7 Insanely HUGE Advantages Of Outsourcing Social Media Management

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Social media has become one the most effective ways for individuals and most businesses to generate tons of traffic to a website by reaching out to their target audience on a regular basis.

Some of those incredible leads and engagements turn into the purchases of products or services for individuals and businesses, and rightly so.

Interestingly, according to a Pew Research Center report, as of January 2014, 74 percent of total Internet users are on social networking sites and the number is steadily skyrocketing.

When you consider the amazingly big chunk of potential customers that are on these platforms, you can understand and appreciate why brands are going crazy about social media.

In fact, it has become a necessity for many individuals and companies to have a solid presence on all the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

No wonder a recent American Express survey found that hiring a social media expert trumps accountant as the most helpful new hire.

Unfortunately though, even with a new hire, juggling and managing different social media accounts on so many social media platforms successfully, is not for the faint-hearted.

However, you definitely need to get off on the right foot on your social media management, or you could do more harm than good to your reputation and that of your brand.

Therefore, in this article, I will share with you, 7 insanely HUGE advantages or benefits of outsourcing your social media management to a qualified professional agency. Here we go!

Advantages Or Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

As you consider each of these advantages of outsourcing your social media management, think candidly and sincerely on how these benefits of social media can skyrocket your overall marketing campaigns and boost your profits.

Let that marinate a little bit.

#1. Outsourcing Social Media Management Saves You Money

When you outsource your social media marketing management to a professional agency, you save money by getting rid of the costs associated with hiring and training new team members. Not only that, you don't have to worry about payroll and related costs.

Interestingly, traditional methods of marketing that used to get results are not getting any traction in the age of social media. Companies and individuals that spent lots of money on telephone book ads are getting better results when they channel such resources to outsourced social media marketing.

It costs a company money and reputation of the brand when non-professionals are allowed to take on the important task of promoting and engaging with your prospects and customers.

#2. Social Media Management Is HUGE, But For Most, It Is Not A Full-Time Job

If you run a big corporation or a multinational company, you may justify the cost of managing or running your own social media in-house. Since most companies are small, devoting 5-20 hours a week on such account may be all it takes to manage the social media interactions successfully on different platforms.

You may be inclined to think that you can get away with adding those few hours and social media management to your existing employee's duties.

Please keep in mind that delegating the all-important responsibility of managing your social media accounts to an employee who already has other responsibilities could actually do you more harm than good.

On the hand, an effective outsourced social media management strategy can ridiculously boost your brand awareness.

As you increase your brand awareness, you skyrocket your revenues while saving money in the whole process.

In addition, outsourcing your social media management makes it possible for you to get the hours and experience you need without breaking the bank.

#3. Outsourcing Social Media Management Gives You More Time

A major and obvious advantage of outsourcing your social media management is that it saves you a lot of time. Since most business owners are involved in all aspects of their business, outsourcing their social media frees up more time for them to devote on their core business.

By outsourcing your social media management, you can make your in-house team amazingly more efficient since the saved time allows them to focus on the main tasks you hired them for.

These extra hours add up pretty quickly and the business owner can use them in concentrating on what he loves - the core competencies of his business.

#4. Social Media Management Agencies Have Experience

The invaluable expertise you can get from a social media management professional agency or social media consultant cannot be over emphasized.

When you work with a professional social media agency, you have access to their insight, knowledge and years of social media marketing experience that is transferable to your business.

Additionally, a social media management company has tons of clients from whom it had professional working knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Therefore, as tempting as it is to assign social media management duties to your interns or college kids, keep in mind that this is a professional business marketing strategy. It can’t be delegated to a college kid with no social media experience.

Since this is business communication that we’re talking about, it is better left to a professional social media management team.

#5. It Is The Fastest Way to Grow Your Team

As an individual or a small business, outsourcing your social media gives you with instant access to skilled manpower.

Furthermore, there are many social media management tools that allow you and your team to work together in your social media campaigns.

By taking advantage of experienced social media professionals, you can grow your awesome team incredibly fast.

#6. Outsourced Social Media Management Helps You Embrace New Technologies

New technology is being developed all the time, and the social media landscape, in particular, is not an exception in rapid development.

For instance, in the past 6 months alone, you might have noticed the arrival of three new video/broadcasting platforms:

Periscope - Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else. It was bought by Twitter a few months ago for $100 million and it is changing the social media landscape in a huge way.

Meerkat - Meerkat is a mobile app that enables users to do live video streaming through their mobile device. Once signed up, Meerkat users have the option of connecting their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then you've got Blab.

Blab - Ever wanted to convene your own grand council on any topic that tickles your fancy? Blab is a platform where four people can video chat at the same time while an audience watches and comments. The person watching and commenting can easily and instantly switch places with one of the four on the video chat.

Now, add those networks to the six or seven main social platforms, plus all the messenger apps (which are social platforms), then add email inboxes and am sure you're getting the picture.

So you can appreciatively understand why an experienced social media management agency that keeps abreast of cutting edge technologies will help you and your company in navigating successfully through the latest developments in the online world.

#7. You Get Increased Posting Speed

Since the internet is open 24/7, your dedicated outsourced social media management agency can help you to engage with your customers a bit faster.

In addition, since your outsourced team is in a different time zone, your brand is always made relevant. This makes it easy to reach out to your prospects or customers.

Outsourcing makes it easy to send your messages faster.

As you publish your content at a faster rate, you gain more re-tweets and shares faster through your outsourced agency. This makes it mind-blowingly easy for your fans to interact and share your contents with their peers. It also increases the rate at which they re-share your content.

The beauty of this is that more people get to read your posts more, in less time.

  • If you have any kind of online presence, it’s hard to simply ignore the benefits of outsourcing your social media management.

    We are eager to help you take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing your social media management.

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