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Are you ready to use a case study to tell the story of how someone or a brand has benefitted from using your product or service?

Do you want to use compelling content to reach out to potential customers?

Many brands are using case studies because they are ADVANCED testimonials.

They help prospective customers or clients learn how your product or service solved their pain points.

In a highly competitive niche, content differentiates you from your competitors.

But how do you craft a highly relevant that engages and persuades your readers to do business with you?

In this article, you will learn about case studies. And why brands are using them. You will also learn why you need to outsource the copywriting of your case studies. And finally, you will uncover the benefits of case studies and how to promote them.

Let's dive in.

What Is A Business Case Study?

A Business Case Study describes how a company overcame obstacles and solved a client’s problem. It is also known as a Customer Success Story.

It is a story about how your brand provided a solution to the pain points of your customer or client.

You may think of it as a picture a brand paints for a prospect to illustrate how its product or service provided a solution to a similar problem she has.

In a nutshell, a business case history shows a potential customer how your company can help someone like her.

A business customer success story is similar to a testimonial.

It provides your readers with an account of past customer experiences with your brand.

Difference Between A Case Study And A White Paper

Case Study

A case study showcases the relationship between your business and your customer or client.

It is an overview of how happy your customer is with your product or service. A customer success story is brief, about 1-2 pages. 

The main focus is to present how and why your customer thinks your product or service is great. 

You can think of a case study as a word-of-mouth referral. 

However, you’ll need permission from your customer to publish the case study if you are using the customer’s name or brand name.

White Paper

If you consider a customer success story as a word-of-mouth referral, then think of a white paper as a research paper. 

A white paper showcases a problem, then highlights the facts and evidence to support a solution. 

A white paper is not a sales pitch.

If the solution to the pain point in the white paper is compelling, readers may buy a product or service.

White papers are long-form and detailed, and at least five or six pages in length. 

What Is The Difference Between A Testimonial And A Case Study?

what is the difference between a testimonial and a case study?

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Testimonials are usually positive reviews.

On the other hand, customer success stories are more in-depth and more detailed.

It provides an account of the entire journey that the customer went through.

In summary, a business customer success story is a story of the buyer journey of your prospects.

And how your business offered solutions to their pain points from beginning to end.

Consequently, this makes case studies powerful selling tools.

It is engaging, persuasive storytelling.

Even so, not every company has the skillset and professional experience to craft an engaging and compelling business success story.

So they outsource the copywriting of their case study to a professional copywriting agency.

Why You Need To Outsource Your Case Studies Copywriting

Case studies require a lot more effort than testimonials and can take weeks or months to develop.

Developing a good case history depends on the type of data used.

It also depends on how it is put together.

So creating a valuable case study is an extremely intensive process.

With that being said, outsource their case studies copywriting.

An outsourced copywriting agency can help you showcase your best results and drive sales.

But why should you be using case studies in your content marketing? 

Check out these statistics to find out:

According to Eccolo Media, 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report, case studies rank as the third most influential content marketing asset.
And that's in the small businesses and large enterprises purchase process.

Eco.media case studies report

After considering the statistics above, it may be tempting to write your case history.

Remember that it is a competitive world out there.

A copywriting agency has produced many case histories over a while.

An agency copywriter goes beyond simple client testimonials and reviews.

You get powerful, real-life examples of precisely how your business helped a client solve their pressing problem. 

A case history allows potential customers to imagine exactly how you’d be able to help them, by seeing what you’ve achieved for others.

Case studies offer your brand the opportunity to highlight its success stories. 

Your outsourced business success story copywriter will be able to demonstrate the process and results achieved.

Benefits Of Outsourcing The Copywriting Of Your Case Studies

Okay, now that you understand how valuable case studies are, let’s dive into some of the specific and practical reasons case studies matter. 

#1. Build Brand Trust

case studies help a brand build trust

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Case histories are extremely effective in building trust and authority with your prospects.

And that's because they represent the viewpoint of your previous customers. 

So instead of telling your prospects how great your brand is, you let your customers do the talking for you.

Prospects trust the opinions of consumers more than they trust companies.

And here are the statistics to back that up:

By allowing your previous customers to tell their stories about your business, they are endorsing your brand.

And this builds more brand trust and credibility.

#2. Position Your Brand As Authoritative

People trust statistics and factual claims.

Case histories are well-researched and build authority.

And when published, they help position a brand as an authority in its niche.

Producing thought-provoking and insightful case studies consistently make it easy to become a thought leader in your niche.

Producing a case study that highlights a well-known brand in the industry boosts your visibility.

#3. Explain How Problems Are Solved

Case histories tell the story of a problem a client had and how the company provided a solution.

For instance, your product page on your website may tell prospects what you do, but a case produces takeaways. It gives concrete data on the percentage of customers helped by uncovering specific needs.

Some customers may buy your product or service based on the sales copy.

But most of your prospects want to know the “why” behind it.

Your business success story serves as the foundation for the “why.”

#4. Identify Brand Evangelists

identifying brand evangelists for writing case studies

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The chronicle helps you to find the subjects of your narratives.

And when preparing your case study, your copywriter speaks to many people requesting them to participate. 

Those that are willing to participate in the interview for your case study are your brand evangelists. 

These individuals tell their narratives because they believe in your brand. Identifying your brand evangelists is helpful.

Because they can help improve the reputation of your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

#5. Assist Your Sales Team

Having different chronicles on your website can help your sales team.

They can tailor their recommendations prospects based on specific success stories of previous customers with similar problems. 

More than a sales copy, case studies help your sales team to close deals.

#6. Attract Customers 

One of the most effective ways of selling is to have proof of real-world examples of pain points that your company has solved. 

Your business chronicles show that your product/services work. 

Customer success stories boost the confidence of prospective customers who have to choose between your product/service and that of a competitor.

Building trust and confidence in your products/services attract more customers and sales.

#7. Case Studies Help You Gain More Media Exposure

Case histories are great conversation starters with the media.

You are offering a valuable resource in exchange for exposure.

Editors can communicate your key messages to your targeted audiences.

Much like customers, editors resound with customer success stories.

These narratives provide editors with a fact-checked resource that shows real-world examples of the solutions your brand provides.

They make the work of journalists who cover brands easy.

How Your Outsourced Copywriting Agency Writes A Case Study 

how a copywriting agency crafts case studies

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Your business customer success story is a narrative about one of your clients or customers and how you solved a problem for them. It allows your prospects to see how your solutions address their pain points.
But before you write a narrative, you must do this:

Find The Right Client/Customer For Your Business Case Study

After you've wowed a customer with how your product or service solved their problem, you have a satisfied customer.

Now you have a candidate for your business narrative.

Take advantage of your customer success story.

Document the challenge and solution in a business case history. 

And if your client has experienced outstanding results from using your services document it.

And the story would be more compelling if their issues were more complicated than most. 

Ask to see if you would be permitted to develop their story into business success stories.

Have them sign a Case Study Release Form to ensure you have documented legal permission to use the information.

Now you have one of the resources that your outsourcing copywriting agency would need for crafting your chronicle.

The Case Study Format

There are usually eight sections in a case study:

  • Synopsis/Executive Summary. Outline the purpose of the case study. 
  • Findings. Identify the problems found in the case by: 
  • Discussion. Summarise the problem/solutions.
  • Conclusion. 
  • Recommendations. 
  • Implementation. 
  • References. 
  • Appendices.

How To Promote Business Case Studies

how to promote case studies

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A customer success story is a powerful and valuable tool in your content marketing toolbox when it gets in front of the right person.

Aside from your website, give prospects every opportunity to find and read it by promoting it massively.

Here are ways to do it:

  • Website - Promote your customer success stories on your website by creating a dedicated page to promote them. Highlight relevant ones on landing pages.
  • Sales team - Arm your sales team with targeted customer success stories at their fingertips. Your sales team can promote them to prospects, highlighting how your service solved problems for your clients.
  • Include them in all proposals - Most importantly when chasing new business. Showcase your services, and use them as proof that you deliver results.
  • Newsletter - Craft a story that highlights the main points of the narrative. Insert a link in your newsletter for your subscribers to access it.
  • Webinar - Describe your customer success story to your captive webinar audience. Many potential customers want to learn more about your brand based on personal recommendations. You can also present it on a webinar featuring it as proof of the claims made about your product or service.
  • White paper - You can present a case study in a sidebar of a white paper. It can also feature as part of the narrative within the body of the white paper.
  • Sales presentation — Feature it in a sales presentation to add credibility to the benefits promised.
  • Article or blog post - Promote them on your blog. Let your audience know about your recent success in solving customer problems. Don’t forget to link to it from the blog post.
  • Email and Email signature - If your email list is segmented, send a relevant chronicle to those on the list. Add a sentence or two to your email signature, like, “Click here to see how ABC company boosted their profits by X% in less than five months.”
  • Press release - Add depth to your press releases by including links to case histories where appropriate. Use it to tell the world how one of your clients or customers solved a problem using your service or product.
  • LinkedIn - Ask your clients to add it to their testimonials as recommendations on Linkedin. Promote it on this network by posting an article and linking it to a blog post or article. Join groups that your target audience is in. And subtly promote it within the group.
  • Video - Many people prefer video or podcasts to the written word. Offer at least some of your success stories on video. 
  • Social media - Promote your customer success stories on social media. Tweet and share the most impactful quotes and stats in your narrative. Tag the featured customer in the post. Post pictures related to it on Pinterest. You can also post a video of it on YouTube.

After reading how to promote your customer success stories, you may be interested in reading other well-written chronicles for inspiration.

other case studies for inspiration

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Here are organizations that provide free access to their case studies:

Final Thoughts On Outsourced Case Studies Copywriting

Customer success stories are powerful content marketing tools for generating leads.

You get started by reaching out to a previous client, asking for permission to use them for your customer success story, and conducting an interview.

Not every brand can produce a case history that helps acquire more customers.

However, you can outsource its production. 

A seasoned professional copywriting agency will help you to be successful.

Take the first step today and reach out to us to handle the copywriting.

Our team of subject matter expert copywriters is ready and eager to craft unique, high-quality content for your next case study.

Contact our copywriting team to get started.

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