How Much Does Graphic Design Cost?

graphic design pricing

How much does a graphic designer or digital marketing agency charge for an effective design?

It depends on the type of design, the amount of work involved and the experience of the designer or an agency.

Graphic design enhances every aspect of the design and branding process.

From an amazingly website with an awesome user experience, to a brochure, beautiful company logos, product designs, billboards and corporate marketing collaterals, you can see the work of a great graphic designer.

    I know you're itching for me to dive into the graphic design pricing and cut out the 'mumbo jumbo', but it will not do you any good to get a pricing on a product that you may not have the full appreciation of how important it is in boosting your overall marketing and branding.

    For instance, your website can be your hub for marketing and branding depending on what business you're into and how you communicate with your customers.

    For most business interactions, your website is usually the first impression that a prospective client has of you and your brand.

    That is why a website that is properly designed must be one that goes beyond coding.

    It is so important that it goes beyond handing this task to the 'friend of a friend' who says she develops websites, or one man person operation that says 'I design websites for the cheapest rates'.

    Awesome graphic design plays an important part in the overall branding strategy of your products and services.

    Great graphic design on a website is seen f from the back ground images, banners, all the way to button controls, color schemes, text styles, and overall typography.

    A ridiculously beautiful graphic design can give a huge boost to your website since it enhances its visual appeal, professionalism, brand value and usability.

    If you're into publishing, you already know how important graphic design is to your newspapers, magazines and books.

    Though, we have been told that 'we should not judge a book by its cover', isn't true that the first thing that attracts us to a book is it's cover?

    Awesome graphics sell - anything!

    Below is some general pricing that will give you an idea of costs of common design projects that we provide, contact us for a custom quote on your next graphics design project.



    Estimated Cost

    Tri-fold brochure


    4-page 8.5×11 brochure


    8.5×11″ Single Page Flier


    8.5×11″ Double-Sided Flier


    Business Card Design (with existing logo)


    Letterhead & Envelope Design


    6×4″ Double-Sided Postcard Design


    Small or Simple Infographic Design


    Large or Detailed Infographic Design


    Tri-fold brochure


    Rack Card Design


    4-page 8.5×11 Restaurant Menu


    Large Poster or Sign Design


    Logo Design


    Please note that these prices are not carved on stones.

    For other graphic design needs not listed, contact us for a custom quote.

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