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14 SEP 2015

Why Every Company Should Be Using Internship Programs

| By Wilson Moore | Tags: Remote Article Writing | Social Media Management | Lagos Website Design  

When it comes to internships, has your emphasis been on how the relevant work experience that your company provides, benefits the interns? Do you know that the symbiotic benefits of a well executed internship program can skyrocket your business to a ridiculously amazing success?


If implementing an internship program in your company has not been on your strategic radar, these benefits of hiring interns might just persuade you to start an internship program:

02 Feb 2014

How To Boost Sales With Guerilla Marketing And Save Awesome Money


According to Jay Conrad Levinson, who introduced the term "guerrilla Marketing", guerilla marketing is "an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.”


The beauty of guerrilla marketing campaigns that get results is that they are usually HUGE on creativity, astonishingly flexible, garnished with an incredible willingness to be weird, and crazy, with a mind blowing out of the box ability to take risks with a sense of humor.

03 NOV 2015

How To Convert Customers Into Brand Evangelists And Make More Money

An effective holistic marketing and branding strategy should include how to convert customers into brand evangelists. Your customers buy your products or services, but your brand evangelists go on preaching about what they've bought.


These highly satisfied clients, who just can’t wait to sing your praises to the top of the mountains, are what we mean when we say brand evangelists. These people go beyond the “customer” role of just buying your product or services.