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20 sep 2015

How To Use Graphic Design To Boost Marketing And Make More Money

graphic design

A well crafted and professional graphic design can give your organization's websites, blogs, brochures, manuals and newsletters a branded look.


The elements of design can give your organization a strong personality and increase the sales of your products and services.


Graphic design requires skills of the highest order in terms of creative art and digital technologies.





15 jan 2015

How To Avoid The Case Of A Mistaken Graphic Identity

| By Wilson Moore | Tags:Content Marketing | Social Media Management | Lagos Website Design 
graphic identity


Does your company or enterprise display 'multiple graphic personalities' with your marketing and branding campaigns?


How can you tell?


You can tell the same way you tell about a person with 'multiple personalities.


Perhaps you've read about such a person in a novel, seen a story about one on a movie or there is one you know personally.


We're talking about one person trying to be different people.


Have you been to a website that is poorly designed, and with a logo that looks like it belonged to another age?


How did you feel about your experience?





15 jul 2015

Graphic Design Pricing

| By Wilson Moore | Tags:Content Marketing | Social Media Management | Lagos Website Design  
graphic design pricing

How much does a graphic designer or digital marketing agency charge for an effective design?


It depends on the type of design, amount of work involved and the experience of the designer or an agency.


Graphic design enhances every aspect of the design and branding process.


From an amazingly website with an awesome user experience, to a brochure, beautiful company logos, product designs, billboards and corporate marketing collaterals, you can see the work of a great graphic designer.