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Digital marketing is a brilliant marketing strategy used in the promotion of products or brands through different channels of electronic media.

A highly appreciated aspect of digital marketing that differs significantly from traditional marketing is that it involves the use of platforms and methods that make it very easy for a company or enterprise to analyze their marketing and branding campaigns in real time.

So, in other words, companies that use digital marketing are able to monitor in real time, what kind of information that visitors to their websites are viewing. Not only that, they get to see how many times they viewed the information and for how long.

You can, in real time, see promotions that really worked, and marketing campaigns that missed the mark.

What Are The Channels Used In Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing channels

"Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction." – Tony Zambito

Most marketers consider the internet the heart of digital marketing, and for good reasons. But there are other channels or platforms.

These channels include text messaging, SMS, MMS, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, etc.

Components Of Digital Marketing To Use

Social media marketing: Social media marketing, or SMM, is an online marketing strategy that uses social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to engage with a target audience in order to achieve defined marketing and branding goals.

The type of content that you can promote or share on social media sites for your marketing and branding engagements, include, text, videos, and images.

Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is the art and science of having the content of website rank high on organic search of search engine results.

A well designed, SEO optimized and well promoted website is a digital marketing and branding strategy that the results can be measured with much delight.

Open source innovation: Digital marketing makes it possible for customers or independent product designers to create new products and work together.

Viral Marketing: Viral marketing is any digital marketers dream - videos are so hot that they are watched by lots of people who in turn tell their friends.

Experiment based market research: With experiment based market research, a controlled experiment is conducted to judge how a consumer would respond to for instance, two versions of the descriptionon of a product on a website to find out which description brings in more sales.

Web analytics: Web analytics is a marketing tool that analyzes information collected from the website on consumer behavior. Such useful information helps the marketer set price for products or services, create winning campaigns and improve product design.

Reputation management: This important strategy helps marketer's track the reputation of a brand - what people are saying about the brand online is vital information for companies that want to maintain a brand's image.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important To Marketers?

Digital marketing is very important to marketers because we're living in a digital world and so are your consumers. You see, your consumers have access to tons of information any time they want it, and any how they want it and any place they want it.

It used to be that when you said 'digital' people thought of "nerds" or young people. Today, young and old, are handling both business and pleasure activities through some digital channel and on any number of devices.

They expect you to be where they are - in their digital world. Additionally, when you make your presence known in their digital channel, they want that experience to be tailored just to them! Tall order, huh?

The days when all the information people got about your product or services is what you told them are gone.

You see today, consumers are exposed not just to what you want them to know about your product, services or brand, but they are also interested in what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc., are saying about your enterprise as well.
Since they are more likely to believe them than you, digital marketers need to take the following points into consideration:

Your marketing strategies must be conceived and implemented with the realities of the digital world. That means a thorough understanding of your target audience.
When you market in a digital world, it means having all the systems, technologies, and logistics on deck so that you'll be able to handle on-the-fly communication.

Marketing in a digital world means having the systems, technologies, and operations in place to enable on-the-fly communication.

That is why brilliant marketers that want to boost their business, appreciate this sea change think of all marketing as digital -- or, at least, having a huge digital component to it.

Use digital marketing to manage customer relationships across all channels

In as much as digital marketing is important, other forms of marketing should not be neglected.
Just as it is important to know your customers; it is even more important to know them better than anybody else.

That makes it a winning campaign knowing where, when and how they are most receptive to your marketing and branding message.

 That means that the marketer should be able to narrow down the preferences of the clients across multiple channels- web, social media, mobile, direct mail, point of sale, etc.

Seasoned digital marketers use this kind of information to create and anticipate consistent, coordinated customer experiences that moves customers to buy.

The deeper your insight into customer behavior and preferences, the more likely you are to engage them in lucrative interactions.

The digital world is full of information and your customers or clients have access to tons of information about any product they want, anytime, anywhere.

People want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers that are tailored to their needs and preferences.

If you are ready to skyrocket your products or services in this digital age, let us know.

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