SEO – What Is It? |:: Why Is It Important In Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization, what is it?

And why is it so important in digital marketing? Anybody that has any kind of website, E-commerce store or blog site can use SEO strategies to skyrocket insanely the sales of their products or services.

How is that so?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the bedrock on which successful digital marketing strategies are built.

The reason why you need to implement SEO marketing strategies is that they make your website amazingly easy for your site visitors and the search engine robots to understand.

Many savvy marketers and webmasters have discovered that a search engine optimization is a powerful tool in their overall digital marketing arsenal in helping them stay ahead of the curve in organic search results.


SEO – What Is It?

“Search Engine Optimization is the process is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural” or “earned” results.”Wikipedia

In cornbread language, all that big grammar is saying is that Search Engine Optimization is the name coined for all the activities that attempt to improve search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about achieving the highest position or ranking possible in the natural or organic listings.

This is listed as the main body of the search engine results pages (SERPS) based on a range of specific combination of keywords (or keyphrases) entered by a search engine user.

Consider your own experience. 

When you want to shop online, or when you are looking to buy something that you didn’t even know where you will find it, how do you start?

Most people are really familiar with only two ways to search:

  • If you are like most people who already know the company, you simply type the URL, and you are sent to the website.

    The second way you find information is that you enter some keywords in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Baidu and it spits out results.

    And the websites that you see on top of the list are the ones that have optimized their content using good practice search engine optimization strategies.

Now you see why SEO is highly-important in any digital marketing strategy.

Even when you have an awesome content, you still need to reach your target market.

Many marketers use different strategies for distribution, but for savvy marketers, SEO has always been one of the staples.

In digital marketing, your purpose is to take advantage of online platforms to increase conversions. SEO is a most reliable method of driving insane traffic to your website pages.

How Many Searches Are Made Each Day?

According to SmartInsights, 'in 2017 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet and by 2021 this figure is projected to grow to 53.7%.

Using the data from Internet live stats, we can see the number of daily searches on Google - 3.5 billion, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide'.

As you can see, at any given time, there are tons of eyeballs searching for content on the internet.

What that means is that you just have to be tweaking and optimizing your SEO strategy.

It is highly recommended that you spend the time to learn and study how search engine algorithms affect the rankings of your content.

And as you do, that would help you get the maximum return on your investment. Consider these factors that would boost your SEO ranking:

      • Clear hierarchy and text links.

      • Website names and URLs.

      • Meta tags.

      • Usability and accessibility.

      • Page design.

      • Valuable, well-researched, information-rich content.

      • Descriptive keywords for memorable URLs.

      • Regular production of fresh content.

      • Establish you as an authority in your niche.

      • If you want to attract insane traffic to your website, generate awesome leads, convert leads, and develop a relationship with your customers, you must use effective search engine optimization strategies.


    Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important In Digital Marketing?

Irrespective of the current changes in algorithms, SEO continues to be a significant strategy of any digital marketing plan.

An effectively run campaign delivers a high return on investment in a way that you can measure and adapt.

No doubt about it, SEO is an important part of digital marketing. As Google's search engine algorithms continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly harder for spoofs and scammers to rank highly in search results.

As an established brand with a solid search engine optimization strategy, following the white-hat rules make it easy for you to rank higher in search results than your competition. 

Unlike other marketing strategies, what benefits does SEO have? Here are major reasons why SEO is important when developing your marketing strategy:

#1. SEO Makes It Easy For Your Brand To Be Easily Found Online

SEO is one of the fundamental tactics that allows your website, quality content, and services to be found easily online.

If your content is not optimized for search requests from your target audience, your brand or website will not be found in the top search results.

That means that you would be getting less traffic to your website and fewer conversions at the expense of your competition whose websites are effectively optimized for search engines.

If you’re one of those who that is putting a heavy chunk of your marketing dollars into paid search, you might want to rethink that strategy after reading this article.

According to search engine land 'The number of searches performed each year = At least 2 trillion but less than a quadrillion' (Yes, that’s the name for 1,000 trillion — I had to look it up!).

An in-depth study by Conductor, shows that in 2014, around 64% of over 310 million visits to 30 various websites were attributed to organic search. Wow!

That means that organic search actually has a better ROI than paid search.

#2. Visibility & Brand Awareness

We've already established that SEO helps your website appear high on search engine result pages (SERP).

When you are catapulted to the top of search engine rankings, you boost your brand awareness by becoming a name that is known and remembered.

As your audience continues to see your brand or website associated with your company, you continue to gain more brand awareness and enlarged visibility.

Most consumers like to do business with a brand that they trust, and as you continue to be seen often in search results, your brand grows in credibility.

Even without your audience clicking on your website, you are still putting yourself out there and are visible to your target audience.

#3. Smart SEO Improves Return On Investment

Measuring SEO Return On Investment (ROI) is one of the hardest marketing activities to successfully argue (and one of the most difficult to measure), it does not stop many companies and organizations from increasing their SEO budgets year after year.

Even though businesses are increasing their budget, it is rare to find a company that actually measures their SEO return on investment (ROI). 

Implementing an SEO strategy is a laser-focused inbound marketing strategy.

That is because you are offering your audience what they are searching for in a meaningful way.

This is awesome because your customers are happy that they can find you easily.

This, in turn, leads to an increase in sales of your products or services.

Since you're focusing on your customer base, therefore you are more likely to see more visits and sales per units spend.

#4. SEO Helps You To Stand Out From Your Peers

SEO helps to stand out

Knowing what your competitors are doing is key to a successful business.

Keep an eye on emerging trends and adapting your marketing to follow this will help you stay ahead of the game.

Using your own unique keywords will also help you to stand out from your competitors and make your target customers choose you.

Create An SEO Strategy

It may shock you to hear that whether you’re on board to take over, improve, or just starting your SEO strategy, the basics of SEO aren’t that hard.

In fact, they’re mostly just common sense.

This is not intended to take anything away from the rock stars who have made a career in SEO expertise. Those geniuses are needed folks.

What they bring to the table in the form of expertise is stunningly valuable because there is a lot of science and art to SEO.

Moreover, it is constantly evolving because search engines like Google continue to update their algorithms.

The point is that you don’t have to have a master’s degree in SEO in order for your website to be well-positioned for amazing organic search engine traffic.

To have a sound SEO system you must have a good SEO strategy in place. Here are seven ridiculously simple ways to build a strong SEO strategy:

  • Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

    Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases contain three or more words and are more specific than the commonly searched keywords.

    They get less search traffic, but usually, have a higher conversion value since they are more specific.

    You are not going to get the results you're looking for if you don't know what keywords your target market is using in order to find solutions to their problems that your company solves.

    That means that you would do a little research.

    Take a moment to consider how a potential customer of your product or service would look for your services.

    How would you find solutions to your problem? What would you search for in your search engine?

    You would agree that it is far easier (and cheaper) to rank for specific keywords that are highly relevant to your audience than to rank for general words or phrases that your large corporate competition is bidding on.

    Long-tail keywords work so well for budget-conscious businesses because Google continues to advance their algorithm to favor content that is relevant to specific search queries.

    Publish Quality Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging or guest posting is the marketing strategy of contributing a post to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

Google has made authoritative links from a high-ranking website a primary ranking factor.

By publish quality content, guest blogging offers you an awesome opportunity to secure a link back from another website, in addition to the other marketing benefits.

Guest blogging has become a potent marketing strategy that can strengthen your SEO tactics.

That is because it allows you to share your knowledge with a new audience and it generates backlinks.

It is true that guest blogging is a proven tactic to build your online ranking but it will require a significant amount of time to perform all the necessary tasks, including:

  • Researching your industry to find relevant sites that would accept your guest blog posts.

  • Crafting an amazing content customized to the readers of that website.

  • Reaching out to blog editors to build rapport and publish your quality content.

  • Following up and continuing your relationship since most websites don’t let you do one-off blog posts.

  • It is highly important that you approach guest blogging with the simple objective of providing value to your readers.

    If your guest blogging is done effectively, your online ranking will increase because search engines will show that your business is an authority in your niche.

  • Optimize For Major Search Engines

  • Your website should not only perform well in Google, but in every other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and Bing.

    Each search engine has different search algorithms that you need to know about.

    Once you understand their ranking factors, you can make your website compatible with these searches.

    You never know the preferred search engine that your audience may come.

    Unlike getting viral on social media, search engines can’t be pleased overnight.

    But, once you’ve built authority in their eyes, then search traffic doesn’t fade away like other sources.

    Search traffic is stable, scalable and free.

  • Create An Awesome Website And Quality Content

     A user-friendly website, clear navigation, SEO keywords, optimized Meta tags, title tags, and balanced keyword density in the qualitative, relevant, and consistent content are the main aims.

    Each page should be built around the keyword themes, with unique and non-plagiarised content.

    There should be no keyword stuffing as well. “Content is a commitment, not a campaign.”


    Quality And Relevant Linking And Social Media 

    You must pay good attention to building quality and relevant links through which you can get a good number of web traffic.

    And in line with SEO, you need to set up an exhaustive and up-to-date social media platform.

    You should remember that a good number of traffic is generated through social presence of your business.

Most Popular Websites For Social Media Optimization

social media optimization

Social media sites are created for different audiences and have very unique personalities and culture.

By understanding the way each of these sites works you can use them to effectively reinforce or leverage your ongoing marketing strategies.

Let's take a look at the sites:


A Facebook page for business is quite different from a personal Facebook page.

A lot can be achieved with a 'fan page'. With this social media site, you have a networking event 24/7.

It can be used to offer products for sale, share tips, short audios, videos, or links to articles.


While you can invite 'strangers' to join you on Facebook, on LinkedIn the emphasis is making connections strong with people you already know.

It maximizes the personal connections a person already has and can use those connections to ask for referrals.


It works on the principle of flagging an article for the attention of somebody else.

This social media bookmarking site makes it possible to share links to articles, online content ( videos, photos, audio etc.)

Digg is a user-driven content site where members can vote, bury and comment on stories submitted by other members.

Del.Icio.Us is a Yahoo-owned social bookmarking site. allows members to publicly save bookmarks using tags.

Don't be afraid to tag your own content.


Most famous video sharing and upload site. Videos that have commercial content are allowed.

It can be used to showcase your product or service or even a "how to" videos.


Twitter has been considered as the cocktail party of the social media world. It is a micro-blogging site making use of only 140 characters per post.

The idea for a business is to think of relevant and yes, compelling information to share with your prospects or customers in 140 characters or less.


This site acts as a discovery/recommendation engine and matches users with Web sites, videos, images, etc. based on their interests that they may have been previously unaware of.


The algorithms continue to evolve.

That means that there is no static SEO system that is going to stay forever since “SEO is a never-ending process.”

Since the behaviour of your audience changes, search engines, too, have developed different policies that take into consideration such changes.

For your SEO strategy to gain traction, you must think about your target audience, their preferences and dislikes, the usability of the website, and well-thought optimization plans.

Some marketers may think only about how they would rank in the SERP without giving a hoot about their users.

You can be sure that the search engine robots will take note of the quality and relevance of your website after indexing it.

However, if the search engine robots find out that some dishonest tactic was used to rank high in the search results, they will surely spam your site, and in worst cases, they will totally ban your website.

Having incorporated all these, a digital marketing strategy with balanced SEO moves will then definitely succeed in getting noticed by the target audience.

If you're having trouble implementing these SEO strategies, please contact us.

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