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Do you want a robust online presence that uses social media marketing strategies effectively and brilliantly to skyrocket your marketing in ridiculously insane ways?

A few years ago many marketers and business owners would be responding to that question with another question – ‘what is social media marketing?’

Today, at least most business owners and marketers appreciate and welcome the chilling effect that social media marketing has made in the lives of the digital consumer.

The effect has been compounded by the use of mobile digital devices.

When you consider that “for 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion,” (Statista ) you can readily see the awesome opportunity awaiting you in the social media landscape.

Can you just imagine the mind-blowing opportunities?

Mike Rosa, the director of marketing at 180Fusion must have had those benefits of social media marketing in mind as he explains beautifully how social media has become an integral part of the way consumers engage with those they buy goods or services from or just for information and entertainment.

His words - "More and more, we're becoming a little bit wary of traditional advertising. We're being conditioned to push it to the side and ignore it, the same way you would ignore anyone who is only saying the best things about themselves.

We're much more likely to take referrals and reviews from people that we know and trust. That's where we turn to social media, to find out who else has had a great experience with buying that service or product.

If small businesses want to compete, if they want to level the playing field with their competitors, if they don't want to lose ground, they have to be participating in social media.

The way that people buy things is changing. There's no way around that, there's no way to circumvent the change in behavior." — Mike Rosa, 180Fusion

Even though there are mind blowing online marketing opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, not many are milking these opportunities. Why?

Well, the trick is in knowing and using effectively the online marketing tools specific for each of the social media platforms that is relevant to you, your business or organization.

Doing so with the ultimate goal of delivering the best return on your investment. This is where the services of a professional social media consultant come in handy.

Who Is A social Media Consultant?

A Social Media Consultant helps companies, organizations and individuals use social media for online advertising, marketing or branding. It could be an individual or an agency.

A social media marketing agency or consultant is importantly the online eyeballs, ears and voice of the individual, business or organization that is consulting with it.

Since your marketing can’t be left to chance, that means that you need an agency that can boost your brand awareness, skyrocket your website human traffic and catapult your bottom line.

Your effective and brilliant social media consultant does all those things we’ve mentioned while keeping the reputation of your company top-of-mind.

By now you're probably wondering why you would actually hire a social media consultant for your business instead of having your capable secretary monitor Facebook and the other social media networks.

Alternatively, why not bring an intern or a college student for a couple of semesters just to set up your social media accounts for you?

Absolutely not. Not in this life time. Never.

If you are tempted to hire a teenager or you are just thinking about pawning your social media marketing off as an extra duty to one of your employees who has absolutely no experience, you need to quit that line of thought right now! 

This can cost your business big time.

It should be noted that social media marketing is not for the faint at heart. It is not an aspect of marketing that should be left to dabblers to handle.

It is true that it is complicated, but it can skyrocket your business in so many sweet ways. Should you hire an outsourced social media management agency? Read more here

Why Companies Outsource Social Media Marketing 

  • To avoid being sued.
  • To avoid a PR nightmare.
  • To be able to have actual number analytics.
  • It takes a lot of time to manage social media accounts.
  •  Social media strategies and trends are constantly changing.
  • It’s expensive to hire an experienced social media manager.
  • The skills needed are often considered “specialty skills” (like advertising or audience development)

You can find out how to hire an effective social media management agency here.

Hire Only A Consultant You Can Trust

It is of the utmost importance that you remember that your social media marketing agency or consultant will be creating messages for your brand. 

Some hire someone just to “handling” their social media accounts. An unintended consequence of hiring just someone to 'handle' your social media accounts is expensive.

This is so because anything your so called social media 'handler' posts on your behalf might be the first or it could be the last content your audience sees from your brand.

With so much to lose by hiring just anybody to 'handle' your social media accounts, you can see why it makes all the sense in the world to hire a social media agency consultant you can trust.

Social Media Marketing Choices That Will Make You Money

You can choose from any of our tailored services.

Social Media Account Set Up

It has been said that first impression matters a lot. It is true in social media too.

The most effective way we help our clients make that memorable first impression is by crafting an amazingly professional looking pages.

This is done on all the different social media platforms where they are present. Beautifully designed social media pages attract people who follow or connect with you.

When they follow your accounts, they are more likely to read what you share and visit your website that is on all your accounts.

If that is the only service you want from us, we would be glad to provide that service for you.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service involves posting your social media updates on behalf your behalf.

The most important and demanding aspect of social media management is creating a marketing plan or management strategy.

Equally important is posting relevant, useful and shareable updates that will attract your target audience so as to engage them.

Further, the updates are carefully selected or curated so as to reflect the brand.

For the posts to get the most eye balls, they need to be sent out at the right time.

Other tasks involved in social media management include liking, following people, creating engaging visual content, responding to comments, studying analytics, creating reports and keeping your clients updated on the progresses you have made.

How do you go about hiring an outsourced social media management agency? Get the gist here.

Social Media Audits

Social media audits are so important for the success of your social media marketing that we put them on our list as 'Job 1'.

This important information helps us to understand how well your current social media strategy is working for you.

Part of that research is noting the number of followers that the accounts have.

Then we use great social media analytics tools to measure follower growth, traffic referrals, unfollows, posting frequency and engagement levels.

Moreover, we then compare this against the industry social media statistics (norm) and the competitors to see how well the company is performing.

The audits help estimate if the company is doing the right thing to achieve its goals.

Social Media Strategy

The social media audit is usually followed by a social media strategy.

This is the outline of what the company is doing wrong and the steps that we would need to take in order to accomplish their marketing goals.

The devil is in the details - we detail what they should do with their social media accounts as well as their website.

While we do the audits for companies that we manage their accounts, others hire us only to prepare the strategy for them to implement themselves.

We also perform an audit at regular intervals like every month or quarterly to see if the they are progressing. This is our most expensive service as it requires a lot of work.

Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting or coaching is when we speak to the client face to face or over the phone or Skype.

We listen to their business problems and tell them what they need to do in order to improve their social media marketing results.

Social Media Advertising

Organic social media marketing will not be sufficient for many businesses as the competition is intense.

Therefore, it will be necessary for them to invest in advertising. Our team will help you get the most of your social media advertising dollars. This includes setting up landing pages and funnels.

We focus mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin advertising. As 65.5% of the $23.68 billion spent on advertising in 2015 was spent on Facebook ads, 8.8% was spent on Twitter ads and 3.8% on Linkedin ads.

Pinterest promoted pins were recently released to the public, therefore ad spend on the network might grow this year.

Content Creation And Management

Content creation and social media management go hand in hand as content helps build trust with the audience.

Many businesses are investing heavily in content marketing. Currently they are spending close to $200 billion.

This number is expected to rise to $313 billion in 2019. This includes services like writing white papers, blog posts, ebooks and designing infographics, slides, etc.

Some companies, organizations outsource expert content management. Our content managers create strategies, write, publish and promote your content. We do tons of content marketing work.

Workshops And Speaking

Social media workshops and speaking involve organizing workshops where we teach a group of people how to get better at social media marketing.

These can either last half a day or a full day. Sometimes we even team up with other social media managers and organize one together.

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