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Outsourced Social Media Management & Marketing Agency In Lagos, Nigeria



We are a social media marketing and management agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Our outsourced social media marketing and management agency specializes in inbound marketing, social media marketing and management, article writing, brand development, growth hacking, content creation, and influencer marketing.


Our team of creative experts create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for top-performing businesses.


We manage social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram for our clients.


And we garnish it all with the use of stunning, productive and incredibly relevant social media marketing strategies that help your business, brand and organization skyrocket and meet your marketing goals.


Our clients get strategic social media solutions paired with awesome creative content and analytics that deliver an insane positive ROI.

Let's get started!

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Social Media Management

Is your company considering outsourcing your social media management to a Lagos based

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Social Media Marketing Plan

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social media cost

Outsourced Social Media Management Cost

Do you know how much it costs to outsource social media management? You see, the price that companies and organizations pay for social management or marketing for that matter, differs from one company or agency to another.


That is why when you Google the cost of outsourcing social media management, you readily discover that the price or cost ranges anywhere from $99 to $9999 per month on average or more.


You may then ask why such disparity in pricing?


The social media management cost that you get from professional social media management agencies is based on the number of social media channels, level of engagements you desire, article writing, email campaigns, real-time monitoring and the number of posts that are managed for you.


Additionally, the price that some social media management agencies charge is also based on their experience and knowledge.


However, the cost does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media.


Happily, at Anaconda Marketing, our prices are customized according to what you want accomplished using our services.


We are transparent and straightforward. Since we price our social media management according to your unique needs, we recommend that you contact us for your customized pricing.


If you have received social media management quotes from other companies or agencies and you are unsure of what to make of the different prices you have received, please contact us for a second opinion.


At the end of our review, you get insights and recommendations on what's fair and how to achieve your marketing goals within your budget or adjusted budget.


You will be delighted to know that for the monthly social media management fee that you pay, you get a well-trained and experienced social media manager assigned to your account and supported by a whole team of amazing experts in social media marketing.


The social media manager that's is in charge of your campaigns reports the analytics and metrics directly to you or designated team member.


The beauty of this service is that it will save you a ridiculous amount of time, tons of money, and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.



social media management quote




account setup


Advertising Dollars


Though our team works hard in executing white hat organic SEO strategies to build for you genuine followers and engagements, at some point you may choose to spend money on advertising in order to speed up this process and grow your brand even faster.


We do not bill you for individual advertising campaign setup. That wouldn't stop us from developing and managing your advertising campaign.


We recommend that you spend at least $450 per month on any paid advertising campaign that would help you build followers or engagements.


And that is because, the more you spend, the better results you get.


And speaking of results, the more money you spend on your online advertisement, the more genuine followers and engagements you get.


Be assured that you will be updated regularly through this process once you sign-up with us.



account setup


Social Media Accounts Setup Fee



The social media management platforms that we specialize in are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and Google+.


The fee for social media accounts set up is a one-time fee of $199.


The setup includes resizing and branding your profile and background images and graphics for the different social media platforms of your choice.


This fee compensates us also for setting you up in our analytics software, social media systems, and creating any necessary advertising accounts and social media pages.



social media management quote


About Us - What We Do



Anaconda Marketing is one of the fastest growing outsourced social media management agencies in Lagos.


The most loyal guiding principle of everything we do here at our agency is based on the principle of helping brands have a genuine connection with people.


As a professional social media management agency we work with eagerness on our clients' social media accounts as we deliver the results they envisioned.


You would be amazingly happy to know that with the awesome power of social media marketing, we deliver consistently the results you would be looking for.


Our job starts with setting up our client's social media marketing strategy, crafting amazing content, running insightful reports and generating genuine engagements with their customers.


Engaging with our clients' audience is probably the most significant area of our work and rightly so.


Such engagements are done through social media management.


Interestingly, holding and developing those critical one-to-one conversations with our clients' audience on social media is one of the most fulfilling features of our job.


A considerable part of what we do for clients involves talking back to the consumers about the brand, products, and their services.


Thanks to our creative team, we develop amazing game-changing ideas that redefine how your brand connects with your audience.


You get amazing social media marketing solutions that build consumer loyalty and drive referrals.


We are equipped, eager and ready to deliver awesome social media marketing results for you using our social media strategy, social media content, social media advertising, and social media analytics services.


Our team delights in taking an undeveloped brand and turning it into an amazing and enviable purple cow of its niche.


We are an interesting team of creative strategists, photographers, awesome writers, graphic designers and social media connoisseurs.


You get simply innovative storytellers with a passion for communicating your brand’s message in an amazingly creative, artful and unique way.


Our team is made up of collaborators, leaders and hardcore dominant personalities.


skyrocket results



We Skyrocket Your Online Presence


With a projected 2.7 billion people worldwide that are using social media in 1919, should you not be interested in getting the most out of the time you spend on the different social media platforms?


Apart from brand recognition, increased followers & more potential customers, having a robust social media presence also boosts the bottom line.


Additionally, it also helps your Google SERP ranking because social media and SEO work together.


With our awesome team of digital marketers, social specialists, creative strategists, photographers, amazing writers, graphic designers and social media connoisseurswe are uniquely equipped to tell your brand’s story through platform-specific content, a most convincing way.


Whether your marketing strategy is for local or global domination, we showcase your company or organization's vision with a custom branded content.


It gets much better.


Our team optimizes your budget with amazing cost-effective advertising campaigns.


And to get the awesome results you want, we grow and engage with your target audience through effective community management practices, using the most effective agency and enterprise social media management apps.



influencer marketing



Real Influencer Marketing Delivers Amazing Results For You



There are tons of 'influencers' on social media. But did you know that authentic influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing and that 94% of marketers who've used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective?


Because of their massive following, companies reach out to influencers to push their products or services and they pay handsomely to post on their behalf.


And since the algorithms that social media platforms use are putting more emphasis on how the audience is sharing content, you can understand why 48% of marketers in the US who've incorporated influencer marketing as part of their social media strategy are planning to further increase their budget for influencer-focused campaigns this year. (see infographics here)

Using our extensive database of social influencers, we are eager and ready to boost your brand’s online presence with influencer marketing strategies. We work to develop and execute full influencer marketing campaigns that align with your brand’s mission.

Anaconda marketing works closely with bloggers and social celebrities to plan and schedule sponsored content. Influencer marketing is the most effective digital word of mouth advertising in today's technology-driven world.



Outsourced Social Media Marketing For Agencies



As you already know, running a successful social media management agency is not for the faint at heart.


That is why whether you’ve taken on too many new clients or you need to cut costs or your team is on holiday, it’s highly important that you maintain a consistent level of professional service at all times.


With the verifiable outsourced social media marketing services offered at Anaconda Marketing, you can do exactly that.



Some Of Our Team Members


director of marketing

Wilson Moore

Director Of Marketing

Texas Tech University

social media manager

Amaka Ekwe

Social Media Manager

Madonna University

social media director

Paul Chima

Social Media Director

Virginia Tech University

website designer

Bolaji Oyelakin

Website Design | Graphic|s

Yaba Tech.

medical article writer

Dr Neil Gupta

Medical Writer

Grant Medical College

Medical writer

Dr A. C. Ejeogo

Medical Writer

Obafemi Awolowo University

Engagement manager

'Dynamic' Ayo

Social Engagement Manager

Lagos State University

social media analyst

The 'Boss'

Social Analytics Intern

Ready For College.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Our sales are 35% higher than expected this quarter and we see a clear line to your work. We are a tough crowd -and we are happy.”

Mary Abiola

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We had a set of specific goals in mind, and the Anaconda Marketing team has met and exceeded each and every one of these. I could not be more pleased with their professionalism, creativity, and business acumen. They understand the world of social media better than any agency we've ever partnered with."

Susan Drecker

What Our Clients Are Saying

"If you’re looking for a professional, enthusiastic and results-driven social media partner, look no further. The team at Anaconda Marketing truly understands the social media space and have successfully grown our digital accounts by impressive margins."

Victoria Haruna (Social Media Manager, KCH Group)

Contact Us

Get In Touch With Us

Go ahead and skyrocket your brand’s image with a professional social media management package, including custom branded graphics and email marketing design.

Our team of creative professionals is ready and eager to work with you on your social media marketing strategies.


Tell us about your brand’s image, aesthetics and voice. We will enhance them.

7/9 Sawyer Crescent, Gbagada Estate Phase 1

Opposite Corona School. Lagos.


(+234) 080 331 75396

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