding?

social media management

Marketing is everything a company does to actively promote a product or service.


It is all about pushing a product or service. Marketing is defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as:


"The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".

Interestingly, marketing then, is a very important part of a brand.

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5 Amazing Reasons Why Listening To Your Clients Will Boost Bottom Line

listening to clients

As part of your marketing and branding campaign strategies, do you ever listen to your customers?


Do you use surveys to check the pulse of your customers or clients?


How often do you take the time to ask your customers what they think about your services?

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How Remote Work Benefits Employers And Employees

remote worker

Do you know that remote work benefits employers as well as employees?


Whether you appreciate it or not, there is no denying that remote work is on the rise.


How and why do people work remotely, and what are some common misunderstandings about remote work?

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How To Boost Sales With Guerilla Marketing

guerilla marketing

The cost of social media management is one of the most frequent questions that social media management agencies get and we get tons of them too.


Do you want to know the cost of social media management too?


Others want to know about different social media management pricing packages. Still, others ask: 'How much would it cost me to launch a blog or Facebook fan page? Read More

social media management