How Much Does Website Design And Development Cost?

website design and development

How much does it cost to design and develop a website?

Do you want to know how much it costs to redesign an already non-performing website?

The cost of website design and development is one of the most common questions we get from people who are considering rebuilding or designing and developing a new website.

So, in this article, we will learn in simple English, the cost of designing a website, the components that determine the different prices of different websites.

And then, we will discuss the cost of a website redesign.

Let's get started.

Wanting to know the cost of a website design and development is like wanting to know from an architect and a builder how much a building costs.

There are no definite answers until you provide more information.


  • What type of building?

  • Who is going to use it, and for what?

  • Who are your construction workers and where are they located?

  • What's your budget?

Similarly, if you really want a realistic cost of designing and developing a website, you'll have to answer the following questions:

What type of website ( personal, corporate, non-profit or eCommerce)?

  • Who is your target audience and how do they interact online?

  • Who is your agency and where are they located? (We'll come to this later)

  • What's your budget?

Unlike a building, you also need to know hosting and web maintenance costs.

So, from the illustration and questions raised, you already know that there is no definite answer to the question - how much does website design and development cost?

However, just like an architect and a builder can give you an 'idea' of how much it costs to build your unique building in any part of the world, you'll also get an 'idea' of how much it costs to design and develop a successful website.

Importantly, this information will equip you in making an educated decision in choosing a qualified professional web design and development agency for your next web design project.

Website Components That Contribute To Cost Of Design And Development

When deciding what you should pay for your website design and development, it is important to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. 

Therefore, using averages of the different prices for the different website development components that are important to you, can guide you in coming up with a reasonable price for your result oriented small business website.

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  • For Yearly Domain Name Registration – Be ready to spend $10/year.

    Cost For Yearly Hosting – $20 to $100 a year is reasonable based on traffic and services.

    Online Website Marketing Your Website – From $750 a month.

    Time Spent on Web Planning, Design and Development Time – figure at least 70 hours.

    Cost Of Yearly Website Maintenance $500 and above based on the amount of work involved.

Things That Add To The Cost Of A Website.

    By answering the following questions, you will be able to come up with a reasonable price that meets your needs and budget:

    • Do you have a well thought-out detailed documentation of all the components of your website?

    • Are you building a new site or do you want to redesign your existing one?

    • Is a blog or a content management system (CMS) going to be part of your website?

    • Do you have your graphics already or would you need some created for your site?

    • Are you interested in having a responsive or mobile-friendly website?

    • Do you have already created content or would need your own updated and new ones created?

    • Have you thought of including social media channels and SEO (Search Engine Optimization?

    • How many online forms would you need?

    • Have you given thought to a Newsletter or email marketing?

    • Who is going to maintain the site after it has been launched?

    Discovery And Documentation

    Crafting a website that meets your needs would require an effective discovery and documentation.

    Depending on how simple or complex the website that you want to be designed is, you would need to give very careful considerations to:

    • How do you want your site visitors to perceive your website?

    • Who is your website audience and what content and tasks would your website provide?

    • How are you going to update and promote your website?

    Visual Or Interface Design Basics

    Since people see your website in terms of relationships, it becomes very important that great attention is paid to visual or interface design.

    The visual design focuses on the beauty of a website.

    It deals with how images, colors, fonts, and other elements are strategically placed on a website to achieve an awesome experience. 

    An effective visual design does not take away from the content of the page or function.

    Rather, it amplifies its beauty by engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in the brand.

    For a small business website, put aside between $1,300 and $3,600.  

    This money would cover all the interactions between you and our agency from concept all the way to the final design.

    Then, the final design will be given to our developers for coding.

    Importance Of Images And Graphics

    A beautifully crafted logo, images, and other graphics can enhance the functionality, attractiveness, and professionalism of your business website.

    In order for your brand to provide an amazing and instant connection to the outstanding products and services that you offer, your website needs an excellent graphic design to showcase that kind of connection.

    When thinking of building an awesome business website, keep in mind that badly designed graphics can be very expensive.

    That is why ignoring your websites graphic design needs can negatively impact your customers, clients, vendors, employees and your brand.

    By using expertly crafted graphics and images, you can improve every aspect of your business website.

    To come up with a precise budget for your website images is not an exact science since images can range from $10 each for cheap stock images to hundreds of dollars each for custom or high-end stock images.

    You already know that incorporating compelling and appropriate graphics can make a huge difference in the success of your website.

    At a minimum, budget at least $100 for stock images.

    In addition, you will also need stock icons and buttons to compliment your design. Add another $75 on your budget for these graphic elements.

    Cost Of A Mobile-Friendly Website Design

    It is no longer optional to have a mobile-friendly website. Why, 60% of internet users are using mobile devices to search for businesses, services, sports, and entertainment.

    It also means that if you are thinking of building a brand new website or redesigning your old outdated website, it would be prudent to have a mobile-friendly website.

    A mobile-friendly website is a website that adjusts or reformats depending on the device that a viewer is using to access the website.

    That means that the texts and graphic design elements adjust to fit within the screen thereby making it easy for the text to be read and graphics easy to be viewed.

    When considering building a website, the cost of a mobile-friendly website must be factored in!

    Designing a responsive website can cost 20% to 30% more than a site that is designed mainly for desktop computers.

    This additional cost is factored in because of the extra effort the interface designer makes to design the site’s appearance and functions on the various devices.

    In addition, more resources are need to have the website programmed by the programmer.

    Costs Of Creating Awesome Content And Insertion

    When it comes to adding content, the least expensive model for small business owners is to create all the content on their end and insert it into the site via a content management system (CMS).

    Most designers have no problem delivering a blank design template that the client would populate with text and images.

    But if you want the design firm to add your content and adjust the layout of the text, you should budget $100 to $150 per page.

    After you have considered all the necessary components that you want on your website, you would readily agree that for a small business website, it will cost as little as $6,000 even $20,000 or more.  

    How much you spend on your website design and development should be based on the strategic needs of your business.

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