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15 OCT 2015

What Is The Difference Between A Customer And A Client?

| By Wilson Moore | Tags: Remote Article Writing | Social Media Management | Lagos Website Design

A 'client' can also mean 'customer', but it goes deeper than buying goods and services.

It involves a dependent relationship as in someone who receives a professional service.


In marketing and branding, the two terms don't mean the same thing. It is used as precise marketing terms to describe the kind of relationship built.


Let's get the dictionary definition of each term.

06 Feb 2015

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Branding


Marketing is everything a company does to actively promote a product or service. It is all about pushing a product or service. Marketing is defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as:


"The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".


Interestingly, marketing then, is a very important part of a brand. Companies use it to communicate the promise that they want their customers and prospects to know about.

01 JUN 2015

5  Amazing Reasons Why Listening To Your Clients Will Boost Bottom Line


As part of your marketing and branding campaign stategies, do you ever listen to your customers? Do you use surveys to check the pulse of your customers or clients?

How often do you take the time to ask your customers what they think about your services?


When they ask you questions, how much effort do you make to answer them properly and promptly? Are you listening to your customers' actions? For example, what is the real reason why they are contacting you with inquiries or questions?


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