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Why You Should Hire Our Copywriting Agency

Have you been writing all your website content in-house without getting the results you want? 

Are you now considering outsourcing your copywriting to a copywriting agency but worried about the cost? 

But should you outsource your copywriting?

Those are important questions whose answers will boost your copywriting success.

But what do copywriters do that you cannot do yourself?

In this article, we answer the last question first. 

Which is what do copywriters do that your in-house team cannot do? 

The answer to that question would logically answer the other question raised - should you outsource your copywriting? 

And finally, you will learn why you should outsource your copywriting to our agency.

Let us get started.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter researches, plans, crafts clear, compelling, and persuasive copy that motivates people to take some form of action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation. 

Furthermore, a copywriter also interviews, edits, proofreads, manages projects, sources images used in the copy, plans, and implements marketing campaigns. 

The copywriter measures the impact of his copy on the target audience and reports the results to the client.

The copy includes website, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, sales, and banner advertising shared across multiple platforms. 

However, the job of a copywriter may also involve brainstorming concepts and developing storyboards.

A copywriter also works with marketing and other creative departments to develop communication strategies.

She also develops a consistent brand voice across print, TV, radio, direct mail, and other communication platforms.

Nevertheless, an SEO copywriter also has keyword skills, which helps your blog, copy, or even social media rank higher in Google search result pages than those without those skills.

Why Should You Hire Our Copywriting Agency?

why you should hire us

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Most brands or their in-house marketing team have not devoted the time and resources necessary to learn and practice the craft of copywriting.

And they do not have the skill set to crank out quality content regularly.

However, an SEO-optimized copy is needed for a website to rank well on Google.

Moreover, a solid copy that is helpful, relevant, convincing, and persuasive converts leads into sales and boosts the bottom line.

If you are spending most of your time on your core business and lack the time or the know-how to craft a winning copy consistently, it may be time to consider outsourcing your copywriting to our agency.

Here are reasons why you should hire our copywriting agency:

#1. We Keep Your Tone Of Voice Cohesive

What is a tone of voice?

A tone of voice is simply a consistent way you deliver your brand message to the public.

It includes the choice of words, the writing style, and even the emotional tone.

The brand tone of voice defines the consistent and distinctive characteristics of its communication approach with the public.

It is a part of a brand expression that combines with more tangible visuals to define your brand identity.

As a copywriting agency, the words we use in a copy are part of your brand identity.

And when consistently, they impact the way that your brand is perceived.

As you define how your brand looks, we craft a copy that speaks to your audience.

Our copywriting team creates a definitive style of writing and speaking, your tone of voice.

#2. Hiring a Professional Copywriter Saves You Time

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It takes a lot of time for a copywriter to research, plan, look for relevant images, writes a copy, proofreads, edit, revises a copy that resonates with a target audience and drives sales.

If you are not a trained copywriter, this process is often slower and takes plenty of valuable time.

However, a business owner attends to many tasks that include his core business and does not have the time to write copy that converts.

As a business owner, instead of wasting your valuable time dabbling into copywriting, you will achieve more by spending that time improving your business. 

And also, creating consistent, engaging, and persuasive content that keeps a stream of prospective clients and customers coming to your website takes time. 

It takes a professional agency copywriting team a fraction of the time it will take you to create that kind of content.

However, hiring a copywriter saves you time because a copywriter has spent time learning the art and science of writing a winning copy.

Moreover, hiring a professional copywriter can quickly and easily get the job done for you.

#3. A Copywriter Knows How to Write Persuasive Content

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Writing for the web requires that you write a persuasive copy. 

And also, writing for the web means writing for readers in a hurry. 

That is because writing for a person in a hurry means crafting a web copy that is scanned, glanced at, and not read.

However, not everyone has the talent to write for people in a hurry or create persuasive content that helps pull customers through the sales funnel.

Our copywriting team understands the importance of creating persuasive sales copy for our clients that converts lead to sales.

We have the experience and expertise to walk the fine line between being persuasive and sales-driven.

On the other hand, most in-house copywriting teams may come across as far too sales-y for their readers and run their readers off to the competition.

Hire our expert copywriters to create persuasive copy that turns readers into customers quickly and easily.

You Avoid Common Copywriting Grammatical Mistakes 

 Not everyone is good with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

And if you are struggling with spelling, grammar, or proofreading, your copy may not look professional.

And this will not reflect well on the reputation of your brand.

However, you want a professional copy that humans and search engines love.

A copywriting agency with a team of expert professionals in different fields can deliver solid copy consistently.

They have copyeditors who look through the content to catch any mistakes so that your audience sees only the perfect copy. 

Even if the grammar of a copy is not a ranking factor, poor grammar does not provide a good user experience.

A competent copywriting agency crafts professional copy consistently that boosts sales.

Hire Our Copywriting Team For Our Skills

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Copywriting has many moving parts and requires multiple skill sets.

One of the skills that an efficient copywriter acquires is a working knowledge of SEO copywriting. 

With our knowledge of SEO copywriting, we produce keyword-optimized copy that humans love and increase your site positions on Google.

Another skill that our copywriters have is the ability to conduct meaningful and excellent research.

The research done before copywriting may be one of the tasks that make your copy a winner. 

Copywriting research helps you get a thorough understanding of the product or service you want to sell.

It also gives you an insight into the minds of your target audience and their emotional intent for wanting the product or service.

And for your copy to be persuasive, you need to know the human emotions of your target audience.

People buy on emotion and then give logical reasons to back up their decision.

However, a good copywriter writes for an industry they understand. But a great copywriter writes copy for a newly researched industry.

Writing a winning copy for almost any industry is a skill that solid copywriters learn and master.

Sound and deep research are needed even if you write for your products or services.

Doing thorough research can be the difference between a copy that resonates and one that speaks at them.

To be able to get someone to take action, you need to know what makes them tick.

Final thoughts on copywriting agencies

Crafting copy that is relevant, compelling, persuasive and generates leads, and boosts sales is the dream of every brand.

And writing high-quality copy that is valuable for your brand and converts more leads is not easy.

However, hiring a copywriting agency that meets your copy and content marketing goals is a challenge.

Our copywriting team has the skill set to write persuasive copy that keeps your tone of voice while saving you time.

The time saved helps you focus on your core business.

Our copy boosts organic traffic, sales, leads, and sales.

We have an extensive portfolio, rates that match your budget, and a team that works for your success. 

Our copywriters help you see results but not lose your hair in the process.

Instead of hiring a freelance copywriter, trust our copywriting team to give your brand the results it wants and the voice it deserves.

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