Are You Using A Social Media Consultant? Why You Should

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Are you using a social media consultant to amplify your brand's awareness and to stand out in the ever-increasing-noisy social media landscape? What if you could find an easier and most effective way to implement a result-oriented social media strategies, would you embrace it?

Today, at least most business owners and marketers appreciate and welcome the incredibly chilling effect that social media marketing, in particular, has made in the lives of online digital consumers. This effect has been compounded by the use of mobile digital devices.

Importantly, when you consider that “for 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion”, you can readily see an insane virtual goldmine of opportunity awaiting you in the social media landscape. (Statista )

However, even though there are tremendous marketing opportunities for the small and medium-sized businesses, not many are milking these opportunities. You might be asking the same question that many have asked and that is - why are some businesses and organizations not effective in using social media?

Well, the trick is in knowing which appropriate tools or relevant sites will deliver the best return on investment. It goes even deeper than that. The beauty is in using that awesome insight in crafting amazing social media strategies that deliver results by boosting the bottom line.

Since most businesses and organizations don't have the time, experience and rarely interested in the learning curve, this is where the services of a professional and competent social media consultant or strategist come in handy.

What Does A Social Media Consultant or Agency Do?

A social media consultant or agency helps companies, organizations and individuals use social media for boosting their online presence through advertising, marketing or branding. It could be an individual or an agency.

Whether it is an individual or an agency, a social media consultant is essentially the online eyeballs, ears, and voice of the individual, business or organization that is consulting with them.

Since your marketing can’t be left to chance and for obvious reasons, that means that you need someone or agency that can boost your brand awareness, skyrocket your website human traffic, and skyrocket your bottom line.

No doubt, a significant amount of time and money investments are needed to market a business successfully across the expanse of social media sites. Every social media platform has its own personality, rules of engagement and best practices.

A social media consultant understands and specializes in the ins and outs of the online world while keeping the interests of your business or brand in mind.

Why should you use a social media consultant instead of managing your social media accounts in-house?

The fact is that by not using a professional social media consultant, you may end up using or copying the same ineffective, annoying, frustrating and time-consuming trial-and-error strategies that some of your competition are using.

Such rudderless strategies are built on hope, delivered with the hope and yield a bumper crop of frustration and desperation because the results envisioned are not realized. Is that how you feel right now about your social media marketing?

You see an effective social media management consultant is your trusted partner in delivering killer traffic to your website, and in skyrocketing your bottom line.

Interestingly, effective and brilliantly crafted social media consultancy services are of interest to two groups of people. Who are these characters?

1. The first group is individuals, groups, businesses or organizations that are incredibly overwhelmed by all that an effective social media marketing strategy involves. And you can add to this group, people or businesses that just don't have the time, patience to learn, and or the know-how to use social media.

An awesome news is that a professional social media consultant can help you craft a social media plan, implement and measure the results for you.

Such a social media strategy could be as basic as growing your fan base on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc. On the other hand, you may want an in-depth online community building strategy. It all depends on your specific social media goals and budget.

At the end of this article, you will find a social media plan that meets your needs and budget.

2. The second group of people that can benefit from the services of a social media consultant are made up of businesses who know the basic use of social media and want to learn more. A professional and effective consultant helps them determine which social media networks and strategies are best suited for their brands.

Then the agency works with the business or organization to set up meaningful and achievable goals and how to leverage them effectively.

In addition, they can tailor a plan that best suits you, train you or your staff and leave you to implement it (with optional follow-ups). Further, a professional consultant can coach you through implementing that plan if you're starting from scratch with social media.

After thoroughly understanding your industry and your specific target market, your skilled social media consultant helps you craft a winning social media strategy.

Such a strategy would skyrocket your online community engagement, branding, and visibility for your business or organization. Is that not what you want?

Why You Should Hire A Social Media Consultant Or Agency

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Many individuals, companies, and even organizations dabble into social media because it is trendy or in vogue. Some have been told that they need to be on social media because 'everybody' is on it.

So without giving any thought to why they need to be on social media platforms, which social media platforms are relevant to their brand and what they intend to achieve, they open social media accounts. After creating social media accounts, some, without any strategy or plan in place, start posting, hoping that they will amplify their online presence and skyrocket their bottom line.

What is your take on that?

It is important that before you hire a social media consultant, you understand what you really want to achieve with your social media marketing. An expert social media strategist will help you develop and implement:

A Social Media Audit

social media audit is basically independent online assessment or inspection of all your social media channels in order to see what is working and what things need improvements.

A social media audit starts by looking at your website and all the social media channels you use. Such an exercise involves the gathering of data and lots of it. Once all the information needed is gathered, it is analyzed in depth.

Such thorough analysis uncovers the different aspects of your current social media activities on all your social media platforms. Did you forget any social media accounts you created a few years back that may still exist?

Do you have an old Instagram account floating around somewhere with just a few subscribers? Did somebody on purpose or inadvertently open social media accounts with your brand's handle or ones closely related to it?

With tools like Namechk or Knowem it is ridiculously easy to find your existing social media profiles. The audit examines not only your social media accounts but also the social media activities of your competition. Such an examination brings to light the activities of your competition compared to your company’s performance.

A brilliant and effective social media audit examines the social media activities of several other companies to compare against your company’s performance. These other businesses could be your competitors, clients, supplier or a mix as you choose.

Once the analysis is complete, you get a comprehensive report that includes key recommendations for improving your performance. This report makes a great basis for developing your social media strategy.

A comprehensive Social Media Audit is a great way of finding out exactly how you’re doing with your social media marketing, giving you a better insight into what works and what doesn’t.

It also lets you see how well your competitors and clients are using social media. So you’ll know if you’re delivering the social media hit you want.

Now that you know the status of your social media accounts and those of your competition, the next step is to develop a winning social media strategy or plan.

A Social Media Consultant Develops A Winning Social Media Strategy

  • social media plan

    It is not possible to have a successful social media marketing that delivers handsomely on investments without understanding what a social media marketing strategy or plan is and why you definitely need to have one.

    Starting your social media marketing campaign without a solid plan in mind is like wandering through a forest without an up-to-date map or GPS. You guessed right, you'll only end up being lost.

    In order to be effective in your social media marketing, every action that you take on any of your social media networks should be a part of a holistic social media marketing strategy.

    That means that every social media engagement should be driven by a plan designed to achieve well defined and laser focused goals. Creating an amazing social media marketing plan that rocks is not complicated.

    In fact, if you spend the time to create an awesome and comprehensive social media plan, the rest of your social media marketing activities would flow seamlessly and effortlessly. Anybody that is determined and highly motivated can craft a winning social media marketing plan.

    Now that we have an audit and a plan, let's start creating and posting content. Wait a minute, you'd need to organize all these social media activities using a solid social media editorial calendar and guide.

    Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • After defining and crafting your social media marketing goals or strategies, it is important to have in place a grand content strategy that will support it.

    It is not easy to create awesome content, promote it ruthlessly and massively that is why your competent social media consultant creates a social media content calendar. It gets the content organized within a schedule that works for you and your target audience.

    Having a social media calendar makes the work of managing social media accounts seamless and stress-free. A content calendar makes it easy to have all the important information pertaining to all the social media accounts in one place for all the stakeholders in one place.

    Now that we have our social media content calendar all set up, it is time to start building relationships by engaging with your targeted niche.

    Social Media Consultant Helps You Build Relationships

    Building an ever-growing customer base is the easy part, but cultivating a loyal customer base that may turn out to be your brand's evangelists is what your social media consultant or agency is awesome at.

    As you already know, it is always easier to sell new products or services to repeat loyal customers or clients than it is to new customers who are new to your brand. Social media platforms make it ridiculously easy to market through referrals or word-of-mouth and through solid relationship building strategies.

    Since social media consultants spend their time on social media, they milk these advantages or benefits to the full. The reason why it is amazingly easy to build relationships online is that people spend more time interacting on different social media platforms than they would through phone calls, face-to-face or even emails.

    Therefore, a social media consultant can turn your business into an amazing social butterfly within your online community. Further, when you compare an effective social media marketing to traditional marketing or advertising, you would readily agree that social media networking delivers a better return on investments.

    That is why a seasoned professional social media consultant or agency uses multiple social media platforms to build brand awareness by constant, on-going and persistent engagements with your target audience.

    As the relationship grows, so does the trust. You already know that people would buy goods or services from companies or organizations that have built relationships with them that with those they have barely heard of. Satisfied customers or clients buy repeatedly from you and refer their friends and peers to your brand.

    Social Media Consultants Use Monitoring Tools

    By using industry-leading social media listening tools, data and community management professionals can monitor keywords that are relevant to your brand. Using such data, social media consultants or managers can track the sentiments of your audience and use the insight and data gathered to improve on your social media engagements and results.

    By taking advantage the awesome power of this kind of social media monitoring, your friendly agency can track the influencers in your niche. The same social media listening tools help us to engage with your fans while providing amazing insight that helps grow your community and brand.

    Social media monitoring tools help to achieve the following: 

    • The sentiment of your brand.

    • Why they engage with you (intent).

    • How much of your content is shared when compared with your competitors.

    • Industry points of reference or benchmarks and your niche analysis.
    • Influencers in your community and the reach of your brand.

    With the insights gained through social media monitoring, we create visual dashboards and applications for your brand or organization. In addition, a professional social media consultant is awesome at social media crisis management and moderation guidance.

What A Social Media Consultant Can Do For You:

    • A consultant would create your community management and show you why it is important.

    • Social media consultants know and work with influencers and micro-influencers in promoting your brand.

    • He or she helps you to craft and define the different responsibilities of your social media and community managers. (If you are interested in reading about what a social media manager does or what the differences between a social media manager and a community manager are, click here.

    • A consultant or agency audits your social media accounts.
    • A social media consulting agency creates a community and blogger outreach program for your brand.
    • Develops your social media strategy, the best practices, training courses and brand building techniques.

Our Social Media Consulting Services

Our social media consultancy service can be delivered in a workshop setting, or even as a training program. Further, our insightful and creative team will be glad to work alongside your internal social media team, or better still, provide you with a comprehensive documentation uniquely crafted just for your company and brand.

  • We help you understand and manage a social media crisis when it starts.
  • Our team minimizes the damage done to a brand that can come from a social media interactions.
  • Craft a plan that integrates your social media into your existing crisis management plans.
  • Help you craft update and crisis communication strategies.
  • If you are serious about enlarging and dominating your niche with your social media foot print, do yourself a solid, sign up for a package that meets your needs and budget now!

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