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guerilla marketing

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, who introduced the term 'guerrilla marketing', guerilla marketing is 'an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results'.

The beauty of guerrilla marketing campaigns that get results is that they are usually HUGE on creativity, astonishingly flexible, garnished with an incredible willingness to be weird, and crazy, with a mind blowing out of the box ability to take risks with a sense of humor.

If you spend the time to understand it's vital influence, and regurgitate the effectiveness of its out of this world strategies, you too, would willingly embrace and dance away with its awesome benefits.


Glad you asked, because it is a brilliant marketing strategy that is excellent for global enterprises, and uniquely effective for small businesses that don't have a lot of money for traditional marketing, but are dying for a lot of attention and media buzz.

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An undying beauty of this inexpensive way of marketing is that it boosts your company, products, services or brand into getting noticed while skyrocketing your success way ahead of the curve in your chosen niche. After that, you become an authority, the fun 'go to person' in your industry. Wouldn't you love that?

It gets better, in addition to all these fun experiences, your banker smiles heartily each time she sees you, just because of the cash it generates for using a marketing strategy that is named after a gorilla.

And speaking of a jungle animal.....

When used effectively, it surprises consumers, and creates a remarkable memorable impression. Additionally, it can cause a lot of social buzz on social media.

Craft Designs That Hit 'All Emotional Triggers' And Win

Creative design that is aesthetically appealing and conveys a compelling message in the smallest amount of time is very successful. It doesn't have to cost arm and legs.

Our designers are skilled at finding ways to create awesome and visually effective masterpieces inexpensively.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Can Help Your Startup

Guerilla marketing has been embraced by startups because of the creative freedom that marketing and branding managers have in creating truly amazing ways to engage with the audience.

By creating very compelling and unique content, with strong emotional attachment, startups are able to achieve results that companies with much bigger budgets cannot.

Guerrilla marketing strategies vary from mysterious, fun, and all the way to sophisticated. Traditional marketing has all the rules that guerilla marketers break.

Guerilla marketers use their creativity do for them what big budgets do for big traditional marketing companies.

Guerrilla Marketing Is Not Negative Marketing

Guerilla marketing is unconventional, yes, but not ' negative' campaign.

It is an equalizer for companies with limited budgets so that they can compete with the big corporations and multinational companies.

Guerrilla Marketing Is Not Just For Startups

Some established companies that use the services of traditional PR firms, are unleashing a barrage of guerilla marketing campaigns to the chagrin of their competition. Some have used blogging and YouTube videos to make their case.

Guerilla marketing is not just for startups but also for well-established and even Fortune 500 companies. Take McDonald's for example.

This is a company that spends millions of dollars on advertising, marketing and branding. They applied Guerilla marketing strategies by having the pedestrian lane in a particular street painted to look like McDonald’s French Fries. It got attention and considering the investment, it made a lot of impact.

Corporate guerrilla marketing makes use of customized or tailor-made strategies that tells people a lot about the company through its marketing efforts.

A good example is what Coca-Cola has done with bus seats, and although they are not a startup, their methods where far from conventional. Coca-Cola created and installed advertisements that stick to people’s clothes.

When it was time to remove their outerwear such as coats, jackets, or scarves, they were surprised to see the advertisements and it elicited admiring and amused reactions from people. In that way, they knew and remembered that Coca-Cola cans and bottles are now easy to grip.

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