The Definitive Guide To Outsourced Social Media Management, Pricing And Packages

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Are you considering using an outsourced social media management agency to skyrocket your online presence and boost the sale of your goods or sevices?

Let's be honest here.

With your busy schedule, do you have the time, budget and resources to manage effectively your relevant and still so many social media networks and then get the results you envisioned?

Seriously, do you really have the time to analyze the metrics of all your social media activities and then tweak your strategic marketing plan with awesome data-driven insights and perhaps go viral?

Importantly, is your in-house social media management team trained and empowered to use the awesome power of social media management strategies to catapult the sale of your products or services?

Am I asking too many questions considering your bloated schedule?

Please bear with me.

Though it does not cost money to join most social media networks, outsourced social media management that gets results costs time and yes, money.

As a marketer or business owner, you already know that using social media marketing to your advantage is critical, but do you know how to maximize the impact of your social media marketing campaigns?

Do you know what your goals should be, and how to achieve them?

Whether you want to be or you are already managing an amazing social media strategy, finding a successful outsourced social media management agency that would meet your goals is very important.

As you look for an awesome social media management agency, you have probably noticed that there are insanely many pricing options and practically limitless packages for you to choose from.

However, if you need a reputable and trustworthy social media management agency with a track record of results, you’ll need to research a little deeper.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to review the different social media options available and the costs associated with each of these services.

What are you looking for? What social media packages are important to your niche? What is a fair price for social media management?

Interestingly, this whole social media management pricing and packaging strategies are broken down in cornbread language like they say in Alabama, USA. It is simplified and all you have to do is keep reading.

You will learn and be impressed with our social media marketing packages and pricing. Then I get into the juicy part - reviewing the pros and cons.

Let's get quickly into ...

What Are Your Social Media Options?

As you go about researching for a suitable social media agency to outsource your social media accounts, you are presented with many options.

The mere number of options might make the decision unpleasant and overwhelming. 

With social media management, it seems that there is a social media manager for everyone.

There are virtual assistants who post an update on your Facebook page a few times a week, to full-service digital marketing agencies that handle every aspect of your online branding and marketing.

As you have noticed, there are suitable programs for everyone.

What Is Your Social Media Goal?

social media goal

It is impossible to have an effective social media marketing solution without a solid strategy. That is why it is important that you have a social media plan that rocks!

Once you are clear on your priorities and objectives, it becomes ridiculously easy for you to narrow down your search for a result-oriented agency.

After you’ve made sure of the outcomes you desire, you can begin to structure an effective social media program that is tailored to your niche.

At this juncture, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits you get from a professional social media management agency:

  • #1. You Get A consistent, Engaging And On-Time Presence

  • An effective agency makes sure that when your site visitors land on your page, your web page looks current and authoritative.

    In addition, your compelling, relevant and useful content positions you as the expert in your field that you are.

If this is the goal that you want to achieve, all you need might be timely, relevant updates posted on your social media page(s) at least several times each week.

The point is that if all you want is a consistent, engaging and on-time presence, then a social media management package that focuses exclusively on the content development and daily posting may be adequate.

Such posts may include ones that highlight your expertise, deliver current industry news & trends, and share value with your target audience.

  • #2. Increased Awareness Of Your Brand

    Do you want your target audience to think of your brand or company when they search the internet for similar products or services that you provide?

    Do you want your site visitors to think of you as the expert and thought leader in your niche?

Those are achievable goals if, in addition to content development and routine posting on your multiple social media platforms, you reach out daily to your target audience.

The best way to achieve this is by empowering the accounts' manager to proactively engage with your connections and target audience.

If you provide consistent, relevant and useful content, you will be able to keep your name in front of your current followers.

However, in order for you to reach new prospects and increase your brand awareness, your social media package must include a strong engagement component.

  • #3. Build Stronger Relationships With Your Current Community

  • It is important that you build and maintain a solid relationship with your audience.

Just like in real life, cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships requires regular and proactive communication.

In order to achieve those noble goals, your social media package should include outreach, engagement, and rapport-building elements.

  • #4. You Get Community Growth

  • Your current social media connections are not enough. The larger the audience to connect with the better, but they need to be the right people.

Whether you already have a solid booming business or you're still mulling over a business plan, one of the keys to your lasting success is building a base of loyal customers and brand evangelists.

It takes time and effort to develop tribes of loyal customers and brand evangelists. That is why we make it clear to our clients that such a noble goal is a journey, not a destination.

To gain the trust and patronage of community members requires trust, investment of time, resources, content that inspires and connects.

Additionally, it requires proper research, planning, execution, agility and patience to build a social community in an ever-changing ecosystem.

The more you invest in the community, the greater the return will be for you both personally and professionally.

  • #5. You Get Insane Traffic To Your Website

  • A thriving social media presence is great, but you have much more control over content and sales on your website. You want to drive traffic from your social platforms to your website.

Make sure the posts being published on your social media pages are strategic. Driving traffic to your website requires a deliberate approach, including useful, relevant, compelling content and thoughtful timing.

If you aren’t posting regular blog articles to your site, you may want to consider including the outsourcing of this component in your social media package, as well.

  • #6. Tons Of Conversions

  • Nothing matters to you except turning followers into leads or sales. (If this is your only objective, you’ll need more than just social media to fill out your marketing pie.)

Talk to potential social media agencies about your conversion objectives. They will help you decide what is realistic, and what is needed to reach your goals.

For conversions, consider injecting social media ads to complement your organic campaigns.

Social Media Management Packages

Most social media management agencies offer several package levels, ranging from posting content on a single platform to a comprehensive, social management program that spans multiple networks.

Defining your brand’s needs (see above) will determine how much you’ll need to spend. For most small businesses, a package containing one post a day of relevant content is the minimum needed to keep your brand fresh and updated.

You will often see package levels that include the following (in increasing price order):

Content only – posted X times/month, week, day.

Direct interaction with your followers – X times/month, week, day.

Outreach to attract new followers, media attention, potential partners – X times/month, week, day.

Strategy – with monthly/weekly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjusting to constantly improve results.

Social Media Management Pricing

social media management cost

Why do some agency packages cost $100 / month (or less), and some cost upwards of multiple thousands/month?

Well, the pricing has to do with several factors:

  • How much work are you asking the agency to do for you?

  • Can any of the work be automated (vs. needing a human being to personally do the work)?

  • How much of the work requires real-time activity vs. pre-scheduling the work for the week or month?

  • Are you happy with general posts, or do you want custom-branded posts written in your voice?

  • How much strategy and research is involved on a monthly basis?

  • How often are strategic adjustments made on your campaigns?

We’ve seen prices as low as $50 / month or lower for generic posts. These are automated programs that spit outposts according to topics you choose.

The posts are not specific to your company or brand and are not written in your voice, but they may give some value to your audience.

Don’t expect any relationship building or increased engagement with these posts, and since the links don’t go to your website, you won’t see any web traffic.

For about $100 a month, you can have custom-branded posts written in your voice and posted once a day to one social network.

These posts are terrific for keeping your pages fresh and current. If you add your own engagement, you can keep your brand top-of-mind with your community.

$200 – $500 / month will get you upgraded posting (more research, added visuals, strategic links), posting more often, or posting on more than one network.

Engagement and outreach to increase your network, build relationships, attract attention, and drive website traffic will usually cost you $600 and up / per social media platform.

The investment depends upon the number of social platforms you want to be on, how quickly you want to increase your visibility, how much direct outreach is involved, and how often your campaigns are analyzed and tweaked.

For the most part, a full-service social media campaigns will often come with an investment of several thousand dollars/month.

A comprehensive, multi-platform social media program might include the creation, implementation, and management of an integrated content marketing and social media marketing campaign.

The goal of such a strategy could be expanding brand recognition and visibility on multiple social networks.

Additionally, it might include attracting targeted prospects to value-rich blog content and using Social Media to help you build a growing pipeline of prospects and customers.

The Bottom Line

An experienced and professional social media management agency has the time, tools, resources, and expertise to manage your social media marketing accounts. Not only that, but you get the results you envisioned.

When making your selection, it’s imperative to not only ask about pricing but check out their social media work and satisfied customers.

No matter what you are paying, you must trust the agency with whom you are working.

Do you have any other questions about hiring a social media agency?

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