What Is The difference Between A Customer And Clent?


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A 'client' can also mean 'customer', but it goes deeper than buying goods and services.

It involves a dependent relationship as in someone who receives a professional service. In marketing and branding, the two terms don't mean the same thing. It is used as precise marketing terms to describe the kind of relationship built.

Let's get the dictionary definition of each term.

A Customer: A person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business. A party that receives or consumes products

A Client: One that is under the protection of another: dependent on.

Customers are what we get when we sell goods or services to a person, and it is strictly for money, no connections, nada.

You get a client when we make sell goods and services, but go even further. You further the connection and turn it into a relationship where the person depends on your product or services and even an evangelist of your brand.

Loyalty Is A Major Distinction

Customers could buy one-time or many times, but are not generally loyal to the company providing them with the goods or services.

You can see that a lot in retail stores, restaurants, service stations, supermarkets, or even your friendly banks. They really call those who patronize their businesses, customers.

One size fits all is what you get in customer service, but clients are showered with a lot of personalization and customization.

Such relationships take time and consistency to build. If your business falls into, law offices, graphic design studios, modeling agencies, accounting firms, health care providers, you should be offering ongoing advice and specialized solutions to clients and not customers.

That's what we get when we get to know the person who may someday hand us over their hard earned money knowing that we will be there for them and take good care of them.

A Client is what we create when we create an experience around the relationship we build with them. Are you ready to turn your customers into clients?

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