How Important Are Social Media Packages?

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Your Social Media Brand Identity Matters!

Are you overwhelmed by the different number of social media platforms that your audience is on and how to get started on them? If your answer is yes, you're not alone.

Happily, if you don’t already have a completed professionally looking social media presence for your business, our social media setup service will help you get started.  

Our professional social media setup service will set you up with your initial accounts, images, graphics and profiles on social media platforms that your target audience is found.

A properly completed social media profile that incorporates your logo with a professionally designed social media graphics sends an unmistakable message to your audience that you are serious about social media marketing and your brand, period.

Additionally, it tells your audience that you care about how your company or brand is represented and perceived on the internet. When done correctly and professionally, social media platforms can be informative as well as build trust with your target audience.

It should be noted that the way the message and the graphics on your social media platforms are perceived are as important as the homepage of your website. Further, a professionally designed social media account enhances your branding.

Anaconda Marketing offers custom, high-quality social media graphics packages for all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google+, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

What We Do

  • Using your logo and graphics, we set up your business accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, including background images and keywords rich profile texts.

  • Then, we set up your company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. We hope that you understand that social media company pages are different from the standard personal pages.

  • After we set up your accounts, we show you how to log in, read, and update your accounts. If you want us to manage your social media accounts, please read our social media management pricing.

What We Need From You

This should be ridiculously simple. We need your vector graphics and all the images that you want on your social media platforms. The person that designed your graphics can always email them to us.

If you are like most of our clients, you have your own logo and standard graphics. As soon as we get them, we incorporate them into your professionally looking social media accounts. In a nutshell we need:

Tutoring And Training

As part of our standard setup service, we’ll show you exactly how to access, read, and use every social media account that we've set up for you. Our experience with past clients ranges from just sending links and user names and passwords to looking over your shoulder while you do it.

Getting Started

To get started, Contact us.

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