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Do You Know These 15 Simple DIY Blogging Tricks?

Are your blog posts getting the kinds of engagements and clicks as those in your niche? Do you feel frustrated that people find the blog posts of your competition before they see yours?

The internet is super crowded, and most blogs feel like a needle in a haystack.

And then you start to wonder: how are you supposed to stand out, writing about the same old stuff with no results?

Seriously, candidly and sincerely, how can you beat your blogging competition by becoming an insanely awesome and better blogger?

Can you beat your blogging competition by becoming a better blogger?

In this article, you will learn simple and easy ways to out-blog your competition. You will also learn simple tricks you will use to leave your competition in the dust.

That means that you have to write epic killer posts that are relevant, likable, valuable, and shareable.

After that, the content must be shared and promoted to be seen by more eyes than your competition.

However, to have a blog with better engagements than your competition is not going to be easy.

It requires a lot of work.

But the results are rewarding.

Today, online competition is immensely fierce.

If you will recall, just a few years ago, marketing gurus suggested that you had to be on social media to beat your competition.

Now, the whole world is on social media, along with your competition.

So what else can you do?

Being on every social media platform out there is no longer enough (or necessary).

Now, it is better to evaluate what you do with those accounts.

The secret of running a successful blog is to know your audience first.

Apart from delivering great content, a blogger must also understand who they are writing the article to.

Writing great successful blog articles is more than picking a topic and rolling with it.

The better prepared you are as a blogger, the more successful you will be.

So how do you use killer blog posts to shatter your competition, leaving them in the dust? 

Here we go:

#1. Know Your Target Audience Before Writing

know your target audience before writing

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Know your target audience before you even think of beginning your blogging journey.

That involves understanding the specifics and details of your target audience.

With such understanding, you can write in the proper tone of voice to address the pain points of your target audience.

Knowing your audience helps you to write about what is relevant to them and what is not.

This knowledge helps you constantly evaluate your work to speak to the right readers and address their needs.

Therefore, know:

  • How old is your audience?
  • Where do they live?
  • Are they primarily male or female?
  • How educated is your audience?
  • What does your audience do for a living?
  • The answers to these questions help you understand the needs of your readers and how best to address them.
  • The category and niche of your blog determine the demographics of your audience.

#2. Create Interest And Excitement With Engaging Headlines

craft engaging headlines

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Create content that is useful to people and optimized for Google search.

And that is why you need to nail the headline before shattering your competition.

Headlines sell the content.

That is why your headline has to grab the attention of your audience.

It also needs to arouse interest and stay amazingly powerful.

You find such headlines in search engine result pages, email, and social media.

According to Kissmetrics, out of all the folks who read your headline, only 20% will read the article copy.

Whether for email subject lines, blog posts, eBooks, or webinars, you need a powerful, sexy headline to make readers swoon.

Interestingly, online article headlines are exceedingly tricky – they need to be both SEO keywords friendly, as well as unique and creative.

When well crafted, you get compelling, irresistible, and super clickable headlines.

Most internet users roam and scan through nearly a hundred headlines before they read a blog article.

Question: 'What is it that makes you decide to read one story over another?' 

Answer: The headline. 

A headline seduces as it excites.

What makes a killer headline? 

Here are a few elements that would help you create your very own killer titles.

  • Surprise – This Is Not a Perfect Blog Post (But ----------)
  • Ask Questions – Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Blog Post?
  • Curiosity Gap – 10 Ingredients in a Perfect Blog Post. Number 9 Is Impossible!
  • Use Negatives – Never Write a Boring Blog Post Again
  • Incorporate Numbers – 10 Tips to Creating a Perfect Blog Post
  • Audience Referencing – For People on the Verge of Writing the Perfect Blog Post
  • Specificity – The 6-Part Process to Getting Twice the Traffic to Your Blog.

#3. Craft A Compelling Introductory Sentence That Seduces Your Audience

After crafting your compelling headline, what if your opening is so boring that nobody wants to read it?

Since you are fighting for attention in a most crowded and distracted online space, you need to grab and then keep your audience engaged.

That means that your introductory sentence dazzles your blog readers so that they ignore online distractions.

Hypnotize them with quality content.

But how can we pull readers into our blog posts to keep them reading?

Here are suggestions for crafting an opening sentence.

Empathize With Your Audience

Some bloggers show empathy with a killer question that addresses the needs of their audience directly.

Promise Your Reader Benefits

Why would they care to read what you are writing unless it addresses their immediate needs?

Reassure Your Audience

  • Some of your readers may think that the solutions you provide are hard to implement.
  • It is time to reassure your audience that your blog offers a simple trick, a secret tip, or easy formula.

#4. Write In A Conversational Style

write blogs in conversational English

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Conversational English is the language of business.

It is also the language of the Internet.

That means writing the way you speak, even if that means stretching or breaking a few rules of grammar.

Advantages of using a conversational style of writing for your blog posts:

  • It helps you build an immediate bond with your audience.
  • When you write the way you speak, you make it easier for your readers to relate to you as a human.
  • You seem more credible to your audience.
  • When you write in a conversational style, you write in your natural voice.
  • And your writing is not strained but convincing.
  • You communicate better with your audience by writing conversationally.

#5. Deliver More Useful And Unique Content

Seasoned copywriters write copy that appeals to their target audience but optimized it for search engines. 

And for a successful blog article, your content needs to be unique, engaging, and convincing.

In other words, your blog should be a reflection of your great passion for writing, expertise, and brand voice.

Some content categories you can blog about are:

Entertainment Blogging

An entertainment blog could cover Television shows, stories about people from the media industry, funny fiction stories, and even event coverage.

You can blog about video games, movies, television shows, books, and music.

There are many niche blogging sites in any of those entertainment categories.

People visit those sites to look for laughs, gossip, and fun conversations.

Education Blogging

Education blog has become more popular with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An education blog is simply a blog for educational purposes.

An education blog is an instructional and educational online resource hub.

There are Instructor weblogs and Student weblogs.

The categories for these blogs are endless!

#6. Use Visual Content Generously


If you are serious about shattering your competition, your content must have solid visuals.

Such visuals will include multimedia such as long- and short-form videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as captivating graphics for your blog content.

A brilliant way of using visual content is creating anchor content for your blog post and then breaking it into contextual pieces.

The pieces are customized and posted to each of your social media platforms.

For instance, you can create one long video and have it embedded into a blog post.

Tweet the video with graphics, with a tip from it shared as a graphic on Instagram and a Pinterest quote.

This traffic will lead to the blog content.

The blog skyrockets your engagements.

Creating anchor content for your website and breaking it into contextual pieces to natively post to each platform will be essential.

For example, one long video will be embedded into a blog post and tweeted with graphics, and a tip shared as a graphic on Instagram and a Pinterest quote.

These will all lead to the blog content.

When you combine text with visual elements, your content can go viral. 

Therefore, focus on creating mind-blowing visual content.

Your audience will gladly do the heavy lifting for you.

#7. Show That You Care More

show that you care

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Create content that shows that you care, and more people will read your blog.

That is why when people read your blog post, view an infographic, or even watch a video — they want an answer to the question that is keeping them up at night.

Show that you care more than your competition by providing the answers that they want fast.

Show that you care about your audience by writing in a persuasive conversational tone.  

Address what is keeping your readers awake at night.  

Or provide information that is useful to them.

They also see that you care when you respond promptly to their comments and email messages.

Show that you care about your content. Craft trustworthy information consistently. Such information should meet the expectations of your target audience.

The performance of your blog by monitoring your blog analytics and using the insight gained in writing and publishing more of the same content that your audience loves.

Monitor the blog of your competitors,  the contents and engagements.

As you do, you use that information to enhance your blog posts.

Monitor your online reputation making sure that it is positive and accurate.

#8. Be More Trustworthy And Reliable

For a blog that knocks off your competition, you must be trustworthy and convincing.

That would make people come back and read more of your articles.

Your blog readers want to trust you if you are trustworthy.

And that means creating blog articles that show you as competent, honest, and reliable. 

You trust your doctor because of the caring and understanding way he answers your health questions. 

Also, journalists who provide evidence and sources for their stories are trusted.

And readers trust them more when they publish prompt corrections if they get things wrong.

Similarly, your audience would trust you if your blog articles have answers to their pain points.

And you so consistently and with authority.

Therefore, being more trustworthy, reliable, and engaging than your competition positions you to attract and retain more visitors to your blog posts.

#9. Blog About A Subject You Are Passionate About

blog about your passion

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It is always beneficial to write about something you are very passionate about because even when you try to fake it, your audience would readily see through all that insincerity.

There are several reasons why you have to write about things that you are passionate about. 

Here are just a few of them:

  • Your research will be more effective on a subject you have a passion for. 
  • If you have passion for what you write, you do so with conviction.
  • You can write consistently about what you love.
  • You are more likely to promote an article written with passion.

#10. Optimize Your Blog Articles To Be Ranked High

For your blog posts to rank high in the organic search results of search engines, they have to be optimized. 

That means that you write articles that humans love but and optimized for search engines.

In other words, if you want to get new visitors to your website, then your audience needs to find your articles.

And finding you means that your articles rank high on the Google search result page.

Therefore, before you publish a blog post that rocks, make sure that it is optimized for SEO by:

  • Creating a Meta description for your blog post.
  • Checking your content for keywords.
  • Creating a Meta description for your blog post.
  • Optimizing your images for SEO by using file names, captions, and alt tags for words.
  • Linking to other blog posts on your website.

#11. Introduce Fresh Perspectives On Blog Topics

To breathe new life and add fresh perspectives to your blog articles, you must have other blog authors on your team who see your niche from different angles.

Just as you would benefit by writing as a guest author on other blogs, you also benefit by having other authors post their articles on your blog.

You get:

  • More exciting content variety.
  • Opportunities for you to be a guest blogger.
  • To build relationships with influencers in your niche.
  • Time to rest up a little bit from writing.
  • To build relationships with influencers in your niche.

#12. Promote Your Content Massively And Ruthlessly On Social Media

promote blog on social media

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The most efficient way to beat your blogging competitors is to get more people to your blog posts by posting your content on social media.

As you build solid relationships with your visitors and people all over the social media platforms, they will start sharing your content on their own personal social media channels.

Additionally, connect with online influencers in your niche who can help boost your online authority.

You get a boost when they share your content and indirectly endorse it.

As you continue to build these relationships, more people will start sharing your blog articles.

This singular act will boost the sharing of your blog content, skyrocket your blog engagements and increase traffic to your blog.

Social media content can spread like wildfire.

So post your blog content on different social media networks.

#13. Make It Easy To Share Your Content

If you create compelling, relevant, and persuasive content, your readers might share it with others.

One of the ways to help your audience share your content with their networks is by incorporating share buttons on your website or even pre-written emails that they can send to their networks.

#14. Content Is No Longer King, Epic Content Is

It used to be that every content or digital marketer would tell you that content is king.

High-quality content that is helpful and persuasive is king.

And what gets results and shatters your competition is writing well-optimized, compelling, useful keyword-rich content.

Additionally, such well-crafted content is the quickest and still the least expensive way to skyrocket your sales and build your business and brand.

#15. Agency Vs. In-House

Agency team bloggers

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One of the questions many brands face regarding their blogging or social media is: 

Should I use an agency or have the job done in-house?

You will agree with me that there are passionate opinions about each option.

Hiring a social media specialist whose job description includes blogging ensures that the messaging of your brand is on-point.

Not only that, but it also makes it easy for all your information to be accurate, cohesive, and timely with your unique tone of voice.

However, many brands do not have the time, resources, or expertise needed for a solid content marketing team.

Therefore, their in-house team can not handle their blogging professionally and effectively to crush their competition.

If you are ready to hire a copywriting agency that meets your needs for your blog writing, contact us.

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