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Outsourced Copywriting: |:: How To Outsource Copywriting For Top Results

Are you considering outsourcing your copywriting and feeling overwhelmed and hesitant? 

Do you feel uncomfortable about the concept of relying on outside agencies to complete your content marketing tasks?

The discomfort with deciding whether or not to contract out your tasks comes from not knowing how the process works. 

However, it takes a lot of courage and conviction to outsource your copywriting tasks.

Outsourcing may include risks.

Therefore, deciding whether to outsource your business tasks or not should be taken seriously.

In this article, you will learn about outsourcing copywriting for top results.

You will understand what copywriting outsourcing is, its benefits, and its excellent strategies.

Also, you will get information on how to select from qualified agencies.

Moreover, you will learn how to establish project requirements and enforce a deadline for project completion.

And finally, you will understand how to outsource your copywriting safely and maximize results sooner.

Let's get started.

#1. You Need Quality Content And Lots Of It

Producing and promoting quality content increases the overall success of your marketing because it boosts the volume of quality traffic to your website.

It increases brand visibility, generates quality leads, and skyrockets sales.

A helpful, relevant, and compelling copy offers solutions to the pain points of your target audience.

Engaging and persuasive copy also helps you build trust, develop relationships, generate leads, and boost conversions.

Your target audience expects high-quality, consistent content from you.

And they want tons of fresh content consistently.

According to the State of Inbound report, content creation is a top priority for 80% of marketers. 

Additionally, content marketing accounts for 26% of B2B marketing budgets.

According to The State of Content Marketing 2020 by SEMrush, in 2020, "content marketing strategy" was the most popular Google search phrase related to content marketing. 

Successful marketing needs a solid content strategy.

And you can see it in the 2021 B2B Content Marketing 2021 Report.

In that report, nearly 80% of B2B marketers report having a content marketing strategy.

But only 43% documented their content marketing strategy. That number jumps to 60% among the most successful companies. 

However, the higher the quality of your content, the more valuable it is to your audience.

And the more relevant and helpful your content, the more likely your readers will engage with your business.

Consequently, the more your audience engages with your brand and spends time on your website, the more likely they become prospects and clients. 

Although that may be true, many small and mid-sized brands do not have a capable in-house copywriting team to generate impactful copy consistently.

So, they outsource.

#2. Why Brands Are Outsourcing Copywriting

why brands are outsourcing copywriting

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What does “outsource” mean exactly? It is the practice of hiring an outside company to perform services or produce goods for you.

Here are the top reasons why outsourced copywriting will help you meet your business goals:

Outsourcing saves time

Producing a high-quality copy takes a lot of time. You start with brainstorming the idea for the content. 

After that, you need a catchy headline and a persuasive introduction.

Then the outline, research, writing, revisions, and finding suitable images. 

However, your skilled in-house team might not have the time to handle all the tasks involved in crafting an engaging and persuasive copy.

That means that you may not produce all your content at scale.

By outsourcing your copywriting, you save time for other business tasks.

You get an outside perspective when you outsource

Outsourcing your copywriting is one huge benefit you will not get by having content produced by your in-house team. 

Because your copy needs a fresh perspective.

A copywriter without in-depth knowledge of your brand could write in a way that relates to your target audience.

In other words, an outsider with knowledge of your readers finds solutions to their pain points.

Writing from this vantage point makes it easier for your customers to understand and learn more about your business.

This well-written, customer-focused content attracts, engages, and persuades prospective customers to buy your products or services.

Outsourcing helps you get a reader-friendly content 

Everybody is not a trained professional writer. And that means that not everyone can write copy that attracts, engages, and compels readers to buy a product or service.

And if you have candidly analyzed your writing ability, you may have uncovered why your copy is not getting the traction you want.

However, outsourced professional copywriters understand how to write in your voice to connect with your customers or clients.

They are experienced in communicating your brand message in a reader-friendly manner.

When a copywriter crafts your message in a value-driven and reader-friendly way, your audience understands your business and offers better.

You get high-converting, quality SEO content

outsourcing helps you get high-converting content

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The ultimate goal of your content marketing strategy is to produce content that generates leads and sales.

In other words, you need high-quality, persuasive, top-converting content.

To put it differently, you need content that provides solutions to the pain points of your readers.

And such copy is seen on the first search engine results pages (SERPs) and converts prospects into buyers.

Experienced copywriter crafts such high-converting content.

When you work with professional outsourced copywriting agencies, the team makes sure you get the most valuable content for your business.

Moreover, if you hire an SEO copywriter on the team, you get optimized copy that ranks high on search engine results pages.

Such a copy also converts. 

You get content focused on finding customers' solutions

Your writing project starts after the outsourced agency has interviewed you and your key people about your copywriting needs and goals.

The discussions help them uncover your customer characteristics, niche, and more.

What you learn helps develop a strategy that is the backbone of your writing.

With such understanding, your content is from a strategic, customer-centered point of view.

#3. Benefits Of Outsourcing Copywriting

benefits of outsourcing copywriting to an agency

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Outsourcing helps you hire experts on different subjects

Everybody is ignorant of something. And your small in-house team is too.

Outsourcing gives you the benefit of hiring writers with expertise in different subjects. 

Copywriting agencies have a team of experts. And this allows you to choose someone knowledgeable about the subject you need.

A specialist provides more detailed information on your brand and offerings.

A contracted team benefits your target audience more than writing mainly based on information gleaned from a web search.

Outsourcing helps you publish content consistently

If you are busy juggling multiple business tasks, you will probably not have the time or resources to produce content regularly.

You might write a few blog articles but not high-quality content that is of value to your target audience. 

However, if you want to rank high on search engine results pages, you must have quality content on your website.

Search engines want you to provide solutions to the pain points of your readers by producing valuable content.

The more value you provide, the more quality backlinks you receive.

Nevertheless, to provide high-quality content consistently, a lot of brands outsource.

Outsourcing helps you scale your content

Outsourcing gives you access to on-demand content.

And this can be very beneficial when you start expanding your business.

Speedy growth and the demand for more content can overwhelm your in-house team with the additional workload.

At this point, you can contract out some of your copywriting projects to help you unload some of the work from your in-house copywriting team. 

When demand slows, you may choose to bring back the copywriting tasks to your internal team. 

Outsourcing your content writing during peak months can also help you reach a larger audience. 

Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house copywriter

outsourcing copywriting saves money

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Outsourcing is a more cost-effective way of producing content than in-house.

Hiring an in-house team of copywriters may cost you thousands of dollars per year.

And that takes into account employee holidays, compensation, insurance, and other benefits.

Additionally, the cost of IT and tools needed to produce content.

However, with outsourcing, you pay only for the content. You can scale up or down at will to meet your content needs.

And you do not have to worry about covering the cost of hiring employees or replacing IT tools.

You pay as you go for your copy.

Outsourcing gives you flexibility in running your business

With your in-house writing team, you do not get the flexibility to change your marketing or tone of voice direction if you wish.

By contracting out your writing, you have access to a team of writers, each with different styles and voices.

That gives you the freedom to experiment with what resonates with your readers. 

As mentioned above, outsourcing also gives you the flexibility to cut back on content if the demand wanes.

On the other hand, you can order more articles when you need them.

Outsourced content creation agencies work with you and your changing needs.

Outsourcing lets you experiment with different types of content

Blog articles are not the only content produced by contractors.

Some others are social media, blogs, web pages, email content, video content, whitepapers, and infographics can be outsourced.

And a combination of some of this content can boost your visibility, and generate more leads and sales.

For instance, infographics are more attention-drawing than text. You can share infographics.

Using it increases engagement, and enhances SEO and backlinks.

If your in-house team needs graphic design skills, outsourcing to a professional content production team is cost-effective.

how to outsource copywriting - infographics

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Another outsourced content type that gets a lot of engagement and high ROI is video. 

Look at these statistics and decide whether or not you should outsource video marketing:

  • 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation.
  • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
  • Animoto‘s Social Video Forecast suggests that 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media.

Outsourcing helps you get high-quality content that converts

Outsourcing SEO-optimized content saves you time and drives results.

The best SEO "outsourcing" involves a solid partnership between your in-house team and an SEO agency.

That ensures that your goals and marketing KPIs, align with your SEO efforts.  

SEO copywriting is not for the faint at heart.

And that is because SEO can be particularly complex because of the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. 

There is also fierce competition and a general lack of understanding of the field.

That can hinder your in-house team from being successful with SEO marketing. 

It can also take a while to achieve the desired results. 

Time, money, and human resources devoted to this service are some of the challenges for anyone trying to win at SEO.

However, an outsourced SEO copywriting team can generate leads and boost sales at lower costs.

#4. How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner

how to choose the right outsourcing partner

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According to Statista, $92.5 billion, is the global market size for outsourced services.

Many brands are outsourcing copywriting to save money, gain a competitive edge, function better and gain access to a great talent pool. 

How does one go about choosing an outsourcing copywriting agency?

It is not rocket science to choose an outsourcing partner.

You will need to research and talk to people within your industry.

And, most importantly, choose agencies not based on what they say but on the quality and results from the copy they have churned out.

Here are the top things to keep in mind when choosing your outsourcing vendor:

Price is always a consideration

When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. In other words, the price you pay affects the quality of work you get. 

For instance, you would not get a quality copy from a cheap writer off of Upwork, as you would from a reputable professional copywriting agency.

Having said that:

And you're not going to find a copywriter that can significantly impact organic traffic, lead generation, boost sales, and other KPIs for cheap.

That means that if you want to hire a copywriting agency that will craft helpful, engaging, and persuasive copy that converts, you need to pay a premium price for their experience and previous results.

The bottom line is this, work within your budget but don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to get what you need.

For instance, if you pay a copywriter $10,000 to write a long-form sales copy that generates $100,000 in sales, is it worth your original investment?

Adhere to your budget

how to outsource copywriting - adhere to budget

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By comparing the cost of outsourcing your copywriting to the cost of having your employees produce the copy, you can see the money saved by contracting out your tasks. 

However, don't choose lower cost over the quality and overall reliability of a content solution.

Stay away from vendors whose service-level agreements are not understandable and include hidden costs.

And make sure that your copywriting agency adheres to your budget. 

Subject matter expertise

After you have shortlisted a few agencies, pay attention to the nature of their expertise.

Importantly, find out the exact skill sets they bring to the table. You want to choose a partner that is confident about delivering on time.

That means choosing one that doesn’t mind considering your demands, even if you made them late. 

You must choose an agency with a team of subject experts that aligns with your company goals. 

Check out the quality of their overall work. Then decide if the vendor is a good fit.

Their approach toward business

Are you looking for an outsourcing partner for a long-term project? Then go beyond understanding what they can do for you.

Understand also their outlook toward business.

Even if the agency has all the tools, resources, and expertise, if it offers poor customer service, you should consider whether it will be detrimental in the long term.

Their portfolio and experience

What does the portfolio and experience of the agency look like?

The more impressive the portfolio and experience, typically the better for you.

Here’s why.

If the agency works with well-known publications and companies, its portfolio will show it.

A good portfolio and experience speak to their professionalism and capabilities. So always check out the portfolio of the agency.

#5. Understanding Copywriting Contracts

understanding outsourced copywriting contract

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After choosing a copywriting agency, you need to agree on terms of service.

That means you will sign a copywriting contract. Though the details of this will vary from agency to agency.

However, a great copywriting contract includes a payment clause, scope of work, patent rights, termination clause, project timeline, and many more.

So, be sure to include all these sections and fill in the right information.

Most large copywriting agencies charge VAT, so check whether or not this is included in your quote.

After the completion of your project, the agency sends you a final invoice for the work, which you should pay within the agreed timeframe.

#6. Preserving Your Brand Voice And Brand Tone Of Voice

An outside agency can help scale your content creation process and offer fresh perspectives that don’t exist within your organization.

Agencies have the time, tools, and expertise to produce a steady flow of fresh, high-quality content.

However, how do you delegate all the heavy lifting of content strategy, production, and distribution without sacrificing your brand’s unique voice?

Use a brand voice and a brand tone of voice. What's the difference?

Brand Voice is your brand’s overall personality.

Brand Tone of Voice is the chosen way your brand communicates with your audience.

And that includes the choice of words, communication style, and emotional tone.

This changes somewhat based on the type of content and delivery channel.

Preserve your brand voice and brand tone of voice with a written document.

The written tone of voice is simply the 'personality' of your brand or company as expressed through the written word.

The tone of voice governs what you say in writing, and how you say it. It is the content and style of textual communications, in any setting and any medium.

how to outsource copywriting considering tone of voice

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A professional and experienced outsourced copywriting agency can adapt its writing to match your brand tone and tone of voice.

#7. Effective Communication With Your Copywriting Agency

Effective communication is necessary for the success of your outsourced copywriting project.

The modern business world is evolving and so is the need of every modern workplace.

With technology, you have the freedom to stay connected to your copywriter and your project regardless of the actual location. 


Use ProofHub to collaborate and manage projects every day.

It can be used to share files, manage calendars, project templates, task scheduling, access control, reporting & statistics, time tracking by project, document storage, and more.

Integrations: Box, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, and FreshBooks.


It is an easy-to-use team collaboration tool. You get secure unlimited messaging free forever.

It has a document-sharing feature for sharing briefs and procedures.


HipChat makes it easy for your team to work better together and share ideas, updates, code, and files in real time, anywhere. 

Here are other suggested ways of communicating:


Email is great for sending documents and general correspondence that doesn’t need an immediate response.

Email is best for sending copywriting briefs, order details, clarifications, or other details with a large amount of information that doesn't require an immediate response.


WhatsApp chat makes up for some of the drawbacks of email, as a text is more likely to be checked, and responded to more quickly.

One of the drawbacks is that the messages are shorter and you’ll have to get the writer’s cell number.

And the writer will have your cell phone number too.


For instant communication, Zoom and other video VOIP services are the way to go.

You can place calls directly from your computer or cell phone, getting both audio and video so you can talk to your copywriter in real time. 


If you really want to get in touch with your copywriter, you can pick up the phone and call. Phone calls can be incredibly effective. 

One of your first conversations with your copywriter should be about how you’ll communicate during the project.

Find out what your copywriter prefers and share your preferences, then work toward a middle ground.

#8. How About Confidentiality?

how to outsource copywriting - confidentiality

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As you discuss your copywriting needs with your outsourced agency, you may have unintentionally revealed privileged information.

Such information is not for public use or to be shared with the public.

Also, you don’t want it to become public knowledge how much you are paying for your copywriting, or that your content was outsourced.

Professional copywriting agencies understand this need for confidentiality.

Importantly, all reputable agencies will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

An NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, is a contract by which one or more parties agree not to disclose confidential information that they have shared with each other as a necessary part of doing business together.

Employees of these agencies are also generally required to sign NDAs before commencing work.

#9. The Copywriting Process

how to outsource copywriting - the copywriting process

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Once you get in touch by filling out our order, here are the steps we take to produce and deliver your copy:

You get ordering

After we get the answers to our questionnaire, we create a brief with all your details, requirements, and needs for your content. 

The copywriting brief includes everything your writer needs to know to deliver copy that achieves your project objectives.

That means that it includes the type of copy, the marketing or conversion objectives you're setting for this project, deadlines, audience information, and more.

The brief helps us learn about you, your business, and your target audience.

It also lets us know the details of the writing project, and much more.

With a completed brief, we craft a comprehensive proposal for you.

It includes the scope of work, projected timeline, quotation, project authorization, and finally, terms & conditions.

Acceptance of proposal

After you read and approve the proposal, you sign and pay the required deposit.

1st draft of copy

We start writing the first draft of your project. And for big projects like websites, we write a sample page.

This helps us to see if you’re happy with the overall tone and style of the copy before we write the rest of the content.

1st client review of draft

With the review of the first draft, we get feedback. We expect unfiltered honest feedback.

After we receive your feedback, we make any changes to the copy and send it for another review and feedback.

2nd client review

This is your second chance to tweak and revise the copy.

We suggest that you be as thorough as possible with this process.


You pay for any changes after the second review.

Production of final content

how to outsource copywriting - final copy

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After we've made any necessary changes from the second review, we send you the final copy and the project finalization form.

Project finalization

You sign and accept the finished product. We also sign the copyright for the copy over to you.

Transfer of copyright

We retain the copyright during writing.

Once the final invoice is paid and the project finalization form is signed, we transfer the copyright to you.

#10. Conclusion

With more than 600 million online blogs and counting, consumers expect businesses to produce a regular stream of meaningful quality content.

It matters to search engines that they find a copy that answers search queries. 

However, not all businesses have the time, resources, or skills to produce this copy in-house.

And on the other hand, it can be tough to find a reliable outsourced partner. 

By carefully choosing your outsourcing partners, you can add considerable value to your ongoing projects.

And this enhances business efficiency and reduces costs. 

Having said that, partner with a team that is willing to share your vision as well as your risks.

Choosing a copywriting agency that produces converting copy will propel you to success. 

If you are building your content strategy and thinking about outsourcing your copywriting or you would like further advice contact us.

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