Article Writer And Blogger Job Description

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“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”- Lee Odden

Are you looking for an article writing job?

Can you write articles that help a brand stand out amid the terrible online clutter and noise?

Can you tell compelling stories that will move any target audience to buy products or services?

The beauty of being an excellent writer is that there are tons of websites and they all have texts.

And when you add the skyrocketing number of online news platforms, you would agree with me that we can't have enough of professional article writers or bloggers.

If you think that you can craft an epic article that can become a powerful differentiator for our clients' brands, then we are eager to hear from you.

Your Detailed Job Description

Our team is looking for remote article writers with a an awesome passion for storytelling/scriptwriting and a ruthless interest for social media.

We will work together on creating articles and email campaigns that will be sent weekly for our clients.

Such content covers a range of topics under the overall theme of brand-development and peak performance. 

You should understand the way people interact and write in a conversational, friendly tone.

You should be able to take an outline of an article and turn it into a well-developed piece using your storytelling and copywriting skills. 

We are looking for one writer to work together with me on a long-term basis. You can do this work from anywhere and at any time.

You need to be able to hit deadlines, take constructive criticism and be able to talk over the phone or video chat.

How To Apply:

Please submit your resume here.

  • Please make the subject title your full name followed by the job you are applying for.

  • You should be able to provide examples of other places where you have written.

    Additionally, your social media profiles (LinkedIn & Facebook), and include three examples of work that you are most proud of.

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