How To Avoid The Case Of A Mistaken Graphic Identity

Does your company or enterprise display 'multiple graphic personalities' with your marketing and branding campaigns?

How can you tell?

You can tell the same way you tell about a person with 'multiple personalities.

Perhaps you've read about such a person in a novel, seen a story about one on a movie or there is one you know personally.

We're talking about one person trying to be different people.

Have you been to a website that is poorly designed, and with a logo that looks like it belonged to another age? How did you feel about your experience?

How do you think your prospects and customers would feel about your own website if it's design, graphics, logo elements and content, don't complement each other and offer a pleasant experience to your visitors?

Just as a person with multiple personalities, is one person with many personalities, a company with multiple 'graphic identity' means that when you see its online and offline marketing and branding campaign productions, they are not consistent across board.

In other words, when you look at the Twitter or Blog headers, or other social media sites where the company makes its presence known, they are not consistent with the company's printed marketing and branding campaign pieces.

You see, when your prospects or customers start getting those not so subtle clues that you are inconsistent, it translates into mistrust and loss of business.

So, what is 'graphic identity'?

What Is Your Company's 'Graphic Identity'?

“Creativity about life, in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” – Leo Burnett

Graphic identity' is the term that marketers use in describing the consistencies or lack of them, of the colors, font styles, logo elements and other visual presentations of your company or enterprise.

In other words, a company with a good 'graphic identity' shows their colors, font styles, logo elements and other visual presentations consistently, whether you see them on a business card, brochure, website etc.

Now, open your website, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln pages.

Open all of them and your blogs on different browser windows. Grab your printed marketing and branding campaign pieces and look at all of them together.

As you look at all of them, ask and answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the same image for all your profiles? Are you looking professional and friendly?

  • As you look at your logo, are you using colors from it consistently? Are your colors consistent from site to site and to printed marketing campaign materials?

  • Does your logo or pictures look pixilated, blurry, out of focus or stretched?

  • Are you using fonts that appeal to your target audience? Think age, eyesight etc.

  • Are your graphic elements appropriate to your brand?

  • Do your images portray your target audience?

If through your self-examination, your company has a serious case of a 'mistaken identity', we are here to help rectify it.

So, if you're hoping to find super creative designers who will listen with big ears and really know their stuff, we're right here for you.

We're ready to help you with your thoughtful marketing strategies, imaginative designs and savvy web development, so that you can present your business and products to the world with pride and confidence.

How We Create A Consistent 'Graphic Identity" For You

We can develop your product from the concept stage to the finished product. When it comes to packaging, we can render your product concept in a realistic design for presentation.

If your product is ready to be produced, we can design and build the appropriate files to carry it through to production.

Anaconda Marketing® has the capabilities to design and develop your website to enhance your current corporate identity or create a new impressive image to strengthen that identity.

Explore our website to find out more and how we can help your business with a logo design, brochure or e-brochure, corporate identity, folders, PowerPoint presentations, and responsive, dynamic, search engine optimized website designs.

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