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08 MAy 2016

How Remote Work Benefits Employers And Employees

| By Wilson Moore | Tags: Lagos Digital Marketing | Social Media Management | Lagos Website Design

remote worker


Do you know that remote work benefits employers as well as employees?


The reason for that question is that when many people think of remote work they readily think about how this kind of work arrangement benefits the worker and not the employer of the services.


However, for businesses, organizations and even solo entrepreneurs, there are much not well-highlighted but still amazing benefits of having a remote work arrangement as part of your employment landscape.






25 JUN 2015

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Branding?

/ By Wilson Moore / Tags: #Digital Marketing, #SocialMediaMarketing

marketing Vs branding


Marketing is everything a company does to actively promote a product or service.


It is all about pushing a product or service. Marketing is defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as:


"The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".


Interestingly, marketing then, is a very important part of a brand.


Companies use it to communicate the promise that they want their customers and prospects to know about.







30 MAy 2018

5 Amazing Reasons Why Listening To Your Clients Will Boost Bottom Line

/ By Wilson Moore / Tags: #Digital Marketing, #SocialMediaMarketing

listening to clients


Are you seriously using the awesome power of digital marketing strategies in the most effective way to boost in an amazingly profound way, the online and offline sale of your products and services?


Why should you even think of digital marketing when you've been successful with traditional marketing?


As a creature of habit why rock the boat? Good question champ.


But if you're creative, innovative and forward-thinking you're probably saying 'keep talking'.