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Do you want to hire a Lagos, Nigeria outsourced social media management and copywriting agency? Are you eager to skyrocket your social media presence, get tons of leads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest so that you can make more money? Anaconda Marketing agency is a social media consulting agency, and a HubSpot certified inbound marketing partner.


We specialize in:


You get an outsourced social media management team, uniquely qualified in inbound marketing, social media marketing and management, article writing, brand development, growth hacking, content creation, and influencer marketing.



Our creative experts create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for top-performing businesses.

Social Media Management Services You Get

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outsourced social media management cost

Do you know how much it costs to outsource social media management? You see, the price that companies and organizations pay for social management or marketing for that matter differs from one company or agency to another.


That is why when you Google the cost of outsourcing social media management, you readily discover that the price or cost ranges anywhere from $99 to $9999 per month on average or more.


You may then ask why such disparity in pricing?



Our Team


director of marketing

Wilson Moore

Director Of Marketing


social media manager

Amaka Ekwe

Social Media Manager


social media director

Paul Chima

Social Media Director


website designer

Bolaji Oyelakin

Website Design | Graphic|s


medical article writer

Dr Neil Gupta

Medical Writer


Medical writer

Dr A. C. Ejeogo

Medical Writer


Engagement manager

'Dynamic' Ayo

Social Engagement Manager


social media analyst

Ms Sunday

Digital Media Assistant




Hubspot Certifications


hubspot social media certification

Social Media

See credentials


Hubspot content marketing certification

Content Marketing

See credentials


HUbspot email marketing certification

Email Marketing

See credentials


Hubspot inbound certification

Inbound Sales

See credentials


Hubspot inbound certified


See credentials


Hubspot inbound marketing certified

Inbound Marketing

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Are You Ready To Hire An Outsourced Social Media Management Agency?


Are you in need of a social media management agency that would boost the online presence of your small or mid-sized business? You can trust our Lagos, Nigeria agency. We are a leading outsourced social media management service provider with more than 10 years of productive experience with a team of passionate, energetic and savvy social media specialists.


Start generating insane leads with your target market by giving us a call at +234 080 331-75396 (call or WhatsApp) — or contact us online!



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Anaconda Marketing with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing can deliver the results you want. We work with clients in the U.S, Canada, Australia, UK and Nigeria to help them get and keep more customers and clients.

We specialize in Web Design, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Marketing, Article Writing and more.

With our ability to pivot as fast as internet trends, we deliver the right content in the right context on a comprehensive scale.

Our Digital Marketing Agency is designed for speed and efficiency to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s brands.

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