Should You Outsource Your Content Marketing? Why You Should!

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Are you thinking of using content marketing strategies to amplify your online presence and sales? An effective planning and execution of a successful content marketing strategy sometimes requires that brands look outside their own companies for assistance.

As companies partner with consultants or agencies, they tap into the experience, expertise, skills and resources that these agencies offer.

A creative content marketing agency helps you with creating a content marketing strategy and partner with you in making it work. 

In fact, making the decision on whether to outsource all of digital marketing or just content marketing has been tough for many company across any kind of skill set. It is our experience that the two areas that a lot of companies struggle with in particular are, web development and the creation of engaging, compelling and awesome content.

Should your company or enterprise embrace and kick start a content marketing campaign?

If you are one of those late comers to the party, and you still need a bit more convincing, here are four statistics to help you and your management come on board as to why content marketing strategy is so very important in skyrocketing your marketing to success:

After looking at and digesting such statistics, you wouldn't want to argue with such figures, would you?

If you haven't made a decision yet, the short and sweet answer to the question we raised above is that you and your company should have been investing in content marketing a long time ago. You can start now, though.

So what's the next move?

Here's the good news. While content marketing strategies are complex, the logic behind it is not complex at all.

In fact, it is pretty simple: Create original in-house, useful, valuable, and engaging killer content consistently.

After creating such an effective useful content, amplify it massively and ruthlessly through consistent offline and online promotions.

Before You Outsource: Identify Your Content Needs First

One type of content does not fit the needs of every company. You have to have different kinds of skill sets in order to be successful at your content marketing campaigns. I know, you're saying... 'We've got brilliant writers here fellow'.

Even if you have fabulous writers on staff, if they don’t understand the finer points of writing for internet audience, web design, infographics, SEO, SMO and the white papers you need to outsource.

You see, having multiple writers for multiple content can be illustrated as having your own football or baseball team.

In your team, you have a few superstar players and then the supporting team. The beauty of your team is that you have different players that their prowess equalizes the weaknesses of the others.

The part is not greater than the whole. The collective power of the individual skills is genius!

Therefore, it does not matter if you have a great striker or hitter — that person cannot play goal keeper and outside right.

And in the case of baseball, a good hitter cannot play first base, shortstop, and catcher at the same time.

By the same token, your in-house writer may be great at writing press releases, but not have the SEO knowledge needed to write content for the internet or the marketing experience to craft winning Facebook posts and marketing brochures.

Can your dearly loved in-house person or team craft killer content with an insane emotional appeal to trigger all kinds of buying decisions?

Amazing Reasons Why You Should Outsource Content Marketing!

If your in-house marketing team can only put out one post a week, then adding on experienced freelance writers can help you boost the frequency and quality of your posts.

This will help your business to have more valuable, useful and irresistible content. Such content is attractive to your potential customers from search engines and social media.

Outsourced Content Increases Your Quality Content Output

If your in-house marketing team can only put out one post a week, then adding on experienced outside team would boost the quantity and quality of your posts.

This will help your business to have more and different kinds of content.

Effective use of multiple content on multiple social media platforms will attract your potential customers from search engine and social media.

You Attract A Much Larger Audience

Using an outsourced digital marketing agency is not only investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that will skyrocket the growth of your business.

That's because an experienced professional digital marketing agency uses a variety of digital marketing strategies.

Such strategies that include blogging, search engine optimization, landing pages, social media, and calls-to-action are excellent for attracting and influencing buying behavior of a large audience.

In addition, an effective digital marketing agency knows the buyer persona of your target audience.

With the buyer persona of your target audience, the agency laser focuses on what your potential customers are interested in and the questions they are asking.

Using a responsive, informative and user friendly website that is continually updated will gain credibility. Such credibility is attractive to your target audience.

You And Your Employees Build Industry Authority

Many companies have found it useful to let outside agencies or consultants build the authority of their CEO or employees online. Smaller companies have used freelance writers as ghostwriters.

An outside agency that is handling the content marketing of your business is the best agency equipped to build the online authority of your MD, CEO and employees.

This can help your CEO and employees become influencers in your niche.

You Work On Core And Interesting Part Of Your Business

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest!" – Tom Peters

All the necessary parts of running a successful business take time and money (staff). That is why, as much as content writing is a very important and necessary component of your total digital marketing strategy, it is just one of the tasks that a CEO, MD or company owner has to tackle on a regular basis by having the services outsourced.

Moreover, each department in your business has different and specialized responsibilities to handle. So, when you think about it, adding another employee may not be the solution.

There is a BIG learning curve involved. It takes plenty of elbow grease to be an expert.

By outsourcing your content writing to an effective agency, you free up valuable time for your staff to develop their specialized skills, while you let the content writing experts do their thing.

You see, by hiring a competent web content writing studio, you can focus on the core competencies of your business, and doing so without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

You Get Regular And Updated Content

"The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon." - Robert Cormier

  • Since launching your well-designed, responsive and search engine optimized website, have you noticed that it is not easy to maintain a blog or website with juicy, relevant, compelling and consistent content? It takes a lot of time and effort.

    You see, by hiring an outside agency to handle your content writing, you get regular and updated brilliant content that is also useful and relevant.

    Content writing should be a very potent and important strategy in your overall marketing and branding mix. Why, it helps build relationships with your returning customers and potential clients.

    By updating your website and blog with the latest relevant news and trends, it makes your business stand out in your chosen field. Also, when you update your blog consistently with usable content, it creates a strong positive impression of your products and services to your customers.

    Moreover, a well written content builds your authority in your niche marketplace and it builds trust with your business and brand.

    Thankfully, that's why hiring a professional website content writing agency guarantees you as that authority in your field. Is that not what you want?

    In conclusion, whether you're into content marketing for the increased traffic, higher conversion rates, or just better relationships with your customers, there's no reason it shouldn't be an indispensable weapon in your marketing arsenal. We can help!

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